Heroes Anonymous

Session 34-38: Taimi Gaiden

Taimi wakes up, her heart beating rapidly on top of Pochi, a bat pressed down on what would be his wind pipe if he had one.

Pochi: Mercy, Mistress! I merely tried to wake you up!

Taimi: Oh, Pochi!

Pochi: It’s okay Mistress. I accept any punishment you feel I deserve.

Taimi removes the bat from his, erm… throat?

Taimi: Sorry Pochi, I was just, erm… surprised.

Pochi: Ah well, you have many messages from your friend, Lizbet Integer, and all of your alarms are once again bludgeoned.

Pochi: Good thing your subscription to the box of forty alarm clocks is arriving in a few days.

Taimi: Again? How do these alarms keep getting destroyed… You’re not doing it, are you Pochi?

Pochi: No, of course no mistress. I believe it was… the rats… yes…

Taimi: Oh, those rats again… Well, I’m sure you’ll beat them one of these days. Maybe I should upgrade your laser for you?

Pochi: Oh, that is alright mistress. I’ll call an BC Hero Lair exterminator and have the base cleaned on your shift at work today.

Taimi: Okay, hopefully that gets them this time. We’ve called them at least 3 times since we moved here, but it seems they keep coming back.

Taimi heads for her quick shower thingy: “You said something about messages?”

Pochi: They refund us each time, Mistress. So at least we are not responsible for the expense…

Pochi: Yes, Mistress. I’ll recite them while you get ready for your shift.

Pochi: I quote Mistress Lizbet… “Sup Tai-tai, wake up, time [number 2] go see Don the Don. [The Letter U] Remember… R-I-T-E question mark.” This girl seriously needs to learn English.

Pochi: The rest of her messages all look like that. There’s also a message from one of your government contacts. I quote, “Greetings Sapphire Zephyr. We’re in need of your services again. Please contact me ASAP for the details of your next mission, should you choose to accept it.” He left his details…

Taimi: “Go see Don the Don”? Who’s that?

Pochi: A brief search reveals he is some sort of transports specialist, though he appears to have some mob ties.

Taimi: I don’t remember Lizbet ever mentioning anything about him…

Pochi: You were in a fatigue haze while working on improvements for your powersuit when she called last night.

Taimi: What? Lizbet called last night? I don’t remember at all…

Pochi: Ah yes, well, the mice might have been chattering too loud for you to hear. I will have the exterminator get them as well.

Pochi: Regardless, you have to take Jennifer’s shift today, since her replacement will not be in for another day.

Taimi emerges from her quickshower: “How long until I’m supposed to be at work?”

Pochi: You have time, perhaps ten minutes to leave.

Taimi: Really? I’m early? Something feels wrong…

Pochi: No, I believe the security check is all clear. Ah yes, it is… except for the mice. Oh yes, the weapons check brought back several failures. The teleportation device is not correctly working with the new suit. It will take a few more days for perfect alignment fixes before we can utilize it with your necklace.

Taimi: What’s wrong with the weapons?

Pochi: Just the transportation device. I suppose I was not clear. The “Equipment” check failed. Is that more precise, Mistress? Please feel free to utilize your bat if I am not more clear in the future.

Taimi: Oh, it’s alright. It just sounded like you meant there was something wrong with the weapons. So, can’t just call on my suit whenever I want then…

Pochi: That is correct Mistress. Until that time, I suggest you confine yourself to work and home only, and do not do anything risky. The city is rather wild of late.

Taimi: Oh, has it? Maybe I’ve just been working on my suit too much…

Pochi: You were in a riot the other day, Mistress.

Taimi yawns: Oh, right

Pochi: Perhaps…uh…the giant alien cockroaches that drain memories struck again? I will call the exterminator for them as well.

Taimi: Maybe I should think of moving somewhere with fewer vermin… Maybe a nightclub like Lizbet, although I hardly know what to do in someplace like that…

Pochi: Uh, do not worry. The…uh…the uh…Exterminator, a super hero for infestations such as that will uhh take care of it.

Pochi would sweat now if he had sweat glans.
Taimi: Well, if you say so…

Taimi sends a text to Lizbet: “Cnt rite now. Haz work… Gud luk /w the meeting… How’s my texting? Am I getting ‘cooler’ with it yet?” (translation: Can’t right now. I have work… good luck with the meeting)

Lizbet texts: sleepyhead

Her phone starts ringing, with Lizbet on the other end.

Taimi answers: Sorry! Been having vermin troubles here, and they’ve been smashing up all my alarm clocks!"

Taimi puts her hand over the speaker for a moment to shout, “I’m headed out Pochi, make sure to call the exterminator for me!”

Lizbet: Damn, again?! Wow, I’m so glad I didn’t accept your offer to live with you. That place is scary. Anyway, I’ll meet you after your shift. Got lots to talk about."

Pochi: Bye-bye, Mistress.

Taimi: Alright, and sorry again! I get off at (insert time here).

Lizbet: Okies… ta-ta.

She hangs up.

With plenty of time, Taimi can leisurely walk today, a very rare experience for her.

Everything seems to go well today… she got to sleep in, but still is on time. Anytime things seem to go this well, something has to be wrong.

It’s a nice day, and Taimi feels rested…

…can’t be good… She’s halfway to work in the middle of a cluster of cosplayers waiting in line for some anime con or another…when a canister appears at her feet.

Taimi: Hwe~h?

It starts making a hissing noise as Taimi’s yet unreferenced dangerous chemical warning device on her necklace goes off.

Taimi’s body suddenly feels very stiff as she collapses. She is not unconscious though. She just cannot move or speak.

Suddenly, over a loudspeaker, a voice sings in a tone so beautiful, Taimi is shocked. “Your anger, controls you, power you, for standing in line, for the bad $10 cheeseburger. Anger at your parents, for not accepting you, for betraying you, for hating you. Tear the streets apart, tear them to shreds with your hands, your feet…hit until your hands bleed or your foes fall, for all are your foes now.”

Moments later, the entire crowd breaks into a riot.

Before she can be trampled, however, she is lifted up and carried by someone who closes her eyelids so she cannot see him/her. She feels herself placed in a vehicle, perhaps a trunk, as it is dark. The vehicle she is in then drives away. She still cannot move. She is able to breathe, but that is it. Even turning her neck is not possible. Though… she does remember… she did listen to Diva’s inoculation CD.

Well, if anything, that should tell Taimi that at least the alien, if that was indeed the alien’s voice, is weaker than Diva. Although, that doesn’t say a whole lot, considering how powerful she is.

Several hours pass. She feels the effects of the paralysis beginning to lesson. Taimi tries to look around her surroundings… She’s still in the trunk. She sees she is wrapped in a blanket, but there’s nothing really inside aside from her and the spare underneath her.
What possessions, if any, does she still have on her? Specifically, though gadgets.
and/or the locket… not that it’ll help calling her suit
Locket, phone was in her hand and dropped out. She feels her tazer still in her possession, though he discovered her mallet.

