Heroes Anonymous

Session 39 (Week 6)

A certain kind of finale

The room is an oval, with an outer area and an inner separated by a gulf in time that allegedly is to the past. The center island is mostly taken up by the time machine itself that is generating the time hole, but there is a small ring around it of flooring where users can access all of the switches and panels.

There is a conveyor belt pushing random gadgets, doomsday devices, and weapons into the time portal. On the opposite side, there are cages with a scientist in each one, apparently all of the more top level ones. These include Dr. Sakurai, Dr. Jipson, and a slough of others. They don’t appear conscious however, and haven’t moved since the heroes arrived in the room.

There is a control panel on both sides of the gap that control the bridge across, but the one on the heroes’ side is locked. There are also a lot of wires, pipes and other things exposed on the ceiling that are all attached to the time machine in various ways, although some might just be plumbing for other levels.

Dr. What? is floating on the time machine side with his back facing the players.

Rapier is lying in a pile of dark ooze that seems to be doing something to him, possibly eating him.

Gord pulls Rapier out of the pile of ooze with his cape. Gord pulls Rapier across the pit to the safer side, luckily not dropping him through the time portal that would otherwise shred him. Unfortunately, the darkness seems to have followed him.

Naninami jumps up and try to grab onto one of the pipes or wires that crosses the pit. Specifically looking for one she guesses will take her weight and is jumping distance. She locates a large pipe that runs through the room that would support her, but it leads to the center island, not the side one.

Dr. What?: Hey, didn’t I tell the lot of you to scram? Why are you still here?

Nani jumps up and is hanging by the large pipe that now she feels is vibrating.

Taimi watches her, her literal inner glow beginning to fade.

Nani pulls herself onto the vibrating pipe (get your minds out of the gutter…) and starts crawling over to the space time doohickey.

Dr. What?: Hey, can’t you see I’m working here? What do you want, to be executed before the main event? Fine, TIMMY! Get in here and kill these idiots!

A door that no one saw before slides open revealing… the platypus and three Dr. What? cultists. While they approach, Taimi quickly access the bridge control panel, and sees it is locked by administrative access and requires access from the main terminal to unlock.

Nani walks the pipes and beams far above the time portal. She crosses it as far as it allows her and goes to the point where it dips down into the time machine.

Gord is frightened by the platypus and uses his cape to grapple onto the pipes and swing across.

Timmy makes platypus noises and moves in to attack the heroes. Torturess attacks Timmy with her electrified whip. Her whip slashes at the small little thing, cutting burn marks across its body. Timmy is a platydroid™ and is not hurt badly, however.

Kirsten grapples one of the cultists and begins to pull him in. The cultist screams as her acidic tentacles burn holes into his armor. He struggles to break free, but fails miserably. The second cultist attacks Kirsten with a glaive, and misses horribly.

Taimi cracks open the panel and locates a possible entry point to re-enable the bridge. The bridge extends.

Cultist 3 decides Kirsten is too dangerous and attacks Torturess. She dodges out of the way and gives him a smack that doesn’t do damage, but sends him sprawling to the floor.

Nani notices that people with much more techno expertise than her can now get to the time machine, so she looks for another pipe or wire that would lead to the other platform. There is a wire that if cut would swing her to the other side, but it doesn’t extend all the way. It’s a really thick power cord. And Nani not having any cutting implements will grab the thick power cord and gives it a nice solid pull to unplug it on this side.

Gord turns around and snaps his whip/cape at the platydroid to try and tangle it up. Timmy watches the cape attack miss by a wide margin, and then glares at Gord from across the way, and then decides its time to eat Torturess. Torturess dodges again, sliding behind Kirsten when suddenly giant saw blades extend out of its miniature body. Torturess then attacks the playdroid with her whip again.
The whip attack slashes Timmy again, burning its little platypus tail. Kirsten decides another cultist would be tasty and grabs Cultist 2 with another tentacle.
Cultist 1 is still burning by acid, as well as Cultist 2. Cultist 1 attempts to escape.
Cultist 1 escapes. Cultist 2 fails to escape.

Taimi goes down to check on Gwyn, get her to go across the platform, and away from the evil platypus of doom. As she gets closer, she begins to feel that static-y feeling of being too close to a CRT television set.

