Heroes Anonymous

Week 2 (Session 3)

Gibbed Flunkies With a side of Asphalt

Wasting no time, Sapphire Zephyr arrives at the Borderline City Metropolitan, a mall of class, dignity and danger, as it is the only one that will literally eject any costumer not to conform to their strict regulations, including but not limited to a strict formal dress code. Being the prestigious facility that it is, the Metropolitan also has a fully complimented SWAT security force, including roaming armed guards with MP5s and a sniper on the roof. Sapphire decides to watch before nearing the place, sneaking into the parking structure (as much as an attack cybernetic suit can move quietly with its high powered gears), and scanning the defenses. She calmly waits for the shipment of computer parts ear-marked for capture.

At the same time, Gremliminator sends his sidekick Torturess to scout the perimeter before he exits from a manhole cover on the street adjacent to the mall. Torturess returns and reports.

Torturess: No activity yet. Sniper on the roof, three roaming guards with MP5s.
Gremliminator: Then what are we needed for? Sounds like they’re ready.
Torturess: We are talking about the guys that robbed a military warehouse.
Gremliminator: This is Borderline City. I wouldn’t be surprised if the mall’s better guarded than the military installations…
Torturess: Touché.
Gremliminator: What do you think the bad guys are likely to do?
Torturess: Boom.
Grem: We’re supposed to get to them before that, huh?
Torturess: Who cares. Let’s just wait for the fighting and whap’em.
Gremliminator: My kinda sidekick. There’s not enough of us to cover all the approaches, we need to wait for them to show themselves.
Torturess: Better yet, let the security tank.
Gremliminator: I wasn’t planning to shop here any time soon anyway.
Torturess: I can’t even get in. They have a dress code… a one drink limit… and they’re really snobby.

Torturess points to a van rolling down the road.

Torturess: Think those are our guys?
Gremliminator: Can you tell from the van whether they have military-grade weapons?
Torturess: Let me get out my binoculars out… oh wait. I left them in the other skin tight costume.
Gremliminator: Then let’s wait and see who gets out.

A security car pulls up near the van, and then they both drive to the mall.

Gremliminator: Think the security team just hired a bunch of illegal immigrants?
Torturess: Rich people do like them some illegal immigrants.
Gremliminator: Either way, it’s suspicious.
Torturess: The illegal immigrants, or the rich people?
Gremliminator: Like I said, either way.
Torturess: Huh, just got goosebumps all over.
Gremliminator: I think we need to get closer and keep an eye on these guys.
Torturess: Yeah. Um…let’s be careful. I have a bad feeling about this.
Gremliminator: Need a hug before the action?
Torturess: Sure, if I can bite.
Gremliminator: Maybe once I armor the suit.
Torturess: I won’t bite that hard. Just enough to draw blood.
Gremliminator: Maybe later, we need a different kind of action now.
Torturess: SHIT!

Torturess drops to the pavement. The Gremliminator crouches down beside her.

Torturess whispers: Sniper!
Gremliminator: You already said there’s one up there. Why are we only afraid of him now?
Torturess: Not unless he’s the one sniping the security personnel.

Torturess points. The Gremliminator looks and sees a dead security guard at the front doors, but doesn’t see anything.

Torturess: Let’s go around back, carefully. Put up your force field.

The Gremlinator pulls his staff from his belt and grabs it with both hands. It extends full length and an translucent bubble erects around him.

Torturess: Oh shit!

They hear a “CLUNK!” in the direction of the parking lot. Metal on asphalt. A figure is sprinting towards the back of the mall.

Torturess: Still want to do this?
Gremliminator: No. But I have a feeling I’m going to do it anyway.
Gremliminator: I’m starting to get recognized in the street, I want it to be for the right reasons.
Torturess: Oh boy. Two more at 3 O’clock.

The Gremliminator scans the parking lot and notices two.

Gremliminator: How far away? What do they look like?
Torturess: Sec, let me pull out my…oh I used that joke already.

Security guard: HALT!

They suddenly hear MP5 gunfire.

Torturess: And the show begins.

A security guard is shooting at the sprinting, armored figure who is moving very rapidly from the parking structure.

