She puts the tickle in tentacle... when she doesn't use her thorns.


Her dress composed of vines and leaves, her hair bound with thorny roses, the incomparable Geomistress renders her victims helpless with her poisonous pollen, or her devastating good looks.


From a cloud of incapacitating pollen, she appeared to confront Gord, having captured and used his hired Private Investigator to lure him into her trap. She apparently works for the same group as Ember Rose and Indigo Frost, who lead the mercenaries from the “Sovereign Storage” group.

Her identity was revealed to Taimi when she was imprisoned in the Flying Fortress, but has yet to be made public knowledge. She was saved by Taimi, and led the prisoners out to the escape pods.

After Season 1, she hasn’t been seen much, though there is still several warrants for her arrest on record. At this point, it is unclear whose side, if any, she is on.


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