Big Toro

Mess with the Toro, you get the horns


Not pleasant to look at, Big Toro has an unpleasant face, wears giant horns for piercing his foes, and wears ugly body armor. What else is there to say about the brute?

Status: At large


Big Toro is one of those guys that was not very inventive when he went villain. He has a grim sense of humor and a nasty temper, but he’s remarkably level-headed. He first met the Gremliminator at the Junior Villain Meet and Greet, where they had an altercation, that ended up with both on even terms with one another. Later, he appeared investigating the Gremliminator, and finally at the cafe where he appeared with a group of ninjas. He held the cafe hostage until Grem showed up and whooped his butt.

He later turned up to be represented by the lawyers who handled the Sovereign Storage case, also representing many of the villains involved with the Dr. What? mess.

After Season 1, he got off on a technicality, but is now wanted again on charges of theft and assault.

Big Toro

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