Ember Rose

People say she's hot because her clothes burn off


The woman in the red dress. Ms. Claus. She goes by different names, but ended up being Jennifer Alinovsky, everyone’s favorite redheaded waitress, in addition to being the hottie that burned her clothes off in the sewer fight with Gord and Taimi. Her red dress burned off, leaving all but her arms and waist naked in their fight.

She revealed to Taimi that she is immune to heat attacks and draws strength from them.


During their attack on the Mercenary base in the Warehouse district, the heroes encountered this villain capturing the mystery box. She again showed up, this time to prevent the heroes from escaping at the dockyards. She was being led by a man known as Indigo Frost, the apparent leader of the Sovereign Storage mercenary group.

Later after Taimi entered the Flying Fortress, she found Jennifer there. Jennifer revealed her fire powers, and the obvious connection with Uriel/Indigo made her the only one who could be Ember Rose.

After Season 1, she got out of the powers business and works full time at The Cosplay Cafe.

Ember Rose

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