Gwyn: I’m draining the bridge mechanism so he can’t turn it off.

Gwyn begrudgingly follows Taimi however. They both begin crossing the bridge. Cultist 3 decides he’s going to take a pot shot at Taimi. He misses and hits Dr. What?’s force field.

Dr. What?: How dare you!

ZAP! Cultist 3 is a pile of ashes.

Nani grips the wire tightly and flings herself across the pit. She lands in between two of the cages on the inactive conveyor belt.

Nani: Hey, can you hear me?

She asks of the nearest scientist, who she doesn’t know, but the scientist doesn’t respond. He seems to be asleep, like all of the others.

Timmy moves to attack Kirsten. The saw blades severe the tentacle she had grappling Cultist 2. Torturess attacks Timmy again, causing damage against his exoskeleton, but still not budging the beast. Kirsten grapples Timmy this time, wrapping him with four tentacles. Cultist 1 & 2 attack Kirsten at the same time. Their glaives do slash into Kirsten, causing her massive damage.

Taimi: Can you go on ahead? I’m going to go back for Rapier?
Gwyn: Okay…

Taimi crosses back over to where Rapier is writhing in pain.

Gwyn reaches the other side, firing an electrical bolt of energy at Timmy. Gwyn’s electrical bolt strikes Timmy, causing the poor evil thing to die horribly. Timmy spasms on the ground as Kirsten eats him.

Nani mutters as she looks at the cage closest to her, “How many kinds of boxes do they make to knock people out and lug them around indefinitely? This isn’t like the one Don the Don had me in, or Kirsten’s fridge… This looks like it could be an ‘off switch.’” She presses the button.

A sudden violent electrical shock rips up through her body

Nani: Ouch!

There is an electric force field around it, which was invisible up to this point. The force field generator is part of the cage.

Nani: Knocking out the forcefield for each cage is going to take too long… Need to make sure the conveyor doesn’t work.

She locates Dr. Jipson while looking around. She’s the 5th cage on the line. And she starts looking for convenient motor, power cord… There are cords running along the ceiling, but there is no way to know what they do.

As Gord goes to whip one of the cultists, Dr. What? interrupts him by firing a bolt of force at him. The bolt misses, but causes Gord’s cape attack to miss by a wide margin.

Dr. What?: You know what, I know who you are. You’re the previous owner of this, aren’t you?

He brandishes his alien sceptre, which does strangely appear to be Gord’s exact device that he left at home due to its uselessness now.

Dr. What?: It took me a while to find all of the items necessary to make this sceptre into the ultimate weapon of a God such as I am now. Thank you for keeping it safe for me throughout the years. But now I will have to kill you so you can’t hide it on me.

me: Torturess strikes at Cultist 2, grappling him with her whip. The electricity in it causes him to spasm.

Gord: Oh. Oh come on. Tell me you aren’t like a future version of me. No, no, alternate dimension?

Dr. What?: Hah, no. I am merely a time traveler bent on world domination of the past. You were long dead when I came to be born, but I thought you’d be older. A lot older. Hrm.

Kirsten grabs onto Cultist 1, causing the acid to burn him again. Cultist 1 attempts to escape, but fails. Cultist 2 also cannot escape their bindings.

Taimi trustS in her waning glowy power, and see if she can heal Rapier, who is currently being consumed by darkness. The instant she touches him, the darkness shrieks so loud that it pierces everyone’s eardrums. The effect is immediate, causing it to vanish. However, he appears partially chewed. His face is scarred badly and his skin is leathery and blackened.

He awakes.

Rapier (his voice is raspy): Oh God, what was that…?

Taimi is no longer glowing.

Taimi: It was just some kind of evil darkness eating you alive.
Gord: Ok, so, not me. But you know me? …Descendant?
Dr. What?: No, that’s ridiculous. Who wouldn’t know you?

An electricity bolt rips across the gap and hits Cultist 1 in the back. He’s not quite dead, but Kirsten will fix that.

Nani stops in her tracks as she realizes what she saw earlier. “Myrna!” She runs towards her mentor’s cage and stops just short of pressing the off button. “Use your head, Nani. No use getting us both killed… That didn’t work on Dr. What last time, but it might work.” She concentrates her mental energies on the “off” button. The button pushes in, releasing the force field around the cage.

