Heroes Anonymous

Season 2: Episode 3
Oh bunnies!

The time is seven O’clock PM and the sun is almost set. The heroes met at an agreed upon location and then hiked to the docks the last few blocks. Everyone explains to Hyperia how Torturess used to be an ally, but after the Gremliminator’s death, she fell back in with her old master and is now an enemy again, although she seems to be taking a friendly enemy stance with the heroes.

Now would be the time to ask any last questions of one another before the meeting with Torturess.

Taimi is sporting her alternate identity disguise thingy.

Nani will be in her low rent hero disguise.

Lizbet isn’t in disguise at all. It’s quite unclear whether her power armor is under he dress at all. She is wearing a sundress and has a scarf and a coat.

Lizbet: Hey, so when you get tailed, does it have to be cab or can it be any vehicle?

Nani: Hey, SZ, did Torturess tell you why she needs our help?

Hyperia: The cab is traditional since people think it makes you harder to identify, but it can really be any car you’d like.

Lizbet: Oh that makes me feel better. Thanks.

Taimi/SZ: Torturess said she has some information about those weird magic people you guys fought with the other day.

Nani: You want to tail someone, or do you think we’re being tailed?

This is the third day since the fight.

Lizbet: Oh, I was being tailed on the way here, but I hit their car with my automatic cannons on the bus. Since it can be any vehicle, that makes me feel better.

Season 2: Episode 2
Everytime a Taimi sighs, an angel gets its wings!

The Hero HQ section of the police department is a recent addition that came about due to the recent string of events, ending in which a super villain floating headquarters was not only discovered, but destroyed due to Hero efforts. As such, the police decided that Hero presence on the streets needed to be felt more to bolster this new attitude towards heroes, which had generally been lukewarm due to a masochistic powerhouse that shall go unnamed. Thanks to Constructor, the construction worker who is a one man construction team quicker than any normal construction house (currently in suit for being too good at his job), the new HQ is up and already operational. It is there where Hyperia and the two pipsqueak fledgling heroes appear together to make a statement.

She stands in a line of other heroes with Dark Horse and Iron Maiden next to her. Unfortunately with the new headquarters, red tape has begun to appear everywhere, including the writing of reports, which has caused many of the lazier heroes to not bother to register for patrols and duty. However, due to the offering of free health insurance to heroes who join this initiative, quite a few more are in fact taking part.

Iron Maiden adjusts her HID (Hero Identity Disguiser, or the glasses she puts on that makes her face blurry), causing a uniformed police officer nearby to suddenly appear very sick, as the movement of the blurriness is quite unsettling.

Dark Horse: I think I see why Mom made me register as a hero. She probably thinks the paperwork will deter me.

Dark Horse: And the waiting in line.

Iron Maiden: I get to sign “Iron Maiden” everywhere! Paperwork is the best!

Hyperia: Yeah, there’s a lot of it, but there are worse things. At least it doesn’t mess with our taxes.

Iron Maiden: Taxes…oh…I think I forgot to pay them this year.

She pulls out her miniaturized super computer and starts tapping away.

Dark Horse: Taxes? Wonder if I should pay them. I don’t have money of my own. This could get awkward.

Iron Maiden: You don’t receive dividends or a paycheck. Don’t worry.

Iron Maiden: Hey, I only owe sixty thousand this year. Hah. I was worried for a second.

Hyperia winces

They reach the front of the line.

Front Desk: Hi, please swipe your Hero IDs and state your names clearly into the receiver.

Iron Maiden jockies in first, swiping her card. “IRON MAIDEN!” The man at the front desk holds his ears in shock.

Season 2: Episode 1.5
I can see your halo, halo, halooo~

After a rather disappointing night, Sapphire Zephyr arrives back at her secret entrance to her laboratory, her armor covered in electrical burns and a silver sticky mesh that no amount of patting would get off during her flight back.

Taimi: “Hwe~h… this’ll never come off…”

As she just repainted the entire frame last week after finalizing the weapon and armor loadout, the silver mesh webbing used to immobilize has incredibly odd properties, appearing to be solid metal, and yet adhesive.

