Heroes Anonymous

Season 2: Episode 3

Oh bunnies!

The time is seven O’clock PM and the sun is almost set. The heroes met at an agreed upon location and then hiked to the docks the last few blocks. Everyone explains to Hyperia how Torturess used to be an ally, but after the Gremliminator’s death, she fell back in with her old master and is now an enemy again, although she seems to be taking a friendly enemy stance with the heroes.

Now would be the time to ask any last questions of one another before the meeting with Torturess.

Taimi is sporting her alternate identity disguise thingy.

Nani will be in her low rent hero disguise.

Lizbet isn’t in disguise at all. It’s quite unclear whether her power armor is under he dress at all. She is wearing a sundress and has a scarf and a coat.

Lizbet: Hey, so when you get tailed, does it have to be cab or can it be any vehicle?

Nani: Hey, SZ, did Torturess tell you why she needs our help?

Hyperia: The cab is traditional since people think it makes you harder to identify, but it can really be any car you’d like.

Lizbet: Oh that makes me feel better. Thanks.

Taimi/SZ: Torturess said she has some information about those weird magic people you guys fought with the other day.

Nani: You want to tail someone, or do you think we’re being tailed?

This is the third day since the fight.

Lizbet: Oh, I was being tailed on the way here, but I hit their car with my automatic cannons on the bus. Since it can be any vehicle, that makes me feel better.

Nani: Did you get a look at who was tailing you?

Lizbet: I got it on recording, so I didn’t bother to look.

Hyperia: So, just out of curiosity, what has this Torturess done that’s worse than this girl blowing up someone she thinks is tailing her?

Lizbet: Hey, I just disabled the vehicle’s engine. I didn’t blow it up.

Taimi: Let’s see. She tortures people (you might guess that from the name!), the right-hand woman of Bureaucraton, one-time pretending to be a hero and betraying us… did I forget anything?

Lizbet: She’s awesome. You forgot that part.

Lizbet: Oh hey, someone’s trying to get into my van. Funny.
She pushes a button on her phone.

Nani: Torturess is probably the scariest person I’ve ever met. In her way, she’s scarier than her boss who just happens to be a big bad guy.

Hyperia: The guy who’s been running this city’s villains “just happens” to be a bad guy?

Nani: They confuse me.

Nani: Torturess and her boss are villains and all, but they did help me. Now with the boss he wasn’t a bad guy at the time, but Torturess turned out to be a bad guy all along.

Hyperia: Sounds complicated.

Taimi mumbles quietly, “All while trying to not get fired from the cafe, you have no idea…”

Nani: So who’s trying to get into your van?

They enter the dockyards where once upon a time, a car full of mercenaries and Gord went kerplunk into the water.

Lizbet: Oh sorry, uh I dunno who they were. But they’re unconscious next to my van now.

Nani: Torturess needs our help with magical enemies and Iron Maiden’s got mysterious stalkers. Cool.

Lizbet: Camera zooming… dunno hooded people. Can’t tell.

They reach the dock that Torturess called for them to wait by. A lamp above is the only light source around, aside from the fading sunlight and the lamp in the loading docks further down.

Taimi: Well, I guess now we wait.

Lizbet: I wonder whose boat this is.
She kicks the small ship that is anchored here.

A few minutes pass. Those improperly dressed are now cold. Lizbet seems fine however.

Nani looks for a way to get on the boat.

It would require a jump, but she could do it.

Taimi: You guys shouldn’t mess with other people’s stuff… What if they guard it like Lizbet guards her van?

Lizbet removes her foot from the ship.

Nani jumps onto the boat.

Nani finds herself on a small personal ship. The deck is clean and it appears well maintained. There aren’t any lights, so only the lamp is providing her with a light source. There is a cabin below deck.

Lizbet: Hey, so, Hyperia… have you killed anybody?

Taimi: Dark Horse, what are you doing?

Hyperia: Well ain’t that a cunt of a question?

Dark Horse: Nobody’s out here to meet us. What if they’re waiting inside?

Lizbet: Whaaa~ I was just curious…

Taimi: She said she would come… maybe traffic is holding her up?

Hyperia sighs.

Nani will try the door to the cabin.

Hyperia: I meant it’s a hard one to answer. Also pretty damned blunt of you to ask, but that’s beside the answer.

Lizbet: So, have you?

The door is locked.

Hyperia: Don’t know. Maybe, years ago. I’ve practiced very, very hard since then to get to a point where I can hit someone very hard and still be confident they won’t die.

