Alia Orion

Sister of Uriel, Master of Wind


Alia is sweet and well mannered, unlike her headstrong brother, Alia is well liked in whatever group she happens to be a part of at the time.

She is intelligent beyond her years and is a natural telekinetic who can control the air currents around herself and others. She has demonstrated the ability to disable enemies by lifting them into a mini twister, and then throw them across the room. Also, she has used her power to deflect enemy attacks.


Little is known about Alia Orion and her brother Uriel’s backgrounds. However, she was rescued by Sapphire Zephyr and the Gremliminator upon their attack of Dr. What?’s invisible flying fortress. Since then, she has returned to her brother.

She went to school after Season 1 and has since graduated and is now attending college at BCU. She currently has a masters and is a few years from a doctorate.

Alia Orion

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