Diva is a golden skinned, extremely beautiful woman from parts unknown. She has golden hair as well, but tends to wear silver clothing (Sterling, to be specific).

Known Powers: Singing Voice


Although she is more of a Pop Princess than a Hero, Diva is probably the second most powerful hero in Borderline city, as her voice can render even the people stronger than her completely helpless. However, most of her powers are spent to feed her vanity.

Three years ago, she appeared in Borderline city for an impromptu concert during rush hour traffic in the center of the city. She might have been killed by rioting commuters if her amazing voice had not persuaded them otherwise. Although she has one of the most pleasing song voices in the world, her extraordinary mind control powers also enabled her to turn everyone who listens to her voice into a fan of her music. As almost everyone has heard her by now, she’s ridiculously wealthy.

The only reason she is considered a hero at all is because of the cable riots of 2008, though they were partially her fault. When the digital switch turned a quarter of the city’s television sets into white noise making, power-sucking paper weights, her concert was scheduled to air the next day. With a quarter of her fans not able to see the show, they began to riot.

In a move most thought was quite brilliant, Diva’s stage lifted into the air as an air balloon was inflated to tour the city. She projected her voice without any amplification to the entire city at once. This calmed the crowd. Mayor Kimbo quickly provided digital converters for everyone for free after that, though why he did not distribute them before the outage still confuses most. After this however, everyone without complete sound proofing in their homes is now a fan of Diva.

Of course, due to the addictive nature of her music, its considered a narcotic in every major government, except Borderline city.


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