Born in The Pale, a dimension of fading colors, not to be confused with the bar on 28th and Oak which just has fading wallpaper and piss for beer, Décolleté arrived in France six years ago with little more than the skin on her back and the will to never return home. Although she initially began to live there, she was discovered by the French Direction Générale de la Sécurité Intérieure and caught. Since the French left the European Unity in early 20’s, Décolleté was not protected by the Ausländerrecht Accords. So the French attempted to deport her to the Pale.

In a rare move, Borderland City offered to take a number of undeportable aliens and outsiders to live there for the duration of their stay. Six years later, she owns a condo on the Upper East side, which she shares with her girlfriend, runs her own off the books business,

Those who know her, know that there is always an edge of madness with Décolleté. Although she understands that it isn’t always Halloween, she is decidedly against it and wears costumes instead of clothes for all but the fanciest of occasions, though to be fair, for anyone of The Pale, vibrant clothes are unusual enough to be a costume.

To her friends, she goes by Deco. To her enemies, she goes by that “#$(&$(# !)@(# #*!(%!” which is Wingding for something not nice.


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