Lizbet: Cool… I always wonder how super powerful heroes can do it. Designing blasters not to kill is such a pain, but I can test the results. When it comes to the force with which you punch someone… it always made me wonder how you don’t just turn someone’s head into mush.

Nani breaks out her lockpicks and works the lock.

Taimi: Dark Horse, you’re going to get into trouble…

Hyperia: Years, and years, and years of practice, lovey.

Hyperia: Those training dummies that can tell you how hard you’re hitting something help too.

Lizbet: So cool…

Click. The door is unlocked.

Nani opens the door and looks inside.

The room is dark, but the lamp light shines through just enough for her to see that the room is empty. It looks to be a entertaining area, where there is a bar and speakers for music and some scattered seating. There is another room on the other side of the ship.

Dark Horse: If Torturess was just running late because of traffic, she’d have called you.

Taimi: Maybe, but I don’t know how she thinks anymore.

Dark Horse: This looks kind of like Don the Don’s boat. I’m going in.

Taimi: No, would you please just come back before you get in trouble?

Dark Horse: Waiting in the open for the biggest bad guy in town’s personal assistant won’t get you in trouble?

Lizbet: Look for a security system.

Taimi doesn’t have any response other than to look dejected, and “Hwe~h…”

Hyperia: That tears it. You are Taimi, aren’t you?

Taimi: “Geh!”

Nani: Security system, check. She looks for a security system but doesn’t notice anything.

She finds a blinking security system on the wall.

Taimi: Ugh… I’m so bad at this whole disguise thing, aren’t I?

It says “Alert! Enter code to deactivate.”

Nani: At least you don’t have pointy ears and a tail.

Nani jumps off the boat.

Hyperia: You need to remember to change how you talk too, love. I’d think you’d pick that up working in the Cosplay Cafe.

Lizbet: Are you a customer, Hyperia?

Taimi: Of course I’d forget something so obvious.

Hyperia: More of a costumer, most of the time.

Nani: Anyone know how to deactivate the alarm?

Lizbet: Ooooo!

Lizbet jumps onto the boat, nearly missing, and falling onto the deck.

Lizbet: Oww…. she then runs into the cabin.

Lizbet: Ahhh! You little snake! How dare you disarm it before me!!!

Lizbet storms out of the cabin.

Lizbot: Haha! I win.

You can’t see past her cleavage.

Pictures blur her face and focus on her boobs. Peoples eyes never go beyond boobs. Trying to look just makes you see the freckle on her left boob, which is fascinating.

“Goooood evening, ladies. I hope I didn’t keep anyone waiting too long.” Torturess announces herself with a grin. She is wearing her leathers, her whip at her waist and a sealed document in her left hand. She approaches the little group followed by two henchmen. One is really tall and the other is really short, possibly a child, but the features are obscured by a blue hoodie. The taller one is rather large, muscles bulging out of a tank top. However, the tall man is wearing a boxer’s cowl, which hides his face.

The dockyards.

Lizbet jumps off the boat onto the dock. “Hi T!”

Torturess: Hey squirt. How’s it going?

Lizbet: Good!

Nani: Hello, Miss Torturess.

Taimi: Torturess… I guess you know who Hyperia is already, from what you said on the phone.

Torturess: Hey, ahh, Dark Horse. You look as short as I remember you. Well, I know her name. She makes some waves in the community, but I’ve never met her. I’m Torturess, but you can call me anytime.

Hyperia: Sorry, love, but I’m taken.

Hyperia looks her up and down and repeats to herself: I’m taken.

Torturess: That’s not an obstacle, but not why I’m here. As you’re aware, some crazy guys in wooden armor and dark robes attacked you the other day. Well, we’ve been aware of them for a little while, as they appear in some documentation left behind by the deceased Doc Whatevs. He left a lot of things scattered around, and as we go through all of it, we keep finding that he really didn’t give a flipping fuck about anything making a mess of just about every single thing he possibly could.

Torturess: And he offered a lot of bad people things that he didn’t deliver on. And now, well… they’re angry. This group is just one of like… two dozen, maybe three, who might want revenge on the peeps who stopped him from taking over the world.

Nani: So even dead, Dr. Creepy keeps making a mess of our lives?

Torturess: That’s the thing. He’s HERE.

Lizbet jumps and looks around. “Where?!”

Taimi: Hwe~h?