And it’s annoyingly ruined that paint job.

Without her influx of money from the cafe, which she has ducked out of for the last few weeks due to certain “problems”, she is now in a bind as she doesn’t have the funds yet to buy new paint.

Pochi approaches her. “Mistress, welcome back. You appear… uhh more silver than usual today.”

Taimi dishearteningly takes off her helmet (I assume she’s inside now), “Hi Pochi. I got caught in some trap when I went to help Lizbet and Nani, now I’m covered in this stuff that wont come off. Looks like it’s going to need to be scraped off and repainted… again.”

Pochi: Say no more, Mistress. I’ll get right on…making you tea. Be right back.

Pochi narrowly avoids having to contribute to the scraping.

She proceeds to remove the rest of the suit, which has conveniently been made easier since it was first made as she doesn’t need assistance anymore. Of course, there are a few joints that she has to really work off because of the sticky metal-like webbing stuff.

Lizbot: Hi Taimi! Good job tonight!

Lizbot’s shiny smiley face appears on the local monitor.

Taimi: Good job doing what? Getting caught?

Lizbot: Maybe? Uh, you look angry right now. But hey no more glowy! That’s good right?

Taimi hadn’t really been paying attention, so she looks at her arm to see the lack of glowing.

“Yeah, fantastic,” Taimi mentions with absolutely no enthusiasm at all.

Lizbot: Great! So, I’ve been researching those guys that showed up tonight, and I found nothing at all! Isn’t that interesting?!

Taimi sighs, “Wonderful.” After removing all the pieces of the suit, she pulls one of the gauntlets back and a generic scraping tool and goes to work on it. Slowly, and again with little enthusiasm.

She quickly finds that the scraping does not work.

Season 2: Episode 1
Casting Magic Missiles at the Darkness

It’s a dark night with only the moon lighting up the streets, as the stars are quite busy behind layers of polution a mile thick. Dark Horse and Iron Maiden are in their suits, Dark Horse in her new suit (TBD) and Iron Maiden in her newly fashioned power armor, reporting to a 991 call (Hero Rescue Hotline) about a group of suspicious people armed to the teeth, causing mayhem.

They arrive on the scene. The street lights are all suspiciously off, as if someone broke them. There are cars overturned and even a few injured people lying in the street. So far, neither of them see any bad guys.

For now, the Dark Horse costume just consists of black jeans, top, cowboy hat, and the obligatory red bandana over Nani’s face.

“Dark Horse” checks her GPS and makes sure she has gotten to the right location.

It sure says you’re there, though it was at least ten minutes ago when the call was made.

Iron Maiden: I’m going to go check out those people, see if they’re okay!

She moves like a sprinter down the street with long strides.

Dark Horse will follow her keeping an eye out for the warbots that seem to pop up at times like this.

Dark Horse keeps her eyes open for any enemies, but sees no one. Her senses are sharp now, keenly trying to perceive them, but no one seems about but a few moaning individuals.

Iron Maiden: Dispatch seemed pretty hard up tonight. They were sending people all over. I think they even activated some of the retirees. What’s going on? Haven’t seen anything like this since the summer riots.

On initial investigation, it appears the injured folks are just unconscious. There is no blood, and they are moving.

Iron Maiden: This is weird…

Dark Horse: Yeah, totally weird.

Season 2: Prologue
Enter Hyperia!

There are a number of things that wake people up in the morning. There are the usual ones, such as the alarm, a parent yelling or having to pee. These are the mornings when we’re forced out of bed, roused from our sleep by unpleasant sensations that start our day a certain way. Then there are the pleasant ones, such as the smell of crispy bacon and freshly brewed coffee, and the warm carress of a lover’s hand on the cheek.

