Heroes Anonymous

Week 2 (Session 4)

Recovery, Reconnaissance and Recruitment

2:00, Thursday: The Metropolitan

With Torturess stabilized by Sapphire’s emergency response, MGob (of the Medical variety) begins pulling bullets out of the leather and chain wearing sidekick.

The Gremliminator: You seemed to recognize me before…
Sapphire Zephyr: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Is she going to be alright now with your little… helper?
Grem: So saying “You!” when you first see me isn’t a sign of recognition?

Sapphire starts panicking a little, but tries to hide it, “Oh, um… I just, uh, heard about you before, that’s all.”

Grem: Uh-huh…
Sapphire: Anyway, shouldn’t you be more worried about your… um, partner?
Torturess: I’m fine…gasp Hey Gob, be careful!
Mgob: Gob, gob!
Grem: Maybe. Guess we’re both still kinda in the villain mindset… You know, “Not anything I can do to help her, so why stand around and bug the people who can?”
Sapphire: Well, thanks for the assist, but I’d prefer to get out of here before the cops get here.

Queue sirens in the background.

Torturess: You female under there … um… what was your name?
Sapphire: Yes… I’m the Sapphire Zephyr. I hope you’ll understand if I prefer not to divulge my real name.
MGob: Gob, gob! Gob claps his hands and Gob and Gob show up to carry Torturess.
Grem: Well, I disarmed a man, and you vaporized at least one. I suppose we should both get out of here, girl.
Sapphire: Hey, it’s not my fault they decided to try and kill us.
Grem: Ok, so you’re definitely a woman under there. That’s good to know, I guess. But really, we ought to be going. Ta.

The Gremliminator follows the goblins and Torturess. Sapphire also takes off, and vanishes into the night!

Torturess: I’m…ouch! Hey, be gentle! Hey, don’t touch me there! Ahhhh….
The Gremliminator: Would you rather I carried you, T?

Thursday, 3:00: Sapphire Zephyr’s lair.

Pochi: Welcome back, mistress. Your father has left you a message.
Taimi yawns: Another message? Alright, let’s hear it.
Pochi dictates: Hello daughter, I’m doing well. We’ll have to put off our meeting for a while. I can’t really talk right now, but just hang on. He stops for a moment, then continues: I will contact you later. Don’t call anyone about the matter you helped me with until we talk again. I love you. — End message. Would you like an expresso? Or are you heading directly to bed?
Taimi: I’m just going to head to sleep. I have to work tomorrow and it’s already too late to do much.
Pochi: Very well, mistress. Your bed is prepared. Sleep well.

3:00, Thursday: Gremliminator’s hideout.

Back in the Gremliminator’s hideout, the Gobs are up to no good. Apparently, a bunch of them went fishing… in the state fish reserve, which is used for the repopulation of the sea when the BC get overzealous. The Gobs go about eating their fish after reporting the loss of 2 who were caught. Neither the Gobs nor Grem seem to care though, so the incident goes without mentioning.

Melee Gob, also known as MGob: Gob, gob! (Translation: We go snooping again, gob?)
Gord: Snooping for what? I really need to go back to work. I’ll keep an ear on the bugs we planted though, see what the fallout is from last night.
Mgob: Gob, gob! (Translation: We have fun, gob! Want in on fighting next time, gob!)

The Gremliminator considers his options. He needs to return back to recover the bugs left at the GFWA headquarters, but that would unnecessarily expose him to some danger if the authorities are on their way there. However, he also cannot just send the Gobs there as that might be too messy. He decides to wait.

9:21, Thursday: Taimi’s apartment.

Taimi receives a phone call on her house phone. She’s still mostly out. She hears it, she just usually ignores everything in favor of sleep. It’s her true super power. She yawns and tries to make out the name of the caller without her glasses. After giving up, she answers the phone while still hiding under the covers: “Haaaaiii…”

Susana: Taimi? Wake up! It’s a disaster. Both Jennifer and the new girl called out sick today. I know your shift isn’t till noon, but could you take the morning shift, too? The damned cosplay convention rejects are all over the place, and Titania can barely keep up!
Taimi: “Hai…. be there as soon as I can…”

Alright, Taimi arrives at work. Titania is cosplaying Sailor Moon, faking trips everywhere as she tends to the whole restaurant. She looks exasperated.

Titania: Oh, thank GOD you are here, Taimi!