The vehicle stops, abruptly enough for Taimi to hit her head, “Ow….”

The trunk opens, revealing a hooded figure.
Taimi shields her eyes from the sudden bright light… at least, it’s brighter than the trunk was.
????: Be quiet, sweet child, speak not, want not, all will be well soon.

She feels tension as his voice attempts to work through her mind, but she feels normal after and really doesn’t want to obey.

????: Fine, resist me, but if you make a noise, I will break your neck.
She catches a glimpse of his face underneath his hood as he picks her up. It’s silver…
Considering she doesn’t have any weapons, and assumes it’s quite possible he could break her neck if he tried, she remains quite for now… but she at least gives him a dirty look.

He carries her into a motel room. They’re in the country somewhere. It’s sunset
He drops her own the bed.

????: If you escape, I will sing for everyone in this motel to tear out their own eyes.

He then exits the room.

Taimi contemplates making a run for it, but just curls up into a ball on the bed,

????: He’s gone…

She hears a voice on the bed next to her.

Taimi jumps suddenly.

There’s another girl in the bed next to her, lying as if sleeping, her eyes closed.

Taimi moves closer: “Who are you?”

She lazily turns to face Taimi… she immediately recognizes Hang Ten.

Hang Ten: Tanya. Tanya Summers.

Taimi: Sakurai Taimi, pleasure… at least, would be if we weren’t here… wherever ‘here’ is.

Tanya: I’m not sure. I feel too far from the ocean to be in Borderline City. I believe we are in the Tri-county border somewhere between BC and New Normslund.

Taimi: It certainly was a long drive in the trunk of a vehicle, so that doesn’t surprise me too much…

Tanya: I wish he had not used mind control on me, or I would find a well somewhere and crush him. That bastard is out there probably kidnapping someone else as we speak. I was hot on his tail, and he just turns around, and sings this beautiful song, and I’m face planting in the sand. All this power…and I’m a helpless babe in his arms.

Taimi: Well, he is an alien. Same race as Diva, but not quite as powerful. Still, very powerful though, obviously.

Tanya: You know of him then? You have power, too?

Taimi: Well.. sorta

Tanya: I have elemental control of water. I can create a tsunami on land without it touching the street or causing any damage. One word, and now the best I can do is feel the sea…

Tanya: What about you? The last girl that was here had some kind of plant power.

Taimi: I use tech, stuff I make myself, but anything I could have used was taken already.

Tanya: Huh… so no powers then? Guess they collect a variety… This is so…totally…lame….

Taimi: So he’s mind controlling you to stay put in bed?

Tanya: Yeah. Told me to rest my head, like a lullaby, not cry out and stay put. So I can’t lift my head, yell for help or leave at all.

Taimi: I seem to be immune to his affects, thanks to Diva. But he told me he’d make everyone here stab their own eyes out if I tried to escape or anything.

Taimi: I can only guess he’s got people through the entire building, then.

Tanya: Wow, you’re not under his spell? So you could call your friends for help?

The door opens suddenly. The man is carrying a tray with steam bowls of food.

????: Wake up my darlings, come and take your food with crying or complaint. Eat until it is gone, my darlings.

Taimi does not feel moved to obey him, other than that she is starving. Tanya complies without question. Taimi reluctantly eats, since she hasn’t had anything to eat all day… she forgot to eat anything before leaving, which was silly since she had extra time.

????: We leave soon for home, sweet children, smile and be merry.

Tanya suddenly looks quite happy.

Taimi: Where are you taking us? And why?

????: Be quiet. No questions. I have no answer that will not be explained when we arrive there. My Lord comes this very night to take you, Miss Sakurai. Your presence is requested in the castle. You will have to wait a few more days, dear Tanya. Tanya, want not for saving. You are headed home soon, and will be welcomed and happy.

Tanya: Happy…home…

????: Your father will greet you sweetly, and you will want not ever again.

The alien’s magic seems to overwhelm what’s left of her psyche for now it seems, as she happily eats her meal.

The alien sits down and reveals his face. He is quite stunningly beautiful. Picture a Greek god with silver skin and silver hair and eyes of bright gold.

Taimi: So who’s this ‘father’ you mentioned? Is he who you work for?

????: He is my savior. He saved me from the rift, my prison for all time. I serve him to repay this debt, as his actions branded him a criminal. We work together to create paradise.

Taimi: A paradise created by two criminals? Fantastic…

????: I am no criminal. A political prisoner, perhaps, but I never committed a wrong until I spent a thousand years in the rift.

Taimi: You’ve committed crimes since, that makes you a criminal in my book.

????: We are at war, child. I am a soldier. Together with my lord, we will make this a space free of control from the galactic overlords, a place safe from interference by those who would maintain the status quo.

Taimi: And sacrifice anybody it takes to get your way, I’m sure.

????: Freedom cannot be won without blood. In all likelihood, I will die for this cause, as will my compatriots, and those I have compelled. However, So long as my Lord survives and reaches paradise, all can be fixed and undone. Every death undone. Every pain unfelt.

Taimi: Uh huh, sure. He told you that bit, did he?

????: I have seen it with my own two eyes. He exists here with that power. As do I. You will see once your father recreates his work. He will now that you are here.

Tanya looks at Taimi with sharp eyes.

Taimi: What? You have my father?

????: My Lord wishes to bend his will, but I cannot turn him. My Lord believes you can.

Taimi: So, that’s why I’m here… you want to use me to blackmail him into working for you?

????: Yes, it is the only way for those made resistant from mind control.

The alien finishes the food he prepared for himself.

Taimi: What are you trying to get him to make?

????: Time for questions is over.

The alien stands. “My Lord has arrived.”

????: Come with me now, and resist not, sweet thing. I hold the lives of your people in my grasp. I will use whatever I must to control your mind.

Diva’s song plays in her head as he attempts mind control again.

????: Your mind is strong, young one. And you have the Golden Goddesses voice in there, singing that you are free. I hear it now, too. We will have to work quick. Thank you for the warning.

Taimi: …Jerk…

Outside she doesn’t see anything unusual, although it’s night time. Suddenly, metal hands grab her arms. She sees nothing however.

????: Be gentle, drones. We need this one unharmed.

She walks up an invisible metal ramp.

As she is pulled forward by the drones…

She forces herself to not be distracted by the obviously advanced stealth tech.

Suddenly she’s on a level field, and a loud door closes, causing the interior of a vehicle to suddenly appear, including all of the robots and the nefarious Dr. What?

Dr. What?: Hello, my dear. I am Dr. What? You are a guest on my ship. Escort her to her room. I want the good Dr. Sakurai to see her immediately as well.

Dr. What? says, as if she asked, “Yes, I am a doctor of many things. I am quite an amazing person. You will come to grow fond of me. Yes, now please follow these gentle drones to your room.”

Taimi: You’re also full of yourself. she follows the drones anyway, since she doesn’t really have a choice

Dr. What? Since I am awesome, that is quite true.