Gremliminator: Never had to do this where you couldn’t tell the bad guys from the bystanders…
Torturess: Shoot’em all, let God sort’em out?
Gremliminator shrugs: Don’t know if anyone’s even in range of my weapons.

The driver of the van just fell over dead.

Gremliminator: One down, at least.
Torturess: Um, those guys over there fired a machine gun. I barely heard it… it sounds suppressed.
Gremliminator: So it wasn’t one of the security guards who got him?
Torturess: No… pretty sure it was military grade machine gun.
Gremliminator: Sounds like our guys. Let’s get closer.
Torturess: Bad idea…but let’s do it anyway.

As they closer, they see someone in an technologically advanced, metal suit charging at the van.

Gremliminator: That suit look military to you?
Torturess: Hell no. That smells of hero.
Gremliminator: About time they showed up.
Torturess: Unless it’s a villain, but no villain would be caught dead in getup like that.
Gremliminator prods her in the nearest bit of anatomy, or would if the force field wasn’t in the way: Because villains have such fashion sense.
Torturess: I agree. They do.

They move closer and see the “hero” in the metal tech suit shoot a projectile inside the van.

Gremliminator: Whoever this hero is, they seem to have it in hand so far.
Torturess: Oh boy.
Gremliminator: What now?
Torturess: They’re shooting at that chick in the suit.
Gremliminator: Does that mean we need to save her?
Torturess: Your call, boss.
Gremliminator: Yeah, sure, the one time you’ll call me that…

He judges how far away the enemies with the military guns are, guessing about a hundred and fifty meters. As he starts to move forward, he hears a bullet whiz by him.

Torturess: Sniper!

The Gremliminator rushes to the side of the van and takes cover behind it, but finds its back doors closed shut. A loud clunking inside leads him to believe the hero in the suit is inside.

Gremliminator: They gotta make this hard…

However, they see the two enemies taking aim at them and run to the van for cover. One has a machine gun that he just propped up on a tripod. The other is running closer with his assault rifle. They both open fire on the duo running, but their bullets hit nothing but air and force field.

Torturess: Oh no he didn’t!

Suddenly, the van doors burst open. A blue, feminine-looking powersuit struts out of the van. While it’s slightly shorter than average, it looks like the person underneath has a decent figure.

Gremliminator: Is that suit hardened against psychic attacks?

Sapphire Zephyr panics a little, as suddenly there’s a voice asking her questions from almost directly behind her. She looks back at the person talking to her and recognizes the oddly dressed dude there.

Sapphire: You!
Gremliminator: Me?
Torturess: Him?

Sapphire realizes her mistake and shakes her head.

Sapphire: Nevermind. No, my suit is not resistant to psionics, but that’s a good idea for later.
Gremliminator shrugs and puts away what appears to be a glowstick: Guess it’s good I didn’t use this, then.

Torturess scans out at the enemies approaching. The machine gunner is just under 100 meters away, but the assault rifle carrying GFWA guy is only 30 meters out now, kneeling as he fires his weapon.

Torturess: Yep they’re wearing the same armor that we were looking at before. No doubt about it, those are our perps.

Sapphire starts jogging towards the enemies approaching the van, and then unleashes a rocket salvo at the enemy with the tripod-mounted machine gun, but it is to far away. The rockets fall short and create a large burn mark on the asphalt. The Gremliminator rushes forward towards the GFWA members, but is still out of range for his stun gun. Torturess grins at Sapphire and vaults over her, and then takes off, covering the 30 meters in a quick sprint. Her whip comes off her side and lashes out, catching on the enemy’s assault rifle and pulling it out of his hands.

A high powered gunshot echoes as a high caliber bullet whizzes by Torturess, fired from somewhere in the darkness. The machine gunner lays down cover fire, reflecting off the Gremliminator’s shield, but a few stray bullets graze Torturess. She winces in pain, but stays on the goon in front of her.

Gremliminator: They hit my sidekick and I am not happy!

The guy with the assault rifle draws metal hilt from his belt that the Gremliminator recognizes as a device on the GFWA’s bed. A laser beam lights up from the hilt, hissing with a definitely trademarked noise. He swings at Torturess, who dodges under the attack.