Taimi makes $250 for the double shift for work on Thursday.

14:36, Friday: Gremliminator’s hideout.

The Gord’s bugs catch a lot of yelling and crying. UGob alerts him about the activity.

//Bug audio live//
Male voice: Stop crying, or I’ll $#@()#& gut you! Crying is heard in the background Did you hear me?
Female voice: I don’t remember his name. But he did have these weird looking kids with him. SLAP*
Male voice: You have ten minutes to remember or I’m going to use this. More crying
Male voice 2: Boss, I think we got some listen-in-ers.
Male voice: What the #&* does that mean?
Male voice 2: Bugs?
Male voice: Flies don’t concern me.
Male voice 2: No, like, the kind that record what yer saying. That meter thingy you gave me is lighting up all pretty.
Male voice: Idiot! I told you to turn on the scrambler if that ever occurs!
Male voice 2: Oh.
//Replay ends//

Gord: Well, fuck. he rounds up the gobs. Knew we should have cleaned up the bugs. Never would have heard about this and had to do something about it otherwise…

Gord suits up and gathers his healthy henchmen. The Gremliminator leaves to rescue the woman at the GFWA apartment.

15:09, Friday: Sapphire Zephyr’s hideout.
After coming back from her shift and making another $90, Taimi receives a phone message from the Mayor again.

Pochi: Dictating message from the Mayor: Hello, Sapphire Zephyr. We last discussed the matter concerning the Government contract. Could you brief me how that went. The police have informed me of a gunfight at the mall, and I would like to understand what occurred and what you have discovered. Please call me back anytime during work hours. End message.
Taimi: Connect me to he Mayor, Pochi.
Pochi: Connecting.
Mayor: Ah, Sapphire Zephyr. I am glad to make contact with you again. I trust you gathered the item we talked about before?
Sapphire: Yes sir, I did.
Mayor: Excellent. Did you perchance open the box?
Sapphire: No sir, should I have?
Mayor: Well, it couldn’t hurt now, could it? I mean, you work for the government right? My contact said they trusted you to hold onto it. You should know about what you risked your life for.
Sapphire: What is it anyway?
Mayor: I don’t know
Sapphire: Ah, that’s comforting.
Mayor: Well, they didn’t say not to open it, right? All I know is that it is stolen government property from some project.
Sapphire: Well, one thing I’ve learned is to not open mysterious boxes stolen from a government project… at least not without caution.
Mayor: Perhaps we could meet and open it together? I’m really upset about the lives lost over this. The Government researchers have been known to create abominations and world ending devices. I need to know this isn’t a thermonuclear core, or some kind of doomsday device. So, what do you say?
Sapphire: If you’re afraid it might be some doomsday weapon, I don’t feel comfortable opening it just anywhere. We may want somewhere more secure than your office.
Mayor: Naturally, I have many resources at my disposal. Why don’t we use the laboratory of say… Sir Isaac Integer?
Sapphire: The former Transiston? That’d be… well, great!
Mayor: Excellent. How about tomorrow at noon?
Sapphire: Very well, tomorrow should work.

15:11, Friday: GFWA’s former hideout.

Grem sends Utility Gob up to the window of the apartment and takes the other two up the fire escape like last time. He thinks there is something just seems wrong about going in the front door with goblins.

UGob is in place, he speaks over a short wave radio to you: Gob, gob!
At the front door of the apartment, Melee Gob: Smash, gob?

The Gremliminator shushes them and listens at the door for a moment. He hears faint crying on the other side. He tries the door knob and finds it unlocked. Landice is on the couch, crying, but no other bad guys seem to be on the premises.

Grem: Where are they?

Landice pops her head up with a start, but seeing it to be you, she just cries and crawls over to you, putting her arms around your legs as if you were her best friend.

Landice: They… sniff They… sniff Just left…

A squeal of tires sounds their exit outside.

Grem, into the radio: Gob! The car that’s leaving, follow it!
UGob: Gob, gob! Sports car fast, gob! Flying to keep up, gob!
Grem: If it’s that fast, no way we can follow on foot.

The Gremliminator starts to step away and almost falls when he realizes he forgot about Landice, who still is hugging his legs while sobbing. Landice seems to compose herself as she stands up slowly and sits on the couch. She looks pretty beat up.

