Heroes Anonymous

Season 2: Episode 1

Casting Magic Missiles at the Darkness

It’s a dark night with only the moon lighting up the streets, as the stars are quite busy behind layers of polution a mile thick. Dark Horse and Iron Maiden are in their suits, Dark Horse in her new suit (TBD) and Iron Maiden in her newly fashioned power armor, reporting to a 991 call (Hero Rescue Hotline) about a group of suspicious people armed to the teeth, causing mayhem.

They arrive on the scene. The street lights are all suspiciously off, as if someone broke them. There are cars overturned and even a few injured people lying in the street. So far, neither of them see any bad guys.

For now, the Dark Horse costume just consists of black jeans, top, cowboy hat, and the obligatory red bandana over Nani’s face.

“Dark Horse” checks her GPS and makes sure she has gotten to the right location.

It sure says you’re there, though it was at least ten minutes ago when the call was made.

Iron Maiden: I’m going to go check out those people, see if they’re okay!

She moves like a sprinter down the street with long strides.

Dark Horse will follow her keeping an eye out for the warbots that seem to pop up at times like this.

Dark Horse keeps her eyes open for any enemies, but sees no one. Her senses are sharp now, keenly trying to perceive them, but no one seems about but a few moaning individuals.

Iron Maiden: Dispatch seemed pretty hard up tonight. They were sending people all over. I think they even activated some of the retirees. What’s going on? Haven’t seen anything like this since the summer riots.

On initial investigation, it appears the injured folks are just unconscious. There is no blood, and they are moving.

Iron Maiden: This is weird…

Dark Horse: Yeah, totally weird.

Iron Maiden: I don’t get it. Why turn over a few cars, and knock a few people out then leave?

Dark Horse: And we weren’t even driving here.

Iron Maiden: I know, right? Hrm. Let me see if my diagnostic scanner picks anything up.

Dark Horse keeps a look out… (Perception +4 Roll)

She spots some movement down an alley on the opposite side of the street.

Dark Horse: Hey, Li… Like, Iron Maiden there’s something down this alley. she takes off in down the alley

Iron Maiden: Wai—-

Her voice is cut off suddenly by a loud boom.

The sound came from the location she’s heading towards.

Her ears are still all static right now… it was so loud it caught her off guard (Soul check)

Dark Horse holds her hands to her ears and falls to her knees.

She feels metal hands on her shoulders. She hears nothing but a loud screaming static in her ears.

It takes a moment, but she begins to come to.

Iron Maiden: What’s wrong? Are you okay, Dark Horse? Snap out of it!

Dark Horse: Sorry, can’t hear you to well. The boom got me good.

Iron Maiden: Huh? Boom?

Iron Maiden maiden stands up in a battle stance. “I just saw someone in that alley!”

Dark Horse: A big noise like an explosion.

Iron Maiden: I didn’t hear anything.

Dark Horse gets back to her feet.

Dark Horse: Let’s go down the alley and see who it is.

Iron Maiden: Roger that.

The two head down the alley, investigating.

They come to a split in the alley. It opens four ways like a cross.

Approaching them is a individual in jet black clothing.

Dark Horse: Hey, there.

The individual stops about 20 meters away.

Iron Maiden: Uh oh.

Iron Maiden: I think this is a trap.

Although she didn’t hear anything, she begins to smell something odd. Like…redwood.

Dark Horse: Great, another trap. Well, we can only fight ourway out if we fall in.

An suddenly there is a person coming from each end of the alley, even the way they came from first.

Dark Horse: Funny, I shouldn’t be smelling trees downtown.

Iron Maiden: They have guns, be careful!

Dark Horse spots the almost imperceptible motion of someone holding a staff upward. It looks fairly threatening…but the raising guns from the other guy in her peripheral is rather more sinister.

Dark Horse will rush the one with the gun and grabs for his gun.

She rushes the one with the gun. Trying to minimize the amount of time they can shoot her before she can do something.

The swift hum of a magnetic shield alerts Dark Horse that Iron Maiden erected her shield barrier.

Dark Horse is almost close enough to attempt a disarm when suddenly the lights go out… as in the moon… and every bit of ambient light possible. They are now in a complete pitch dark alley.

Dark Horse will stop running and go into a crouch until she can hear someone.

Suddenly she hears something like a computer powering on, and then a very a loud spitting noise.

Dark Horse: You OK, Iron Maiden?

The hair on her neck begins to stand up… (Defense roll)

A wave of nausea and a strange stinging pain like her body going numb envelops her, but it passes momentarily.

She hears that sound repeated two more times… a build up noise, and then a spitting noise.

She also hears the rebounding thwack against Iron Maiden’s shields.

Dark Horse runs to where the nearest electric spitting noise is coming from.

She encounters nothing there.

She hears a whistling noise, almost like a bird, but so faint she can’t tell if it’s after effects from the shatteringly loud boom earlier.

Then she hears the weapon build up and discharge again… this time from somewhere behind her.

Luckily her movement causes the spitting projectile to miss her, going right by her face.

Iron Maiden (over Lizbot channel): SOS! SOS! SOS! <data>

  • * *

Across town, the reclusively shy Taimi lies staring straight up in her bed. She is currently (Censored) and not feeling up to going outside today. If the damn (censored) would (censored)…

Suddenly a twirling alarm rings in her bedroom, and a bright flashing red light spins in her room.