Cultist 2 is pulled into the time hole by Gord’s cape. Cultist 2 grabs onto the ledge of the platform, preventing the cape from pulling him over the ledge, but he is still grappled.

Dr. What?: Hey, leave my scientists alone!

He floats over to where Nani is.

Nani: They’re not you’re scientists, Dr. Time Crook, they’re our friends!
Dr. What? levels his staff at Naninami. “Time to die, you genetic freak!”

A dark beam pours out of his staff! Nani suffers -2 to her Mind score and feels something stripping away her life force as a inky darkness wraps itself around her, constricting her body.

Dr. What?: And now I will send your precious friend into the pit, without her force field.

Torturess walks to the ledge and kicks Cultist 2 into the hole. He disintegrates as soon as his body touches the portal, not even leaving ash.

Kirsten finishes eating Cultist 1. She grows much larger. Now all of the minions are dead, leaving Dr. What? as the only villain left stan…floating.

Rapier stands up, summons his sword and his mask.

Rapier: Doctor…you…(cough)…will pay for that!

He follows behind Taimi. Gwyn turns her attention to Dr. What? She hits his force field with a heavy electrical bolt. The force field shimmers, but is not taken down.

Gwyn: Damn it! Why doesn’t it go through?
Nani feels something stripping away her ability to reason…but she can still act. It hasn’t fully taken over her.

No time for anything subtle, even by Nani’s limited standards. She rushes Dr. What? and kicks him. The moment she touches his force field, a violent electric current hits her, causing her to go flying back.

She lands back down where she was at before.

Dr. What?: Ahaha! You can fall into the pit with her!

Gord uses his cape to swing over the pit to Nani

Gord: Hey, I just got that girl!
Dr. What?: Teach her to behave then.

The conveyor belt turns on.

Gord: Like I said, just got her.

The first two cages fall into the time portal.

Gord: Besides, punching you doesn’t seem like bad behavior to me.

Dr. Sakurai and unknown scientist 3 is next.

Nani: Really, it’s a very bad idea.
Gord: Bad idea sure, but behavior? Nah.

Before anyone else can do anything, the ship starts to rock and an alarm goes off.

Alarm: Alert! Military vehicles have engaged the ship. Prepare to evacuate. Self destruct initiated in T-minus 5 minutes.

Dr. What?: Looks like that’s my cue. Thank you for the entertaining time, Gordon Remlign.

Nani: All of your bases have self-destruct mechanisms? You lose often?

Dr. What?: No, I time travel often. I don’t need this ship in the past.

Torturess and Kirsten cross the bridge. Taimi consider making an educated guess at what some buttons do, before randomly pushing stuff. She realizes there’s a good chance that all of the buttons are protected by the force field, but that’s just a chance. There is a conveniently place button for each of the conveyor belts, and for the “time” settings, but the rest are rather mysterious. Taimi tries pressing the button that might stop the conveyor belt with all the scientists over there. (even though she’s probably dead now) She is shocked by a sudden bolt of electricity. She absorbs 30 damage worth of it before falling back.

Taimi: Hwe~h…

Rapier throws his blade at Dr. What?

The blade goes through the force field and pierces Dr. What in the shoulder.

Dr. What?: Aaaaaaaaaagggghhhh!

It then reappears in Rapier’s hand.

Gord: Well, I wasn’t expecting that.
Rapier: I will slay you, Doctor…

Gwyn approaches the console to the time machine. Gwyn embraces the force field. The current seems to just sap right into her.

Nani feels the darkness stealing away her mind, making everything go slower, whispering into her ear to obey her master, Doctor What? She barely knows better than to try hitting Dr. What? again. So she grabs Dr. Jipson’s cage and drags it and herself off the conveyor.

The cage is too heavy at first, but she strains and feels herself getting stronger and stronger. She feels strained by the effort, but lifts the cage easily over her head and leaps across the gap with easy. Everyone else sees her grow in height about 10cm and the conveyor belt is bent as she jumps. When she lands, a small dent appears in the floor. The sudden exhaustion overwhelms her, causing her to fall after setting the cage down. +1 CP

The conveyor belt continues, causing Dr. Sakurai and the other scientist to fall through the time portal.