Dr. What? seems to follow behind, as if he has nothing better to do. "You are a pretty thing, and smart I hear. Perhaps you would like to work in my laboratory and prove your worth to me as well? Yes, I think you would like that.

Taimi sees an opportunity, “Oh, yes, I’d love to work in your lab…”

Dr. What?: Perfect, I will have lab access cards made for you. Yes, like father like daughter, I am sure. Together you will create a door to paradise. Or whatever you’re good at. Maybe robots? Or Weapons? Whatever you prefer. Yes, pretty. Perhaps if you please me, I will bring you with me, so when the end comes for this world, you will not die. Yes, I see it now. Perhaps I get ahead of myself. I just so love to look into the future and imagine how much I can change, and create paradise for the human race.

Dr. What? seems a bit lost in his own ridiculous mind.

Dr. What?: Oh, I have a doomsday device to engineer. I’ll have George take you to the lab. See that you don’t stray so I don’t have to have you tortured.

Taimi: Um… right.

He marches through a door way that slides open as he approaches, and then slides shut.

Taimi received a passcard that apparently enables her to enter his laboratory. A robot strapped to the teeth with guns rolls up to Taimi.

George (according to his nametag): Hello! Please follow me!

Taimi: Well… hard to argue with a robot covered in guns.

George: Please! Call me George!

Taimi: Okay… George.

George leads her down a labyrinth of hallways until she reaches a door labeled “Lab”

The door opens with a swipe of her keycard.

An immense laboratory is revealed… Nani sees a dozen white-coated lab workers wandering about conducting experiments. It’s really, super duty shiny in here. The place looks really sci-fi even for KFC (Keratos the Floating Citadel – Transiston’s home) standards.

Taimi: Well, thanks for showing me the way… George.

George: You’re welcome! Please make many fantastic weapons for my boss!

Taimi enters the laboratory to find they’re definitely making weapons, and the specs on the various boards are rather far fetched. It appears they are making everything from death rays, nuclear weapons and the usual weapon types to weapons that can shoot down the sun, disintegrate people from space, or kill a whole family on earth just with genetic markers inserted into the weapon.

A short man in an oversized lab coat walks up to her, reads her badge and makes a face. “More kidnapped scientists? You look like they snatched you out of Bio 101. How old are you?”

Taimi: Twenty, why?

The short man shakes his head. “Sorry you’re stuck here, kid. What kind of science are you into? I’ll assign you to a department.”

Taimi: Whatever. Programming, mechanics, electronics…

Scientist: Ah I see, why don’t I send you down to maintenance? They’re dying for someone who care repair some computer systems that have been on the fritz for a while.

Taimi: Alright. So, how long have you been here?

Scientist: A long time. Day and night are kind of inconsequential around here. It’s always bright. And there are no days off.

Taimi: Is everyone here against their will?

Scientist: No, if you see someone in a black uniform, stand clear. There are these zealot people who roam around that think of the Doctor like he’s some kind of god. They’re humorless and will kill you for no reason.

Taimi: Must be the ones that were brainwashed…

They’ve met their first non-costume supervillain

Scientist: I don’t know. They’re pretty into whoever this Dr. Who? character really is. I can’t say much more, just because he’s promised everyone will be returned or can join him in paradise when the research is finished.

Taimi: What research? Just whatever-the-hell happens to be getting researched right now?

Scientist: Just about every doomsday weapon any evil villain ever has tried to research.

Taimi: Of course, what else would a villain that’s kidnapping dozens of scientists be trying to research…

Scientist: Alright, here we are. Maintenance. Keep out of trouble, and keep your head low.

There’s a room marked “Maintenance.” Everything is quite clearly marked here.

That’s handy.

Taimi: Thanks for the orientation, uh… Don’t think I caught your name?

Scientist: Rick.

Taimi: Taimi. Thanks for the help.

Rick: No problem.

Taimi heads into the ‘maintenance’ area, where she finds a couple people playing battleship.

Man: You sank my destroyer! Damn you!

Woman: Get over it, baby.

They don’t seem to notice Taimi.

Taimi: Well, I think I at least see why there hasn’t been much progress here.

Man: You sank my carrier? Are you cheating?

Woman: Yes, I have ESP. You got me. That’s why I’m here instead of in freak storage.
Man: You have ESP?

Woman: No you idiot! I’d be in freak storage if I had ESP!

So, leaving them aside, what does the rest of the room look like?

Trollies full of computer hardware, tools, etc. There’s a blinking computer with all sorts of “Urgent!” windows. They’re sitting at a table ignoring everything.

Taimi: Erm… I’m supposed to help here, or something.

Woman: Oh, they sent you here? Excellent. Here, use this computer, and go respond to some of the high value fix me requests. Stay away from anything that sounds explosive. Yoro handles those. Otherwise, have fun. If you get lost, there are maps everywhere.
A thin man walks in dressed in armor that makes him look like a catcher who has a fear of baseballs.

Taimi: Hwe~h…

Man: Sorry, girl. I move slower through door next time. You go stand in safer place, yes?

Taimi: Sorry for standing in the way…

Man: No problems. I am Yoro. I fix the bad things. Who are you?

Taimi: Err, I’m Taimi. I was just caught and sent to work here today. At least, I think it’s still today, and not tomorrow.

Yoro: No worries. Time is messed up here. Sometimes future, sometimes past. You get used to it. No leaving here. So you here to help? You help me fix the broken things?

Taimi: Uh, apparently that’s what I’m supposed to be doing.

Yoro: Ok, get a vest in the back, and meet me here in ten.

Taimi: Uh, right.

Man: I’m Charles. That’s Kate.

Taimi goes and finds a vest that fits (she had to grab a men’s version)

Kate: That’s Rebecca actually.

Rebecca: And you’re Greg. Why the hell are you so stupid?

Taimi: Well, nice to meet you, uh… whatever your names actually are.

Greg: Marley.

Yoro: Shut up stupid, and stupid. Come with me, Taimi. We have a very important job. You fix programs, and I fix the hardwares.

Taimi: Uh, okay.

The two walk down through a long corridor, until they reach security checkpoint where a dozen robots are standing guard.

Taimi: So, uh, what are we going to go fix?

Yoro: Blonde girl’s tank is glitching again. Needs replacement parts. You power down tank, and you bring back up again when I says so.

Yoro: Ok I here for blonde girl’s tank. You let me through now.

A man in a black uniform appears. “About time, Yoro. Thought you might be trying to let her die.”

Yoro: Whole base needs Yoro. Yapyap is what they do. Move out of way for Yoro to fix what they need do.

The gate opens, and Yoro waves Taimi forward.

Taimi follows.

He walks through the door into a much more secure laboratory.
Inside is a vast, cold laboratory that looks even more hi-tech than the last, though much smaller. There are numerous storage devices everywhere, such as isolation tanks cells and all sorts of strange things.

A teenager, perhaps 13 or 14 approaches them in a labcoat.

Yoro: Hello, Miss Alia.

Alia waves with a smile. She’s cute, dark-skinned, perhaps mediterranean, with a tattoo under her left eye that look vaguely tribal. She has long, straight black hair.