Torturess: Funny thing about time travelling backwards multiple times. You kill them in “their” future and they’re still in “their” past. You may actually encounter him again.

Nani: The swirly time thingy didn’t kill him?

Taimi: Is it like an earlier version of himself? A version of him before we had the displeasure of meeting him, I mean?

Torturess: Oh no, it did. That version of him in that time period. But the past him is still floating about mucking with things, unleashing monsters.

Torturess: Exactly.

Nani: Oh, pooh. So we have to keep fighting him until we catch up to when he’s born?

Torturess: From what I gather, he was born over a hundred years in the future.

Torturess: His “inventions” were theft from the past.

Nani: So your grandkids will have to fight him…

Nani: But he’s here now, so what do we do?

Torturess: Not mine, sweet pea. Kids are not in my cards. But maybe yours, or Sapphy’s here.


Taimi: Hwe~h? Kids? Me?

Torturess: I just deliver the information that might keep you alive. “B” wants you in the not dead state, and I don’t disagree. He can’t interfere, but you can’t win against these guys without help.

Nani: Why not you? You’re not a genetic experiment.

Torturess tosses the nearest hero the documents.

Torturess: Not a question for a lovely damp evening on the docks.

Taimi: I, uh… never thought about it before.

The documents smack Taimi in the face lightly, before falling into her hands.

Nani: And none of us will see our kids or grandkids or whatever if we don’t take care of today’s Dr. Creepy.

Torturess: I think all we can do is minimize the damage to our time.

Taimi: Most likely. If the current Dr. What? dies, the past we experienced would get screwed up. We’d probably never have met Dark Horse for example.

Hyperia: So all we can do is react to whatever his buddies do?

Lizbet: This is like the best conversation I’ve ever experienced.

Nani: So we keep getting to beat up his friends and frustrating whatever he’s up to now.

Nani: Meanwhile, we have to keep him from getting so smart the Dr. What we already beat has beaten us already?

Nani: My head hurts, again. Now I understand why grown ups like to drink.

Hyperia: That’s only because they don’t exercise their brains well enough. It’s like any other muscle, sweetie: gotta keep it in shape.

Torturess: Now this is beginning to turn into a “more you know” segment, so I’m going to head out. Oh, you still have my number so if you need help and no one else can help you, feel free to call. I might not come, but hey, can’t hurt right?

Hyperia: Just a second. Could I get a private word with you?

Hyperia: Just one quick question, that’s all I want.

Torturess: What’ll it be, blondie.

Hyperia leads her a short distance: You’ve spent more time with them as masks than I have. That… perky one, the not-quite-a-terrorist… she’s always like that even in her off time, isn’t she?

Torturess: Yeah, she pretty much has one mode. “Kaboom”. She’s nigh untouchable, too. Between her father and “B”, anyone lays a hand on her, and they probably won’t last the day.

Hyperia: So she really is the daughter of… no, no, I said only one question and I’ll stick to it.

Hyperia: See you around then.

Torturess: Plan on it.

A high pitch sound, faint but shrill, causes Nani’s ears to hurt. Mind roll.

Nani grabs her ears and kneels in pain.

Nani grasps her ears. “Not again.”

The difference is, Torturess doesn’t look the same.

Taimi: Dark Horse, what’s wrong?

Hyperia rushes to help Nani: Are you alright?

Torturess: Well, ladies…huh? Bad seafood?

Nani: It’s the weird sound again. Like when we were fighting magic guy.

“Mistress…” The little girl in the blue hoodie says. “They found us!”

Torturess: Oh bunnies.

Just then, the lights go out.

Taimi activates her necklace to get her suit.

She’ll run to where she thinks the sound is coming from.

Unfortunately, the water is the in the way. And so is gravity.

She hears noise everywhere, though. Strange high pitch noises from all directions.

So over the water and up for the nasty sound. “Heads up, they’ve got weird gun things!”

And try to get within attack range of one of them.

Again, they’re either flying or on a boat.


Time to run away.

Now, that’s what she “hears”… there’s a lot of noise that sounds like nothing, or distortions. This sense is so new, she’s never practiced using it so it’s difficult. From now on, to detect enemies, roll an attack roll modified by her hearing bonus.

Taimi activates her suit by pressing the button. It begins to form around her.

Unfortunately, they’re also shooting at her.

A shot rings out at Taimi, defense roll please.

While we’re at it. defense roll everyone but Nani.