Titiana LeClaire is one of the lucky ones. She feels warm hands brush through her hair as she begins to come to. The smell of breakfast, the aforementioned bacon and coffee, and something else…something fruity…

“Good morning,” are the first sounds that waken her brain wakens and her eyes open. Above her is the face of her girlfriend and boss, Susana Linnet, the owner of the apartment and bed she is lying in and the owner of the Cosplay Cafe.

This is an unusual morning, not filled with swearing and wakening to the sounds of Susana fighting with her staff over the phone, sending wake up calls to the lazy bones waitresses who staff her morning shift. Today is also interesting, because Susana, who is probably the best chef Titi ever met, also never cooks.

“There you are,” Susana says, her breath tickling Titiana’s cheek, following by a peck on the head. “Wake up, birthday girl.”

“Wha-? I thought we said we weren’t celebrating birthdays this year!”

“Enjoy your breakfast in bed, and tell me if you feel the same afterward.” Susana isn’t her normal prickly self. She looks freshly showered: her hair is still damp, and her fruity shampoo is pleasantly strong this close to her.

Titiana notices the tray resting beside her hips and the lovely breakfast prepared for her. A bacon and veggie omelette with fresh herbs, a small, yet very fragrant coffee and some sliced fruit.

Her senses begin to flood her all at once… it happens like this some mornings, and other times it comes more naturally. Ever sense birth, she has had unnaturally powerful senses, being able to smell and see far more powerfully than normal people.

Session 39 (Week 6)
A certain kind of finale

The room is an oval, with an outer area and an inner separated by a gulf in time that allegedly is to the past. The center island is mostly taken up by the time machine itself that is generating the time hole, but there is a small ring around it of flooring where users can access all of the switches and panels.

There is a conveyor belt pushing random gadgets, doomsday devices, and weapons into the time portal. On the opposite side, there are cages with a scientist in each one, apparently all of the more top level ones. These include Dr. Sakurai, Dr. Jipson, and a slough of others. They don’t appear conscious however, and haven’t moved since the heroes arrived in the room.

There is a control panel on both sides of the gap that control the bridge across, but the one on the heroes’ side is locked. There are also a lot of wires, pipes and other things exposed on the ceiling that are all attached to the time machine in various ways, although some might just be plumbing for other levels.

Dr. What? is floating on the time machine side with his back facing the players.

Rapier is lying in a pile of dark ooze that seems to be doing something to him, possibly eating him.

Gord pulls Rapier out of the pile of ooze with his cape. Gord pulls Rapier across the pit to the safer side, luckily not dropping him through the time portal that would otherwise shred him. Unfortunately, the darkness seems to have followed him.

Naninami jumps up and try to grab onto one of the pipes or wires that crosses the pit. Specifically looking for one she guesses will take her weight and is jumping distance. She locates a large pipe that runs through the room that would support her, but it leads to the center island, not the side one.

Dr. What?: Hey, didn’t I tell the lot of you to scram? Why are you still here?

Nani jumps up and is hanging by the large pipe that now she feels is vibrating.

Taimi watches her, her literal inner glow beginning to fade.

Nani pulls herself onto the vibrating pipe (get your minds out of the gutter…) and starts crawling over to the space time doohickey.

Dr. What?: Hey, can’t you see I’m working here? What do you want, to be executed before the main event? Fine, TIMMY! Get in here and kill these idiots!

Session 34-38: Taimi Gaiden

Taimi wakes up, her heart beating rapidly on top of Pochi, a bat pressed down on what would be his wind pipe if he had one.

Pochi: Mercy, Mistress! I merely tried to wake you up!

Taimi: Oh, Pochi!

Pochi: It’s okay Mistress. I accept any punishment you feel I deserve.

Taimi removes the bat from his, erm… throat?

Taimi: Sorry Pochi, I was just, erm… surprised.

Pochi: Ah well, you have many messages from your friend, Lizbet Integer, and all of your alarms are once again bludgeoned.

Pochi: Good thing your subscription to the box of forty alarm clocks is arriving in a few days.

Taimi: Again? How do these alarms keep getting destroyed… You’re not doing it, are you Pochi?