Yoro: Blondey’s tank is broken again, yes?

Alia nods and holds out a piece of paper.

Yoro takes it. “I see. I fix this now. This is my new assistant, Taimi. Taimi, this Alia. She not hear, so you have to speaks to her face. She read your lips.”

Taimi: Oh, okay. Nice to meet you.

Alia signs something, and gestures towards herself, and then Taimi.

Taimi: U-uhm…

Alia points towards one of the tanks.

Yoro: Yes, we go fix it now. Please show my assistant the station she will be checking.

Alia takes Taimi’s hand and walks to a station near the tank. The tank is clouded over, so the contents are not visible.

The station is blinking the status of its contents.

Taimi uses her magical intellect to immediately understand the machine in front of her

Alert: Stasis tank needs repair.

It’s a regular computer system hooked up to monitor the status of the tank.

Taimi: Are you ready, Yoro?

Yoro: She fried the tank real bad this time. Going to have to take her out of it. Have Alia get you a rubber suit.

Taimi: Who is she?

Yoro: Do not know, but she kill you good if you no wear the suit.

Taimi returns in her uncomfortably skin-tight rubber suit.

Alia laughs. Yoro makes a face. "You wear Alia’s suit. There larger one’s on the rack.

Taimi just sighs.

Alia goes in a slips into another one, which is much less fitting.

Alia waves her hands, making it seem like it doesn’t matter.

Yoro: Oh, we better change soon, her oxygen tank is shorting.

Taimi: Okay, we all ready then?

Alia nods.

Yoro: OK you power down tank, and I take girl out. Remember, if she is conscious, might have to fight, Don’t let her touch your face.

Alia: Careful.

Alia’s voice sound strange and very meticulous, obviously someone who cannot hear.
Taimi’s hands quickly skitter across the keyboard, doint whatever technical thing is necessary to power the tank down (or just pushes the ‘power down’ icon, whichever)
The sound of water rushing out fills the room as the tubes connected to the tank drain.
The tank suddenly opens and Yoro enters it, pulling out a girl, maybe 15-16 with really long blond hair, and wearing nothing. Her skin is wrinkled badly from the water and there is an oxygen mask on her face. Yoro removes it after he sets her on a table.

Yoro: Ok, you watch girl, I fix tank.

Taimi: Ok…

Anything around she could use to cover the girl’s naked body with?

Preferably something that’d be warm, since I imagine a lab to be cold.

The girl is nonresponsive as Taimi places a sheet over her.

She’s begins coughing. Alia backed away to the end of the room.

Yoro: Damn, she fried the system. Dr. What? should just dump her somewhere. More trouble than worth.

The girl starts fidgeting.

She then coughs out a substantial amount of water.

Yoro: Oh, hold her down, even if she not move. Don’t let her escape.

Taimi: Oh, uh, okay…

Taimi: Why does the Doctor keep her?

Yoro: Do not know. Ask Alia.

Taimi: Do you know, Aila?

Alia near the console.

She is looking at the computer.

Taimi: Well, can’t really get her attention without not holding the girl down.

The girl’s eyes open.

Taimi: So why are you here Yoro? Were you kidnapped by Doctor What? too?

Just as Taimi asks her question, the girl surges against her.

Taimi: Hwe~h

Taimi grabs both of her hands and forces her back down. The girl is stunned by the sudden action, and is fairly weak. She looks dizzy as her eyes roll back in her head.

Taimi: Hwe~h… sorry…

The girl starts wimpering…

Yoro: Just about got it.

The girl attempts to slip out of Taimi’s grasp.

She however, can barely move.

Blond girl: Please…let me go. I just want to go home.

Taimi whispers to her, “I’m sorry about this. I really am. I promise, somehow, I’ll get you out of this.”

The girl looks at Taimi. “I’m Gwyn…just let me sit up for a second. I promise I won’t run away.”

Taimi: Alright, but don’t strain yourself. You seem like you’re not in very good shape.

She sits up and suddenly attempts to juke out of Taimi’s grasp.

Taimi holds on, but the girl suddenly seems stronger than before, pulling her along with

Yoro: Oh no!

Alia jumps out of the way as the thin girl half drags Taimi across the floor. She jumps at the console Alia had been sitting at.

The entire laboratory suddenly goes out.

The lights flicker and everything reboots.

A suddenly the blond girl looks healthy, vibrant and perfect.

Blond girl: You will all PAY!

Suddenly a huge gust of wind slams into Taimi and the girl knocking them both back.

Taimi is knocked aside, but the girl is knocked back into her tank.

Taimi: Hwe~h…

Suddenly, Taimi’s hair stands up straight.

A bolt of lightning knocks Taimi back, even though it goes straight away from her. The crackle of the noise is deafening.

She comes to and the girl is in the air, in the middle of a tornado.

Alia’s is standing next to it, untouched, her lab coat shredded.

Her arms are out and she is focusing on the wind… when a burst of water fills the tornado, causing it to smash into the girl. She screams as electricity is dispersed in the water from the tank, draining the girl.

Suddenly, the wind dies down and the water splashes all over. The girl slowly descends, once more unconscious.

Yoro: Sorry, Alia. She sneaky.

The laboratory near her tank is a smoking ruin.

Yoro: You okay, Taimi?

Taimi: Hwe~h… I guess I’ll live.

Taimi: So, what just happened?

Yoro: Alia saved our skins… Again.

Yoro: Blond girl is a battery. She suck up electricity and use it like clouds.

Yoro: Alia is like wind, she channel air and make storms, really strong. Trap girl and fill air with water, short blond girl out.

Taimi: I see

Yoro: Doctor keeps in her water prison until he can do whatever he do.

Yoro: Most dangerous thing down here. Lucky she unconscious for a year.

Yoro: She much more powerful than that normally.

Taimi: She’s been here a whole year?

Yoro: Yes, she first to come here. Had me make big tank for her first. She kill lots assistants until Alia come here. Alia good against lightning.

Taimi: Kidnapped, like I was?

Yoro: Do not know. I work labs.

Yoro: OK, don’t know what to do now. Tank is busted.

Yoro: If this one get loose, she take down whole ship. We need to figure something out. You good with math, Taimi?

Taimi: Erm, yeah. Pretty good with mechanical work, too

Yoro: Alia take care of blond girl. Let’s fix this.

While they’re working, “So why are you here, Yoro? Were you forced to work too?”

Yoro: Hm, they hire me for cruiser, end up in crazy mad scientist lair. Pay good, benefits good. Crazy men in black uniforms come one day, and I say nothing. Crazy robots come in later, I say nothing. Then they gather lots of people. I try not to make notice, just repair things, try not to die.

The two work together for the better part of an hour, and Taimi’s mad skillz do the job so fast, Yoro is stunned.

Yoro: You super mind? Have brain of one thousand smart mans?

Before long, the two get the tank completely operational.

Yoro places Gwyn back into the device, securing her mouthpiece and then closing it.