Sapphire Zephyr jogs towards the machine gunner, firing another a rocket at him, hitting him directly, causing a shimmer around him. He looks a bit sizzled but is okay.

The Gremliminator, now in range of the guy that Torturess is fighting, launches a stun dart at his foe. The shot is completely nullified by a shimmering force field. Grem then noticesthat the pieces of armor that he inspected at his lair, when worn together, all parts create a force field.

Torturess: Son of a bitch!

She then attempts to disarm the light sword, but fails.

Sapphire Zephyr moves into scanning range of the opponent with a sword…her equipment determines it to be a class 5 laser beam projecting weapon. It’d flay directly through her armor. She stays away from the man, who lunges at Torturess. The sidekick sidesteps.

The machine gunner opens fire with another burst, targeting the Gremliminator and Sapphire, but both evade the attack. Shortly after, another high caliber gunshot reverberates across the lot. Sapphire Zephyr sees the bullet and calculates its tragectory using her onboard computer, recognizing its origin from the mall’s roof. She then turns towards the mall, powering up her hydraulics. With one giant push of her powersuit’s legs, she leaps high into the air, and lands directly on the rooftop, but it is too dark to locate the sniper.

The Gremliminator yells for Torturess, and then waits for her. She whips to light sword out of the grunt’s hand, and the backs away from him. The Gremliminator pulls his “glowstick” and throws it at the goon’s feet. It explodes, creating a small flash of light that renders him unconscious.

Back on the roof, Sapphire enables her infrared vision, detecting the sniper’s body heat. He is 70 meters away from her. She begins sprinting towards him, crossing 20 meters, and taking a potshot with her rocket launcher. Her rocket explodes on the ground nearby, splashing the sniper with concussive force and flames.

The Gremliminator picks up the light sword and tests the rifleman’s force field, determining it to still be up. Using the blade, he sears away what’s left of it. He then shoots the thug with his stun gun.

The machine gunner takes aim and fires at Torturess, but she sprints at him, weaving through the bullets. She leaves a splattering trail of blood in her wake.

Sapphire sprints at full speed, bringing her to about 30 meters away from the sniper. She fires her second to last rocket at him, hitting him cleanly in the chest. When the smoke dissipates, there is no sniper. Unlike the spoon, he left chunky parts everywhere.

The Gremliminator sprints toward the machine gunner, closing the distance between them to 50 meters. Torturess passes him as she nears the man behind the tripod. As she gets close, the thug fires his light machine gun at her. The bullet hits her in the arm, causing her to stumble and fall. Her face hits the asphalt as she goes down. The Gremliminator moves forward to help her.

Sapphire Zephyr leaps into the air down towards the last remaining villain, firing her last rocket at him. She sees a shimmer as his force field absorbs some of it. The machine gunner then turns his gun to face her. However, she is moving too quickly for him to rotate it in time, so he pulls out his pistol and fires. Sapphire dodges, and just as she’s about to enter melee with her foe, her arm blades pop out. She slashes at him, but he pushes the gun into her, causing her to smack into it.

Angry at the thug for downing his sidekick, the Gremliminator flanks him and attacks with his captured laser sword. The sword cuts right through his force field, lopping off his arm. The man falls down in shock as the cauterized stump waggles where his arm should have been.

The Gremliminator turns off his force field and goes to check on Torturess. She’s just stunned. She has two gunshot wounds though, and needs medical attention in the near future.

Gremliminator: Hrm. This is possibly too bad for even Magic Gob to handle.
Torturess: Grrr…I’m okay. Just get one of the little bastards to get the bullet out. I’ll do the rest.

Gremliminator uses his phone to get in touch with the hideout to see if the Gobs are there.

Gob answers: Gob, gob?
Grem: Torturess has been shot. I need medical help at the BC Metropolitan Mall.
Gob: Gob, gob!

Meanwhile, Sapphire locates a conveniently placed first aid kit inside the van. Torturess looks a bit pale, but the power suit operator cleans and bandagse the wounds, though not with some difficulty due to her suit’s metal gloves.

Within 10 minutes, MGob shows up. That’s Medical Gob, not to be confused with MGob, which is Magical Gob.

MGob: Gob, gob!

MGob uses some tweasers to pull the bullets out, causing Torturess to moan in anguish.


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