Hyperia senses the shot coming and takes evasive maneuvers. Lizbet starts to scream, but goes awkwardly silent. Torturess grunts in pain. Taimi takes a shot to the chest just as her suit forms around her. It stuns her momentarily, but she’s okay.

Hyperia’s turn.

listen for any hostiles around her?

She “thinks” that there might be one on the boat, but the other shots sound like they came from the water.

Hyperia lands on the boat, causing it to rock from the sudden force of her action.

Taimi’s suit has formed around her. She can’t take a full action, but she can move a bit.

Taimi will move towards where she last saw Lizbet, and try to ‘see’ if she’s alright.

She finds Lizbet unresponsive on the ground.

Torturess: Make a lot of noise! They don’t like excess noise…. I think!

She then begins to scream.

Nani’s ears are suddenly overwhelmed by chatter from the bad guys.

Suddenly, Hyperia feels something… like static, causing her hair to raise up.

Then they all hear a loud “BOOM!” followed by and explosion.

Torturess: Be careful, Maelstrom!

The little voice of the girl from the hoodie, “Sorry, mistress.”

“Mistress, I think we should summon him!”
Torturess: No, we can handle this. Everyone, just run to the edge of the dock. Their sphere only goes so far. Then we can get a chance to pull this onto dry land.

Nani can’t focus on enemies and follow though. So she has to choose to focus on an enemy or follow to the end of the Dock.

Nani: Torturess normally knows what she’s doing in a fight. She runs to the end of the dock.

Just as she’s about to do so, she runs into a wall.

It feels like solid wood.

Nani: I don’t remember any wooden walls around here.

She kicks the wall. Her foot goes through the wall, causing it to buckle inwards.

A shower of splinters hits the heroes in the face as Nani attacks the barrier.

Despite her reluctance to entirely trust T still, she admits she can’t really do anything here in the dark. She’ll pick up Lizbet (I don’t know if the possibly-hidden-suit of hers weighs her down enough for superstrength 2 to not pick her up), then shout toward where Nani last was, “Dark Horse, are you alright?”

Nani: I’m fine. Get Iron Maiden away from these things.

Taimi carries Lizbet towards the end of the dockyard.

At the end of her turn, she makes it to the edge of the darkness.

Suddenly, Hyperia hears two things… one, the boat rocks as someone else lands on it, probably T’s henchman. The other is the whistle of a blade coming at her.

The bladed attack comes out of nowhere, striking her in the chest, though she rolls at the last second, causing it to miss her heart. The blade cuts through her thick skin to gouge her nicely, however.

Hyperia jabs the offending shadow mage, catching him in the wooden armor. She feels it hurt him as she follows it up by kicking him in the legs. The result is pretty spectacular to all who can see it… meaning no one. However, he goes down pretty hard as her combo knocks him down.

Torturess scrambles out next to Taimi, as does “Maelstrom”.

Nani continues to bash at the wall trying to get an opening large enough to squeeze through.

The wall topples over as she breaks it. However, she begins to feel she is not alone.

Taimi looks into the darkness. Whatever was affecting her sensors and her HUD is gone. She now has access to her full complment of sensory gear, except, she can’t see any visible light inside of that darkness.

She can see her friends in it. However, she can only see the enemy when they attack. So there are brief glimipses of them.

She sees two on the boat fighting with the henchman and Hyperia. And there are three around Nani.

And two of them are floating above Nani. There might be others, but they’re very difficult to perceive.

She htis all three of the ones next to Nani with a blast of goo, causing them to be stuck.

The one near Hyperia attacks, but he is slowed by her earlier assault. Hyperia takes this opportunity to smack the mage in the chest, causing him to go flying. She hears a splash.

She hears the henchman and another one scrapping, but that’s all she can tell. She grabs him, smothering his face into her chest, ruining his will to fight.

On the outside, the little girl villain “Maelstrom” slips back her hood, to reveal a familiar face. “Time to die, assholes!”

Suddenly a very dangerous looking wall of electricity rises up around her.

Maelstrom: Next time, don’t use electricity in your guns!

She throws what only appears to be a series of electric bolts, so quick the entire area lights up around the sphere.

The noise is tremendous.

Nani feels electricity all around, but none hits her.

Shortly after, the wall of darkness begins to fall.

It reveals three rafts where several of the enemies are retreating. Two are floating on what look to be birds…

The three that are stuck are attacking the goo to escape.

Suddenly the wall goes back up, causing the darkness again.

Taimi sees the enemies attempting to flee.


RETropolis RETropolis

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