Taimi: Sorry Gwyn…

Yoro: You do good, Taimi. Need anything else, Alia?

Alia: Please check the security field around the prison cells.

Yoro: Oh you practice that long time. Your speech get better. Yes, we do that for you.

Alia smiles and blushes.

Yoro: Let us go check security field around prison cells.

Taimi: Okay… can I change out of this suit first?

Yoro: Yes, that is fine.

Taimi goes and manages to peel herself out of the Alia-sized suit.

And finishes changing back into her own clothes. Alia follows Taimi inside.

Alia: Sorry, Gwyn wasn’t always bad. She used to help me.

Alia: Doctor says we can go home if we help. Gwyn believe at first, but now she want Doctor dead and hurts everyone.

Her voice is clear and succinct, even if it sounds off due to her disability.

Taimi: Well, it sounds like he kidnapped you two. He said the same to me, but I doubt it.

Alia: My brother will save me, if he can find me.

Alia looks up, a bit lost.

Taimi: Well, I intend to get out of here. I just got here though, and still trying to figure out what to do.

Alia: You scientist? They steal you?

Taimi: Well, sort of a scientist. But they did take me against my will.

Alia: They take scientists, and people with powers. One for bomb making, other for experiments. He let me help and not be study if I work for him. Others not agree. They fight him and go to security rooms.

Taimi: I’m pretty sure my friends are looking for me, just like your brother is looking for you. I just need to let them know where I am, and I’m sure they could manage something.

Alia: The base drops its cloaking field when people enter and leave.

Alia: But it will not appear on radar.

Taimi: I’m thinking something more dramatic. Something that’ll keep it down for a while until they can fix it.

Alia: Gwyn?

Taimi: No, that’d be dangerous for her, and probably you. Plus, like you said, she seems to want to kill everyone right now.

Alia looks a little lost, but says, “Gwyn might help. She’s not crazy.”

Taimi thinks to herself: An explosion… no, would need to be planted at the right spot, and it would be guarded…

Taimi: Well, maybe she’ll help us then…

Taimi: But, I was thinking a computer virus, if I could get access to a terminal and some time.

Taimi: Or, if I could just hack into their system, I could cause all sorts of havoc…

Alia: Labs are on closed network. No outside access.

Taimi: I figured, which is why I’d need to get into their main system somehow.

Taimi: Well, from the sound of it, I have plenty of time to figure this out. I need more information about this place.

Taimi: I shouldn’t keep Mr. Yoro waiting. I’ll let you know if I decide to do anything, Alia.

Alia nods.

She walks back into the room.

Taimi: I’m ready for the next job, Yoro.

Yoro: Ah good, I done with security fields. They needed tune up. Let’s go back to the lab, get new job.

Taimi: Alright.

Yoro: We got a job in the metaphysics department. Suit up for radiation.

Taimi: Well, that certainly sounds… exciting

Yoro: They mostly explode animals. Radiation suits keep clothes tidy.

Taimi: Um… ew.

Yoro leads Taimi to the metaphysics department.

Yoro: OK, don’t talk to scientists. They of the “forced to work” variety and mostly beg for freedom. Just wait for me to talk.

Taimi: Uh, okay.

They enter the lab.

Another scientist approaches. “Oh You’re here Yoro. You really don’t need the radiation suit. The last accident was accounted for. It’s safe in the chamber now.”

Yoro: Uh huh, where is problem?

Scientist: The interdimensional time space navigator team used up all our energy resources, so we need to find power from another area.

Yoro: No more power. Cloaking shield taking it up. No more power until final day.

Scientist: Damnit. Dr. What? is going to kill me…again…

Yoro: Last time accidental. I tell him you need more power. He rob city power grids again.

Scientist: Okay, well, in the mean time, the genetics bay is ready for another go. We need you to sign off on our health prevention measures.

Yoro: See, this why I bring suit. You blow up another goat.

Scientist: No, we’re moving to people today on Dr. What?’s command.

Yoro: Oh, gross. Going to be people parts everywhere.

Yoro to Taimi: Ok, we go check out giant microwave. We hurry and get out of here. They going to kill someone later.

Taimi: Err, could I take a look at this power problem instead? Maybe I could figure out a way to increase power without drawing power from the cloaking device.

Yoro: Yes, Gibbs, show assistant to onsite generator. She not cleared for solo work, so stay with her.

Gibbs: Alright, but make sure you sign off on the genetics bay so we can get started. I’d hate for Dr. What? to execute another of my staff.

Gibbs: Alright, uh what’s your name?

Taimi: Taimi. Gibbs was it?

Gibbs: Yeah, project manager for the genetics department. We got shoved in with the metaphysics time travel guys due to space constraints.

Taimi: I’m a student, working on my doctorate. Kidnapped and forced to work here.

Gibbs: Over here. That’s the generator. It’s pretty powerful, but time travel experiments apparently take a lot of energy. I’m not sure why though. Bunch of poppycock science garbage. Where as my genetics project is pure cutting edge technology.

Gibbs: Ah I see, yeah. Lots of that here. They hired me last year without telling me it’d be a “for the rest of your life and we don’t need your signature” contract.

Taimi: So, same as Mr. Yoro, it would seem.

Gibbs: Yeah most of the permanent staff is like that. The newer staff are all kidnappings. Apparently, some people have been putting pressure on Dr. What? so he needs to speed up his time table or something. Guess the heroes caught wind, or something.

Taimi takes a look at the generator, using her keen eye and mechanical genius.

Gibbs: OK, go ahead and take a look at the generator. The system can be accessed through that terminal. The metaphysics guys need X amount of energy to continue as is, where as we need about a third of that to run our devices. Unfortunately, their priority leaves us with half of what we need.

Taimi finds a mechanical work around that will save 30% energy loss, and have enough power for both teams.

However, it will require a temporary shutdown of the generator.

And for her to remove the giant suit that will make it hard to do anything.

Taimi, while working, tries to make conversation: “So, uh, what was all that about blowing up people?”

Gibbs: Oh that. Yeah, our technology is using genetic code from the supers that Dr. What? has captured and inserting the powers into other people. Basically, another super soldier program. We got a major set back when our test subject was misplaced or blown up after the “New base” went up in flames. So, now we’re just trying to get normal people to not explode when we infuse them.

Gibbs: It’s not going well though. The entire project was designed around infusing a super soldier specifically engineered to withstand the radiation, and yeah…normal people aren’t good for that.

Taimi: So, if I managed to get this working at a higher capacity, how long would it be before you’d get back to work?

Gibbs: Hour maybe. Energy constraints are our biggest problem. We’ve found a workaround for the radiation thing. It’s more or less around the same dosage of chemotherapy, without the cancer fighting agents.

Taimi: Well, I think I can increase the capacity of the generator. I’m not sure if it’ll be enough for you, but it’d mean taking the generator down for a bit.

Gibbs: Yeah no problem. Have to okay it with Dr. Sakurai though. His project is in test run for a ten second ago thingy.

Gibbs: Hey Sakurai, this tech here is going to bring down the power. Needs your approval.

