"Bubble boy"


No one except the Heroes that defeated him saw this being, but what’s left of him is on display at the “Aliens BC Smashed!” Museum. All anyone saw was a brilliant silver bubble firing red death rays and explosions of electricity and other horribleness.


A few months ago, a force field bubble appeared above the city and started ravaging the city. Captain Masochisto fought him, along with Sonik the Boom and some other unknown heroes, who left the scene before they could be interviewed. The story is still forthcoming, but much of the city had to be renovated after this battle, mostly because of the Captain’s over-exuberance.

The true story of course is that our lovable masked villain-turned-hero, the Gremliminator got lucky, got inside the dude’s bubble, and laid the smack down, BC style. He jacked a staff from the gray extraterrestrial, and killed the gray guy with the aggressive force field it erected around his body.

See the Prelude adventure log for more details.


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