Landice: They kept asking questions about you. But I forgot your name…sorry.
MagiGob: Got bugs, gob gob!
MeleeGob: Where, gob gob! Hungry, gob!
MagiGob: Not eat bugs, gob!

Grem is grateful for the minor distraction and takes the bugs back from MGob

Landice: Will you take me with you?
Gord: Why would you want to come with me?
Landice: I don’t know. You seem nice.
Grem: I bugged your apartment without your knowledge and apparently got you beaten. That’s nice?
Landice: No, they beat me to find something the boys had. It’s not my place, anyway. I’d rather go with you.
Grem shrugs: I guess the hideout has plenty of space. Come on.

Landice has joined the party!

Grem leads the way out the front door, for once.

UGob is tracking the sports car, Landice is going back to the hideout with you. Did you want to do anything else at the apt? It’s totally ransacked. I’ll look for any more fancy tech – It seems all gone. – anything else catch my eye? – You find money, some notepads, a few guns – what the hell, I take it all – You gather it and leave.

UGob: They park, gob gob!

UGob directs you to a new location, a warehouse in the warehouse district near the docks. Grem ducks into the nearest sewer and contacts generic goblins for a quick favor.

Generic Gob: Gob, gob?

I give him the stuff from the apartment and ask him to take it and Landice back to the hideout while I go check out the guys with the car.

GGob: Gob, gob!
Grem: Alright Landice, this guy will take you to my hideout, just follow him. leans in close And if he drops any of that stuff, could you pick it up, please? They’re a little…. ditzy sometimes.
Landice: Ok.

You arrive there, finding a sewer exit a few blocks from the warehouse in question.

Grem: Let’s go up to street level and see what we shall see.

You emerge, and find UGob waiting for you.

UGob: Weird field keep Gob from getting near.
Grem: Show me where it is.

UGob shows you to a warehouse. It looks completely ordinary and you get the compulsion to keep on moving, though you know it to be completely not what you want to do. You barely override the compulsion. Melee and MagiGob however, walk right by.

UGob: See, gob?
Grem: This is… really odd. Gob, is this something magic?
MagiGob: Gob, gob? (Tranlation: I don’t sense anything. This place is utterly normal. Let’s keep going.)
UGob: No use, gob. No can see.
MagiGob: Gob, gob. (Translation: Gob stupid. Can see it wrong place.)
MeleeGob: Gob, gob? (Translation: Can smash, gob?)
Grem: We can smash it if we can find it.
MeleeGob: Gob, gob! (Translation: No, want smash Gob!)
UGob: Sports car go in warehouse. Gob no can follow.
MagiGob: No sense magic, gob. Magic sense Gob!
MeleeGob hits MagiGob.
MagiGob: Gob!
Grem: Hey. Hey. Not helping. Bad goblins! No shinies!
Grem considers: I really don’t want to go in there alone, but if you three can’t get in… Gob, fly over and see if you can land on the roof and get in some way up there. Gob, Gob, you two go back into the sewer and see if there’s anything weird under the warehouse.
Gob, Gob: Gob, gob!
UGob: Already try, gob. Can look at, no can go to. — Gob.

Grem briefly considers the possibility that UGob’s faking his goblin “accent.” Grem also considers the information. He quickly tests one of the bugs to see if it’s still working, and it seems to work fine.

Grem hands the bug to UGob: Fly over and drop this bug on the roof. If you can, try to get it by a door or in the shade or something, someplace people might gather if they’re hanging out up there.
UGob: Gob, gob!

He returns a minute later.

UGob: Drop bug in, gob.
Grem: Thanks. I think we should go back underground and help Gob and Gob look for anything down there.

The Gobs report nothing unusual. There are only pipes and drains and the normal stuff.

Grem: I think it would be really stupid of me to go in there alone. Let’s go back to the hideout.

16:12, Friday: The Gremliminator’s sewer hideout.

The Gremliminator goes to Torturess’ room, where she is commanding several Gobs. He plays back the audio for her. Neither of them hear much, except a lot of vehicle movement, yelling, but nothing that you can hone in on. However, there does seem to be a lot of activity. Grem finds it difficult to narrow down what exactly is going on, but he does hear at least one truck. There’s some kind of noise interference as well.

Torturess: What the fuck is that noise? It makes me want to stop listening and walk away, but obviously, that’s ridiculous.

In fact, you notice that all the Gobs in the room leave when you play the feed.