Dr. Sakurai: Yes? Why is that? We’re about to run a test trial.

Suddenly, Taimi’s father is there. He doesn’t recognize her crouched over the generator in a radiation suit.

Dibbs: Well, she’s worked out a way to fix the system or something. I don’t know. I’m a researcher, not a technician.

Dr. Sakurai: Well, let me brief my guys. How long will it take to bring back power, miss?

Taimi glares back at her father, “The generator will only be down about 10 minutes, sir.”

Dr. Sakurai: Alright, I’ll alert my crew to power down temporarily. Give me a few minutes.

A few minutes later, Dr. Sakurai comes back. “Ok, go ahead and shut it down. I alerted the other team as well.”

Taimi removes her suit and then has the system operational in 9 minutes. Dr. Sakurai is quiet from the moment he recognizes his daughter.

Dr. Sakurai: Hey Dibbs, can you give me a moment with the tech? I want to make sure she did it right.

Dibbs: Yeah whatever. I have work to do.

Dr. Sakurai: I see their threats weren’t idle. I thought they were lying.

Dr. Sakurai: Are you alright? How did they capture you?

Taimi: I was on my way to work. A riot broke out, I got hit with a paralytic gas, and silver music-guy grabbed me.

Taimi: Well, you shouldn’t have to worry much longer. I don’t plan on sticking around. I’m sure my friends are looking for me, and I’m doing everything I can to let them know where I am.

Dr. Sakurai: That’s good. They’re forcing us to do some rather horrible things. When Dr. Jerganstein proved to be the mole in our operation by sneaking the MechZilla chip out, I sought him out, and was shortly captured.

Taimi: Well, I don’t think Dibbs here will be blowing up anyone at least. Despite what I told him, I didn’t increase the power output enough for him to get back to work.

Taimi: But, it did let me take down the cloaking field for a few minutes.

Dr. Sakurai: The generator is only for our facility. Sadly, it wouldn’t have taken down the force field. Our energy used to be offset by the main generator when we were over the ocean.

Dr. Sakurai: Now that we’re always cloaked, we’re under a great strain to conserve energy.

Taimi sighs. Oh well, it was worth a try, at least.

Dr. Sakurai: The cloak only goes down when people enter or leave the vehicle. Or like the episode earlier, when a large EMP blast hits the ship from inside. Apparently, they’ve got someone on board that has tremendous electrical capacity.

Dr. Sakurai: Scrambled all of our systems. It’s why Yoro was called.

Taimi: Must have been Gwyn… Unless I can somehow get access to a core system, the only thing I can really do is organize a mass revolt. Everyone seems to be too afraid to do anything themselves, though.

Dr. Sakurai: Because everyone with powers is locked up, and everyone with minds are held with threats.

Dr. Sakurai: Well, do what you can. If the opportunity presents itself, I will do what I can, but most of those here are either held by their family’s lives, or held by monetary gain.

Taimi: Right. And you keep doing what you can do to prevent Mr. Gibbs over there from blowing up people.

Dr. Sakurai: It’s good to see you, daughter. I really have been rethinking things since my capture. I realized that my servitude here is not much different than the military, without the global domination plans.

Taimi: Well, maybe we can figure it out more once we’re both out of here alive.

Dr. Sakurai: Before I go, I need to tell you something about his plans. I’m not entirely sure where from, but Dr. What? brought the ITSN to us. We’re just repairing it for him.

Dr. Sakurai: The Interdimensional Time Space Navigator.

Taimi: Where the hell did he get something like that?

Dr. Sakurai: I have no idea. He’s only been with us a year, and moved up quickly because of his radical ideas. He would come up with theories and blueprints ten years into production, but on their proposals. I suspected him of stealing from extraterrestrials or possibly Karabou. I didn’t realize he was behind everything himself.

Taimi: Wait, we are talking about the same Dr. What? right? The guy who seems about as brilliant as a bobby pin? So, he had his name on theories and blueprints ten years into production even though he’d only been with you one year, and you didn’t find that odd?

Dr. Sakurai: No, you misunderstand. They were fleshed out as if they had been ten years in production. They were so tested and sound, and worked right out of the box, or with minimal changing. It was as if hey had downloaded them from someone to claim them for himself. But they were so far advanced.

Taimi: Well, he does seem like he wouldn’t be able to figure out anything himself. Despite his ego.

Dr. Sakurai: I need to get back. I trust you will be alright on your own?

Taimi: So, I figure the time-traveling idea-stealing theory makes sense.

Taimi: Yeah, I’ll figure out something. And I’ve got Mr. Yoro watching over me as well.

Dr. Sakurai: Yes. We’re not even sure he’s from this time.

Dr. Sakurai nods. “Careful with Yoro. He may not be sipping the punch, but he’s not a rock the boat type.”

Taimi: Yeah, I got that much from talking with him.

Dr. Sakurai: Good luck, daughter. Please be safe.

Taimi: Well, you know me.

Dr. Sakurai leaves.

Yoro: Looks like we are done here. Let us go back.

Taimi: Right. Lead the way, Mr. Yoro.

Yoro heads back to the MIS department.

Yoro: Alright, no more priority calls for now. I take break. You go talk to stupid girl and stupid boy, or something.

Taimi: Think I could go visit Alia again? I liked her.

Yoro: Sure, whatever.

Yoro: If you can talk your way through security… hahaha.

Yoro: Hah, what do you know. MIS request to reconfigure new systems that blond girl smash. Go, tell them I am busy. Here is my passcode.

Yoro leaves into the back room.

Taimi: Okay, that works.

Taimi heads to the holding cells area where Alia was. Crazy robot security stops her.

Robot: Whaddyawant?!"

Taimi: Um… MIS reporting to fix stuff…

Robot: Oh. Yeah I see it here. Passcode reads. OK go through fast.

Taimi: Thanks.

Taimi heads in. “Alia?”

Taimi finds her sitting on a console. As she approaches closer, Alia notices her presence and waves.

Taimi: Hi again, Alia. What did you need?

Alia: Meet someone.

Alia leads Taimi to the back. She points to the door.

It’s a cell door that require a pass code.

Alia: I do not have the code.

Taimi: Would Yoro’s passcode work?

Alia nods.

She tries that, then. It opens. Alia rushes in.

Taimi: Hwe~h

Alia points at a door.

Taimi looks through window to see Jennifer curled up on a cot.

Taimi: Jennifer!

Jennifer wakes up and waves faintly… she appears greatly weakened. She looks…cold…

Taimi: What’s going on? What’s wrong with her?

Alia points at a thermostat. It’s like a meat locker in there! Taimi reaches over and turns it up. The controls are pass-coded. Yoro’s code bypasses it. Jennifer begins to regain consciousness.

Jennifer: Taimi? What are you doing here?

Taimi: Oh, you know. Delivering takeout for the flying fortress of felony here.

Jennifer: Uhh…oh you’re joking. Somehow they found out who my parents are and kidnapped me. I’m guessing its the same for you?