Pochi: No, of course no mistress. I believe it was… the rats… yes…

Taimi: Oh, those rats again… Well, I’m sure you’ll beat them one of these days. Maybe I should upgrade your laser for you?

Pochi: Oh, that is alright mistress. I’ll call an BC Hero Lair exterminator and have the base cleaned on your shift at work today.

Taimi: Okay, hopefully that gets them this time. We’ve called them at least 3 times since we moved here, but it seems they keep coming back.

Taimi heads for her quick shower thingy: “You said something about messages?”

Pochi: They refund us each time, Mistress. So at least we are not responsible for the expense…

Pochi: Yes, Mistress. I’ll recite them while you get ready for your shift.

Pochi: I quote Mistress Lizbet… “Sup Tai-tai, wake up, time [number 2] go see Don the Don. [The Letter U] Remember… R-I-T-E question mark.” This girl seriously needs to learn English.

Session 37 (Week 6)
Silvis is in the building...

We left off after Gord and Nani found out that the floating enemy base that originally kidnapped Nani and now likely has Taimi is in the district between New Normslund and BC.

Let’s review what we know.

1. The mysterious alien mind control assassin seems to be in league with or behind the forces starting the riots.

2. Those same forces captured Taimi and at least one other hero.

3. There have been at least 30 something mini riots, meaning there are a potential 30 something people kidnapped, and as there are not 30 something missing heroes, they aren’t the only ones being kidnapped. Also, it is not likely in relation to the MechZilla incident, despite there being initial thoughts to that, as only 2 of the heroes in it were kidnapped. So far.

4. Mysterious futuristic robots are being used in the riots using some kind of camouflage technology that is shared by the super floating base, that is likely of the same origin, as camo tech is fairly limited in use right now, mainly with military and villain/hero circles, and even then not on that scale. Pretty impressive tech to hide massive flying battle platform.

5. Missing persons reports coincide with riots in that many scientists have also been kidnapped, numbering at about 20.

Thank you goes to Lizbet’s search bot, which seems to have adopted the name Lizbot.

Gord: Well Nani, I see two courses. Head out to the DMZ between New Normslund and BC to look for alien technology and Sapphire Zephyr, or we can try to figure out what these scientists have in common.

It is currently 12:37 AM.

Nani: Do you think we’ll be able to get in and out of wherever the aliens have Miss Zephyr easier if we know what the scientists have in common?

Lizbot: Hello Gord! I have your information. They are military and aerospace engineers, and some theoretical mathematicians!

Session 36 (Week 6)
Sapphy or Sapphy or where can she be?

Nani’s lair turns out to be quite a cool setup. It looks like a trailer, except it has a bunk, shower, and is actually mobile, but will drive as an ‘over-sized load’ quite slowly in order to relocate.

Gord: Huh. Well, I’m just sitting here with Kirsten going through police reports right now, looking for anything useful.

Gord: And Torturess is showering with the door closed.

Gord: If either of you knows anything about programming and could help me write a search bot, I’d be appreciative.

Naninami: I’m afraid I’m not much good with computers. Asks Lizbet You know how to write a search bot?

Lizbet hands Nani a flash drive.

Lizbet: Use that.

Naninami into phone: She just gave me a storage device that has one.

Gord: Once again Lizbet amazes and kind of confounds me.

Naninami: Let’s meet tomorrow and I’ll give it to you.

Gord keeps slogging through police reports, searching for each of the names he’s collected.

Kirsten: See new things?

Gord: I’m trying. I might need to just program a bot to go through these and pull out relevant reports.

Kirsten: Bot…like…killbot?

Gord: No. Just a little computer program to automate the search.

Kirsten: Good, killbots are mean.

Gord: Yes, yes they are.

So now Gord has the search program that can go through newspapers, missing persons reports, and piece together commonalities.

Nani finds a sewer map full of shortcuts in her lair, in addition to all sorts of other maps and guides. Nani will busily explore the lair in a haphazard fashion.

Gord inputs the names of the missing women into the search program. Open all the drawers, bounce on the bunk, that sort of thing.