Gord: Well, judging by the reaction everyone’s having, that noise is how they’re keeping people away from the warehouse. I wonder how long we have to make our move, whether we can wait for you to heal. And why we have to move, for that matter. Who are these guys and why are we messing with them?
Torturess: They beat up that new girl who arrived here, asked about you, and are behind those GFWA guys. Besides that, no reason at all.
Torturess: Hey, that noise right there. What was taht, play it back?

Gord shrugs and does what she says.

Torturess: That swiveling sound as the truck drives by the bug. it sounds like… well… something that swivels.

Torturess pops a few more pain killers.

Gord: A turret?
Torturess: Yeah, that could swivel. So, I think there’s at least a dozen guys there. I hear all kinds of voices. Lots of boots. It’s a pretty big compound, from the sounds of it. Sound echoes all over. I can’t believe no one outside has seen anything going on in there. The sound effect can’t be the only cause.
Gord: I’ll try an experiment tomorrow. Now, I suppose you’ve met Landice by now?
Torturess: She poked in once before I threw a shoe at her to leave.
Gord: Not getting along with her, then?
Torturess: No, she walked in, and I threw a shoe at her. She didn’t knock. So she gets a shoe.
Gord: I didn’t think she’d really be your kind of woman.
Torturess: Maybe ten years ago.
Gord quirks an eyebrow (under the mask): You mean when you were barely a gangly teen?
Torturess pupils dilate as the pain killers take effect. “Yeah, I was into older chicks then.”
Gord: I honestly don’t know what to say to that. You get some sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow.
Torturess: Yeah, ok, but don’t ask if you don’t want to know.
Gord: I didn’t say I regretted asking, did I? Anyway, you need anything before I go?
Torturess: You, a model and a lot of whip cream.
Gord: Sorry, I’ve got a building to blow up, and besides you Landice is the closest thing to a model in this hideout.
Torturess: Alrighty. She waves dreamily.
Gord blows a kiss: Sweet dreams, my sweet sidekick.

Gord suddenly realizes that they there is even more sexual tension here than between Batman and Robin. Though, at least Batman and Robin make out occasionally. He also wonders if Torturess’ idea of fun usually involves foreplay is of an entirely different genre than he enjoys.

Gord checks on Landice, and finds her in one of the unoccupied guest rooms, nursing her bruises. He briefly considers it, but stays in costume around her.

Landice: Oh, hi, thanks so much for taking me in. I promise I won’t be a burden.
Grem: Well, unless you’re secretly a hero, dunno how much there is for you to do around here. You’re welcome to stay as long as you need, though.
Landice: A hero? No, no. I dated one once, though.
Grem touches his mask: You probably get the whole secret identity thing, then.
Landice: Of course. He did some kind of mind voodoo thing on me. Anytime people ask me questions about identity, I immediately forget. it’s really inconvenient.
Grem: Ha! I can’t do anything like that. Guess I’ll just have to keep my identity hidden, then.
Landice: The jerk never removed it… So, that means, it still is in effect. That’s why I forgot your name when they asked me about you. I forgot their name when you asked me about them, too. Like I said, really inconvenient.
Grem: So what, you just can’t reveal anyone’s identity? That’s pretty serious.
Landice: Yeah, it sucks. Especially when someone asks, so what’s your mother’s name? I still don’t remember…
Grem: Well, you know your own name, right?
Landice: Yes, thankfully, it doesn’t wipe my own name. Haha. I think?

Landice frowns and looks really serious all of a sudden.

Landice: I don’t remember my last name… Wait, who are you again? Something with a T? Right?
Grem: I’m the Gremliminator. You can call me Grem.
Landice: Yes, that’s it! I remember now. Ah you visited me before the boys disappeared. I was wondering why you looked so familiar. Anyway, like I said, I will do whatever I can to help you out. Like I helped out the boys before they left. I wonder who they were anyway.
Grem: Look, some of the goblins know a bit about magic. I’ll have one of them come in here, talk to you, see if they can figure out something.
Landice: Oh, that would be nice. Let me know if I can do your laundry, or cook, or anything though, ok?
Grem: Will do. It would be nice to have a person help out here. The goblins do their best, and their best isn’t bad, but… well, they have a different definition of housework. But for now, you rest. I’ll check on you tomorrow.
Landice smiles: Ok, Grem!


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