Taimi: Pretty much, yeah.

Jennifer: You’re dad is some big wig scientist, right?
Taimi: You could say that, yeah.

Taimi: Well, I’m not planning on staying here, but I’m still working on how I’m getting out of here.

Jennifer: Can you turn the temperature up some more? As far as it goes?

Taimi: Uh, sure.

Jennifer: Oh that’s so much better. Thank you…

Taimi: What’s with the cold temperature, anyway? They torturing you for some reason?

Jennifer: It keeps me dormant… I’m not…human.

Taimi, considering she’s lived in BC her entire life, isn’t that surprised: “You’re not?”

Jennifer: No, my parent’s immigrated here before I was born. It’s…really hard to explain. Cold makes me weak and sleepy, hot makes me awake and strong.

Taimi: Dang… winter must suck, then.

Jennifer: My parent’s left me a summer house in the Spain.

Jennifer: I live there during the winter.

Taimi: Oh, is that where you always went to.

Jennifer: Yeah, just during December and January though. It’s more of a build up overtime fatigue that is hard.

Taimi: Well, the only plan I’ve come up with so far is to bust all the prisoners out at the same time. That just seems… pretty dangerous, though.

Jennifer: Is Uriel here?

Taimi: No, but he contacted me before I got caught, asking me if I knew where you went. He asked for my help finding you and his sister.

Taimi: And then I got caught… big help I’ve been so far.

Alia: Me!

Jennifer: Yeah, Alia is Uriel’s sister.

Taimi: Really? What a coincidence!

Alia nods.

Jennifer: Can you see if Geo is here?

Taimi: Who?

Jennifer: Erica Georgia, one of my friends. We were together when the silver guy nabbed us.

Taimi asks Alia: Do you know where she is?

Alia walks down a few cells and points.

Taimi: Erica?

Erica walks to the front of her cell.

Erica: Uh yeah, whatyawant?

Taimi: Jennifer was wondering if you were here too. I’m Taimi, Jennifer’s friend

She is…model gorgeous, probably is a model actually. She has pale skin, red hair, like Jennifer’s except much longer.

She looks tired, though, and there are bags under her eyes.

Erica: I see. So you’re here to free us then?

Taimi: Well, I’m sort of organizing a breakout. I can’t really do much myself, though.

Erica: Count me in, though I don’t think I’ll be much help up here.

They seem to be rooms, but there’s no door. The room is four walls with a window panel that does not seem to have trouble communicating sound, as if a two way conferencing intercom were there, but there is none to be seen. There’s a handprint on the wall, but the wall is otherwise solid with no holes or seams.

Taimi: Out of curiosity, what’s keeping you in the cell? Is there any doors in there?

Erica: No, and I can’t punch through walls… maybe find someone who can? I’m kind of powerless up here.

Taimi: Alright, I’ll see what I can do.

Erica: I don’t know how he got that door open, but Yoro and the original guy to put us in here have been the only ones to make this wall disappear. Everyone else just talks to us through the port hole, though few seem to care.

Taimi: Aria, do you really think Gwyn would be able, and more importantly willing, to help us?

Alia looks a bit confused. “Gwyn helps Gwyn.”

Taimi: I mean, she wont try to immediately kill us if we say we need her help to get out of here, as long as we help her get out too?

Alia: Don’t know.

Taimi thinks out loud, "So far, the only plan I can come up with to get out of here seems to revolve around asking someone for help who’s pissed off at everyone, for good reason, and just as likely to kill me as every other bot in the place if we try to escape.

Erica: Sounds better than dying in a cell with no walls.

Taimi’s necklace starts to shine.

Taimi: I don’t remember programming it to do that!

Erica: You’re glowing.

It feels warm against her chest. Taimi picks it up and looks at it. It feels warm. The metal seems to be glowing.

Taimi: I wonder if Pochi got it working or something…

Taimi tries to activate it to get her armor. It does not work. However, the framing slides off, revealing the internal parts. Inside, a small shiny something is wedged into the parts.

Taimi: What is this…

It’s small, and looks like a diamond. It is glowing. When she touches it, her skin begins to glow lightly.

Erica: Whoa, neat trick.

Alia: Whaaaa…

Taimi: I don’t know how I’m doing it, though…

Suddenly, Taimi remembers it…where she received this, though she totally forgot about it and didn’t remember putting it in her amulet. It was a gift from Dr. Integer. He told her to crush it when she needed a miracle. Good thing it randomly started glowing, or Taimi would never remember it Taimi continues to glow.

Taimi: Well, I was hoping not to use this, but I guess I have no choice at the moment.

Taimi crushes the thing to see what happens. She feels her whole body glow warm.

Alia: Ohhhhh

Erica: Ok, now you look like a light bulb.

Taimi: I guess I’m just lucky that way?

Alia touches Taimi’s arm and begins to glow too. Alia jumps back, and returns to normal.

Alia: My arm is better.

Alia shows her arm. "Gwyn burnt me here months ago. No more burn scars.

Taimi: So, I can heal with a touch now?

Alia: You look pretty, too.

Erica: I don’t see how that helps.

Taimi: Well, maybe it’ll let me talk to Gwyn without getting killed if she turns nasty.

Alia missed what Taimi said. “What, I didn’t see your lips.”

Erica: Maybe electrogirl can’t fry her!

Yelling doesn’t seem helpful, but that doesn’t seem to stop Erica.

Taimi to Erica: I’m going to talk to Gwyn again. Hopefully this protects me.

Erica: Good luck.

Taimi revisits Gwyn’s cage.

Alia sits down on the terminal that Tiami fixed. “OK, give me a minute. Gwyn is suspended in water now. Be ready to catch her.”

Taimi nods her glowy head.
7 minutes
Alia: Ok be ready to catch her.

Taimi nods her glowy head again.

The cylinder prison begins to open, revealing a very naked and cold looking girl.

Taimi goes to catch her.

As she catches her, she hears Gwyn gasp.

Gwyn begins to glow.

Taimi: Hello Gwyn, time to wake up. Then it’s time we get out of here.

Gwyn: Where am I?

Taimi: We’re in Dr. What?‘s flying fortress. And honestly, I think everyone that doesn’t want to be here has been here too long.

Gwyn: I…remember them taking me after the bomb went off in my neighborhood. The people in black. They killed my parents!

Gwyn: They said if I behaved, they would let them come back to life. But after they started bringing more and more people here, they made weird promises to them too if they behaved. I didn’t believe them anymore so I tried to escape. Then they put me in the water…

Taimi: For now, we need to get you, and as many people as we can, out of here. But we’re going to need your help to do it. Do you think you can help us?

Gwyn: I will destroy this place.

Gwyn: I will drain their power cores and refill them a hundred fold and cause this place to explode.

Alia: Ahhh…

Taimi: As much as I understand the sentiment, there are a lot of people here that were kidnapped and experimented on. Others were forced to work or have their entire families killed. I want to get them out of here.

Gwyn: I’ll let you get them out, if you don’t stop me from destroying this place.