Dr. What?: My time here is done. I shall have your parents murdered from my seat of power in the past. He floats towards the pit. Torturess goes to Gord and whispers in his ear.

Torturess: Call your scepter…it’s name is Sedelg.

Gord recognizes this as the Goblin name for “Stick” Why would something of mine be called “Sedelg”?

Suddenly, the staff is ripped out of Dr. What?’s hands…
Dr. What?: Well, shit…

Dr. What? disintegrates into the time portal. The staff leaps to life around him. Suddenly the ship rocks heavily, causing everyone but Gord to fall over.

A hole begins to burn into the side of the ship.

Nani weakly: Oh, pooh.
Gord: Oh come on, the same self-destruct device as the cave lab?

The remaining scientists fall into the time portal. Nani feels suddenly revived, regaining her lost mind stat as the darkness is dispelled.

Torturess to Gord: You only have one more thing until you can fulfill your destiny. Jump.

Taimi: What happened to my father? Did you get my father out?
Kirsten: Sorry…Taimi…Doc go down the hole.

The wall falls away, and a small ship appears.

Torturess grabs ahold of Rapier suddenly, and knocks him into the pit. He screams as he falls through the portal, but is not disintegrated.

Taimi: Hwe~h!
Gord: Well, that was unexpected.
Gwyn: What the hell?
Gord: Hey, no disintegration, no foul.
Torturess: What can I say? Orders are orders.
Nani: What orders?
Torturess: Gord’s of course.
Taimi: Wha?
Gord: He took being a hero a little too seriously sometimes.
Torturess: The past and all of his inventions and devices are yours for the taken, my lord! Do it! Jump into the pit!

Alarm: T-minus 2 minutes and counting.

The ship above hovers over them fairly close. Torturess whips it, and it grabs her, pulling her up into the cockpit which opens when she gets near.

Torturess: Do it! Jump!!!

Gord thinks about it a moment more, then shrugs. He backs up to the pit, then takes one more step

Gord: See ya’ll around.

Gord falls through the portal. Moments later, the portal vanishes. Gord on his way down, realizes Kirsten grabbed onto him…

Kirsten: I go too!!!
Gord: Let’s go Kirsten. I know you’ll watch my back.

Nani: I hope he remembers to disable the self-destruct device when this thing is built.

Suddenly in the ship above, what appears to be a dramatically older Gord peers over the ledge.

Gord (old version): There’s escape pods in the back, old friends… Next time we meet, we are enemies, I am afraid. Welcome to my city, Little Naninami. And welcome to super hero-dom, Taimi Sakurai. May this time treat you well.

Taimi: Apparently he didn’t, we should really get out of here then!
Nani: Yeah. Let’s see if we can get this thing open quick. I’d hate to drag it to the escape pod.

The heroes find that around the other side of the console is a conveniently placed escape pod. Nani looks for a convenient button to release Myrna from the capsule. Myrna is released. The small ship escapes the soon to be exploded cruiser.

Nani: Myrna, no time to talk. Come with me. And she leads/drags/carries Myrna to the escape pod.

The heroes escape into the pod.

Gwyn: That made absolutely no sense to me. Oh by the way, I’ll see you down there. If I enter that pod, it will short out and probably explode.

She closes the door behind them, causing sparks and electricity to course all over the door.

Naninami and Taimi escape into the pod with Myrna as the ship begins to explode as fighter jets hit it with missiles.

It floats to the ground a few minutes later.

Shortly afterward, the door to the pod opens and Jennifer is there.

Jennifer: TAIMI!!! You got out!!!
Taimi: Yeah… I got out.
Jennifer: Did…Rapier not make it? And the Gremliminator, and that little goo girl… where’s everyone else?

Myrna begins to awake.

Taimi: They… went into the time portal thing.

Nani: Hey, Myrna. It’s me, Nani. You OK?
Myrna: Naninami? Is that…you?! Oh my god! You’re safe! I thought I’d never see you again!
Nani hugs Myrna: Yeah, we’re safe, for now at least.
Nani: I think we should get away from this escape pod. I have a bad feeling about Old Gremlinator.

Gwyn appears: Hey, everyone okay?


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