Nani finds a drawer full of fake identities, all with her photo.

There are three Roses that have gone missing, but none recently. No one named Geo. One Lily Brackett went missing three weeks ago, the missing persons report details the events of her abduction. A Gwyneth Lepaige, a teenager, was reported missing a year ago, but she is believed to have run away. A Gwyn Alexander was reported missing a month ago.

The search bot is still running, going through other cities as well, but so far that’s all its picked up. There are no reports on Jennifer Alinovsky or Uriel.

Gord is searching when he receives a call from Lizbet.

Gord: What’s up?

Lizbet: Taimi didn’t show up for work today! So I walked to her apartment and found that a riot occurred in between. There were injured cosplayers everywhere… I think you need to get over here ASAP.

Gord: They’re just cosplayers, Lizbet.

Gord: I’m sure you can handle them.

Lizbet: But…I mean it already happened. She’s not at her apartment either. I can’t find her, and she’s not answering her cell.

Gord: Alright, alright, I’ll head on over.

Session 35 (Week 6)
Don the Don, an exclusive interview with the legendary smuggler/mobster

Lizbet has the keys to a different car in her hands. She waves them at Naninami. “Ready to go? Does Grem need a ride?”

Naninami: Yup! I’m ready. Let’s call Grem and figure out where to meet him.

The pair head to the basement where Lizbet unlocks a 2012 Dodge Viper. “You gotta yell shotgun before you go in.”

Naninami looks up from dialing Grem’s number: Oh! Shotgun!

Lizbet presses a button that causes the windows of the driver’s and front passenger’s seat to roll down.

Lizbet: Then you have to slide in without opening the door.

Lizbet attempts this very thing, but doesn’t quite manage it, falling over when she sticks one foot in, losing her balance once she brings the other one in.

Lizbet: It looked so much easier on TV.

Nani slides into the passenger’s seat through the window. (4 vs. Body 10 + Acrobatics 2)

Gord’s cellphone rings.

Lizbet: Whoa, you’re amazing.

Gord: Mmyeeees?

Lizbet begrudgingly enters the vehicle the normal way. “Next time, I’ll get it right.”

Nani: Hey, Mr. Grem. Lizbet and I are leaving to meet Don the Don and get you that bot thing. Want us to pick you up someplace?

Lizbet slips into her seat belt, and then starts revving her engine.

Gord: Depends. Did Lizbet try that sliding-in-through-the-window thing to get in the car again?

Nani: Yeah, I think she needs to work on it more. Next time she should try feet first instead of butt first.

Gord: Good advice. But no, I’ve got my own ride, thanks.

Back at the Sapphire Dungeon…err…Taimi’s lair… her alarm is ringing. However, she doesn’t remember having work until the late afternoon, since she’s taking Jennifer’s shift, since she’s still missing.

Nani: OK. She turns to Lizbet He’s got his own ride. Where should he meet us?

That sounds like way too much information for Taimi’s brain to process when there’s some noisy thing ringing in her ear, waking her up.

Lizbet: Parking lot at the east BC dockyard. We’re meeting Don the Don inside the dockyard.

She remembers because she mentally reserved the time for sleep. Her brain is amazing at coming up with excuses to not wake up.

Naninami passes the information onto Grem then realizes it might be easier just to use the zPhone’s speakerphone function.

Gord: Thanks. I’ll meet you there.

Lizbet pulls out of her parking spot, and then guns it, nearly knocking over a couple walking to their car. She cuts around a curve with the precision of a Nascar driver as she exits the parking garage. The bars automatically go up as she approaches, but she goes through it anyway, shattering it to a million pieces.

Her vehicle’s progress is unfazed as she cuts directly into traffic without stopping.

The next 15 minutes for the two of them are pretty much a Need for Speed video game, and surprisingly after creating at least a half dozen crashes, and performing a barrel roll, no cops are chasing after her.

Nani frantically attempts to fasten her seatbelt. The bat she fell asleep next to even keeps her pesky robot servant away.


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