Taimi: And what will happen to you?

Gwyn: I don’t care. I destroy this place and kill all the people in black… and the doctor. That’s all I care about.

Gwyn: Promise me, and I’ll wait.

Alia: I’m sorry Gwyn. I didn’t want to put you in there.

Gwyn ignores her.

Gwyn: Just promise me you won’t interfere with my revenge, and I’ll help you however you want.

Taimi: So you’re just going to let yourself die to get your revenge? That sounds rather pointless.

Gwyn: Maybe, maybe not. They haven’t found a way to kill me yet.

Taimi: Even from a massive explosion you’re going to cause?

Gwyn: I might be able to escape.

Gwyn: I won’t help you without your word as a hero.

Suddenly the door opens, revealing Yoro.

Taimi: You’ve got to give me your word to survive, then

Yoro: Whaaa…?

Gwyn turns to him, firing an electric bolt from her fingers, knocking him to the floor.

Yoro: Uuuuggghhhh…

Gwyn calmly squiggles out of Taimi’s arms and walks into the equipment room.

Taimi: Well, they’ll know you’re out now.

Gwyn comes back wearing coveralls. Her long hair is dry and really fluffy and long. She looks less like a wet rat, and more like a child supermodel.

Taimi: So, going to promise to try and get out alive in exchange for my promise not to stop you?

Also, while she was changing, she’ll check on Yoro.

Gwyn: I’ll do my best to survive once the job is done.

Yoro is alive but unconscious.

Yoro is a rather big man, not easy for Taimi to drag around. She’ll need help. Normally… Taimi easily drags him now however. His weight is awkward but not heavy at all. Taimi drags him over and open the cells for Jennifer and… um…

Erica: So why are you glowing anyway?

Taimi: It’s a long story. When you survive and find me later, I’ll tell you about it.

Then Taimi will drag him over and open the cells for Jennifer and… um…

Yoro is beneath Jennifer’s cell. She places his hand on the door. The door around his hand turns green. Suddenly a display appears in front of it like a hologram. Before she can read it, the ship shutters and shakes, causing his hand to slide to the right. Everyone but Taimi is thrown to her right. She feels the momentum but is unmoved.

Alia: Oww…

Jennifer: What the heck was that?

However, the wall is gone. As if there had never been one there before.

Jennifer: Cool…

Suddenly, an alarm begins to sound.

Taimi: What an odd way to open a door.

A booming voice plays over speakers somewhere in the room: “Red alert! The base is under attack! Battlestations!”

Alia: Your friends?

Taimi: I think so.

Jennifer walks over Yoro and goes to the other cells.

Jennifer: Erica!!!

Erica: Jenny! Oh it’s so good to see you’re okay.

Anybody in any of the other cells (if there are any) in this area?

Also, is Gwyn still around, or did she take off?

Taimi does a quick check. There are a bunch of others. There is a man with a moustache and goatee in one cell, his body completely pinned to the wall.

Gwyn is standing around.

While releasing the others, Taimi asks: Gwyn, this fortress is surrounded by a cloaking field that sucks up most of the power here. Do you think you could disable it with an overload, or draining the power, or something? If it is my friends out there, they probably can’t see the fortress.

Gwyn: I’m going to go syphon some power from their grid to store up enough to fight the bad guys off. That’ll probably do the trick.

Taimi: Alright, be careful though.

Gwyn nods and trots off to the other room.

Taimi announces in a loud voice to the people she let loose, “Alright everyone, we’re going to get out of here. Does anyone know if they have any other prisons here?”

Alia shakes her head.

Jennifer: No, I think just the one.

Suddenly the lights begin to flicker.

Jennifer: You better open these up before she turns off the opening mechanism!

The last cell door opens revealing the man chained to the wall. His mouth is sealed. He looks at Taimi with piercing black eyes.

Suddenly the room goes dark.

Taimi feels a wave of power course over her.

Taimi: Hwe~h…

Gwyn: Bad guys!

The lights come back on. And the man strapped to the wall is released. He removes the binding over his mouth.

Taimi: You alright?

He takes a deep breath.

????: Ikirias!

Suddenly a black blade, a rapier appears in his hands. Shadows seem to roll off of him for a second.

Taimi: Hwe~h

????: Thank you, m’lady. I am Rapier, the most famous hero of Borderline City.

His cape and black clothing appears around him.

Taimi: I’m Taimi, and we’re getting out of here.

Rapier: Well then, lady Taimi. It is time for us to introduce our enemies to their entrails.

Jennifer: Whoa, that’s gross.

She then addresses the gathered supers: “There’s a lot of scientists here, kidnapped and forced to work because Dr. What? is threatening their families. I want to rescue them as well.”


Taimi: I can only assume that means my friends.

Rapier: Let us use their kind distraction to swiftly save these innocent souls.

Erica: I know where the escape pods are. I can bring the rest of these people out.

Rapier marches forward past Taimi and Alia.

????: Hey! The demon escaped! Bring the light torches! ????: Gaaaaaaaah!

Taimi: Alright, everyone that wants to escape now, go with Erica here. Everyone that wants to help save the scientists, come with me.

Jennifer: Count me in, Taimi.

Alia: I’m with you!

Taimi asks Erica: Where are the escape pods? They might be our best bet to get out too, once we get the scientists.

Erica: Jennifer can show you.

Jennifer nods.

Taimi: Okay, be careful out there.

Taimi then she starts leading whoever is coming with her towards where she last saw her father.

As they enter the main room, she sees one of the guards stabbed dead.

Rapier: Ah, you are here. Let us go save these scientists.

I was going to make a remark about how Rapier is sure he’s a hero, since he’s stabbing everyone to death, but then I remember Taimi and her wrist-rockets blowing people to bits a while ago.

They get through the checkpoint, where all of the killbots are offline, and all of the guards are unconscious and blackened. They enter into the hallway where the checkpoint has been Gwynified.

They go through not finding any guards until they reach the security room where the scientists are.

Most of the scientists are unconscious or thrown about and hurt/dead. There are four guards here.

Guard 1: Hey! Prisoners! Kill them!

One fires a blast at Taimi, who before she can dodge, the plasma just winks out of existence.

Taimi: Hwe~h?

The others look dumbfounded, giving Rapier a chance to sneak in and fillet one.

Taimi doesn’t have weapons, but she can probably get through if their weapons just vanish when attacking her… Since apparently their weapons don’t work on her, she charges at them to scare them. One fires another shot, but it absorbs. The other backs out of her way.

He fires at Alia, but the shot seems to curve up when it gets near her. A sudden wind picks both of them up and twirls them about. They’re thrown against the wall.
Rapier: Impressive, little miss.

Jennifer: You haven’t seen the half of what she can do.

Alia: Let’s go save Dr. Sakurai.

Rapier: We have company from behind.

Taimi: Hmm?

“Aha! Prepare to face the wrath of justice, villains!” Rapier exclaims as he jumps around the corner.

Taimi hear’s Gord’s voice.

Continued in the mainline log.


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