Heroes Anonymous

Week 2 (Session 1)

Gob gob! Sweet pickle sandwich, gob gob!

Sakurai Taimi (or first name Taimi, last name Sakurai for the confused out there) is late for her job as a waitress in the Cosplay Cafe. Deciding which of the two events, the 36-story mech she was fighting, or the 36 alarms blaring in the background of her laboratory, is real. When she realizes that she’s late, she throws on her coat and runs to work, barely remembering to turn on her robot companion, who tried to function as an alarm for her, unsuccessfully to the point of being forcibly turned off by the sleeping hero.

Across the street, Gord, the former villain Gremlin, turned hero Gremliminator receives an instant message while studying a blueprint for his demolitions job. One of his contacts alerts him of a squad named the GFWA (Gourds Full of Win) is behind a string of tech related robberies and is up to something big. Being a hero, or at least a guy who likes to mess with villain plots, but he actually didn’t like that they their first name is similar to his actual name. He finds his goblin lieutenants (Gob, Gob and Gob) and goes by way of sewers to find their lair.

Taimi finds herself really late for work. The new girl took her shift as a maid character, and her costume. This is notable, because the maid fetish guys always give the best tips, and today was her turn. She turns to a backup costume no longer in her costume rotation for low tip purposes (google Officer Jenny if you care). At least all of her defensive gear makes for accessories. She goes on with her job, not able to quite be too angry as it is her fault that she was late.

Back on Gord’s side of the city, he and his three goblin lieutenants arrive at the door of the GFWA, an unimpressive apartment on the other side of town. When he knocks, a thirty-something woman answers the door. She easily believes that he knows the “boys” and lets him in, where the Gremliminator quickly starts planting bugs. After a nice conversation with the woman, he leaves with a piece of the enemy’s tech to hopefully identify it.

On his way back, he decides to get a bite at the Cosplay Cafe. He sits at the table of a server dressed as Mitsuru from Persona 3. He doesn’t really know the game, but he definitely likes him some redhead. He orders a sweet pickle, club sandwich.

Taimi, on the other side of the cafe, waits on an annoying customer named Thomas, who badgers her so much that she almost doesn’t notice the three young men cosplaying as anime police officers, but with real guns. They enter quickly, blocking all of the exits, leaving her no choice but to fight with what she has.

Simultaneously, the annoyed Gremliminator and the panicked Taimi attack their opponents. The Gremliminator uses his stun gun, knocking the crook out in one shot. Taimi on the other hand, summons her personal defense mallet (registered trademark of all anime girls), and smashes the man demanding her necklace in the face. He crumples to the ground, stunned. She quickly finishes him off with a kick to the ribs. All of this surprises the now lone gunman, who decides the money just ain’t worth it.

Taimi fades into the woodwork as quickly as she can while the patrons attempt to recover their stolen possessions, and everyone draws in a collective breath. Moments later, the lone gunman returns, only on his back, surfed into the building by the one and only shovel maniac, the incomparable Tsundere. Resting her shovel down, she locates the other villains already unconscious. She is then joined by her Cosplay Avenging teammate, Kawaii Kitsune, who spots the Gremliminator.

Attributing the marks to him, she thanks him for the assist. Despite Thomas, the annoying patron’s best attempt, she does not believe the timid Taimi to have done anything. The two bind the three villains together and carry them out. Mitsuru (real name Jennifer) takes a break to recover, leaving Taimi with the Gremlin’s table. Neither speak about the situation, but he enjoys a nice bite of Devil’s food cake.


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