Lizbot (Taimi’s Computer Edition): Hey girl! Get out of bed! Lizzy is in trouble! She pushed the SOS button!!!

Taimi, with as much energy as she can muster given her condition, sits up, “I’m up, I’m up!”

Lizbot: So push that pretty necklace button and go!!!

Taimi: Pochi, I’m going out!

She pushes the ‘pretty necklace button’

Pochi: What but I made—?

Taimi’s suit materializes around her, magical girl style with rotation and lights and disappearing clothes… Lizbot must have done something…

Lizbot cackles on screen then winks out.

Oddly enough, Taimi doesn’t mind nearly as much as she normally would.

She then is suddenly speaking in Taimi’s ear.

Lizbot: I’ll show you where to go!

Suddenly coordinates and directional arrows appear on her view screen like a video game.

Lizbot: Goooooo~

  • * *

Elsewhere, the most amazing Hyperia is currently engaged in a 991 call on the other side of town.

Which is kind of near the other 991 call, but not super close.

Hyperia is currently teamed with Sarsparilla for emergency calls.

Sarsparilla is checking the pulse of a downed civilian.

Sarsparilla: Awake…but not responding. Tranquilized.

Hyperia: Spooky. Like those riots last summer, but quieter.

Sarsparilla: No glass by the street lamps. Overturned cars. No one but the victims.

Hyperia is keenly aware of the darkness. Although she has her hyper vision, it is rather dark. As if someone shut off the electricity fromt he block.

Hyperia: So we’re going up against someone with Harry Potter’s Deluminator?

Sarsparilla: Interesting query. Pausing for thought.

Then suddenly she hears something. It’s almost supersonic…just the slightest ping on the horizon.

Hyperia: Did you hear that?

But it’s startling… almost like a beacon.

Sarsparilla: Unclear. More description required.

Hyperia: There’s a beacon or something over there!

Sarsparilla: Stimuli not experienced.

Sarsparilla, although sharply aware, does not seem to be aware of whatever Hyperia is.

Hyperia: I’ll check it out. You follow when you’re sure these people are safe, alright?

Sarsparilla: Command recognized. Safety measures reminder.

Sometimes… just sometimes… people wonder if Sarsparilla is part computer. Then they see him turn into a flowing brown liquid with the qualities of Sunset Sarsaparilla and no one wonders again.

And by qualities, the GM does mean carbonated.

Hyperia runs in that direction.

  • * *

After a few more pelts of that whirling, wizzing gun, then enemies in the dark seem to stop using it.

Dark Horse is shaken by them, but her fortitude is much stronger than those civilians.

She then hears it… a whisper… but it’s stingingly loud.

As if, her mind caught the noise and amplified it a hundred times.

Iron Maiden: My shields are holding, but they’re using some kind of laser beam attack now!

Dark Horse will look in the direction of the noise.

Strangely, whatever they’re doing is not lighting the ridiculously dark alley.

And she sees nothing. There is no light here.

She’ll move towards the sound as quietly as possible.

Nani is suddenly struck by something that burns her skin.

She drops to the ground muttering: Great, found the laser beam.

However, she has a clear direction to attack now!

She strikes out at the beam’s source (just hitting).

She strikes a hardened armored individual.

Her jump attack causes the figure to fall back considerably, and she hears a high pitch noise… almost like a grunt… but the noise doesn’t sound like normal noise. She can’t quite figure out what the hell is going on with her hearing.

She hears the incredibly quiet swish of metal swinging through the air.

She figures out where it’s coming from and slides back out of the way.

Just in time to counterattack!

The individual parries her attack with the blade in its hands.

Iron Maiden: Gah!!!

She hears an awful noise, like an explosion rending metal, and then a smack of metal on brick.

Dark Horse: Oh, pooh. She’ll start heading to where she heard the metallic smack.

She finds Iron Maiden in an Iron Maiden shaped hole in the brick wall.

Iron Maiden: Waaah. That hurt.

Iron Maiden: I can kind of see these things with infrared, but they give off so little heat I only see them when they attack. One of them has some kind of staff. Don’t let him hit you with it!

Dark Horse: OK, new plan, get the guy with the staff without getting hit.

Suddenly they both hear the sound of rockets in the distance.

  • * *

Sapphire Zephyr is approaching the area marked by Lizbot’s graphical enhancements to the display software in her suit.

Lizbot: You’re almost there!!!

Lizbot: Go in fast, like a rocket!

As SZ approaches the block in question, she sees what appears to be… well.. nothing. There’s a black sphere around the entire block.

Taimi tries to contact Lizbet over their communication system thingy, “Iron Maiden, can you read me?”

Iron Maiden: (Static) Yeah! T-G you’re here! We’re getting beaten up good!

Dark Horse: Too bad we can’t see them.

Four blocks down from the 991 call she received, Hyperia is approaching what appears to be block covered in a pitch black darkness. IT’s as if no light is coming out or going in.

Hyperia considers!

Hyperia tosses a piece of gravel into the darkness!

It disappears.

She however hears it strike the ground.

Taimi: You seem to be surrounded by a black sphere, anything I should know about it before diving in after you?

Hyperia also hears a rocket of some kind and fighting down between the buildings in the darkness.

Hyperia shrugs, considers that this probably isn’t a Sphere of Annihilation, texts her girlfriend a quick “love you <3”>t see it. All I see is boobs.

Hyperia: I get that a lot, love.


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