RIP Gordon Remlign...


A small tombestone stands above an (empty) grave in the Graveyard of Heroes, reading, “Rest in Peace champion, friend, brother, son.”


Gordon Remlign’s the name, blowing up buildings and screwing up plans is the game. With his ability to influence the numerous goblins of Borderline City, Gord sounds like he would be a wonderful villain. He did indeed try that for a while, but villains need goals and plans, and Gord (“terrorizing” the City as the Gremlin) never really had either. In fact, his favorite part of the “having unusual abilities” biz is messing up plans to the point where they’re practically unrecognizable and certainly untenable. And who generally does all the messing up of plans in Borderline?

The heroes.

And thus the Gremlin was reborn as the Gremliminator, vanquisher of villains… or at least their plans. He hasn’t actually brought anyone to justice yet, but he has stopped a few crimes and odds are eventually his actions will put some poor sap in jail.

His weapons in the good fight are, sadly, about as top-notch and numerous as his motives. In addition to the masses of goblins he can sway, he has a few goblin “lieutenants” who are personally loyal to him and guaranteed to follow him into battle. He also has a stick with which he can hit people. Really hard, sometimes.

One thing he really does have going for him is that another failed villain, Torturess, has joined him as a companion/sidekick. Gord doesn’t really understand why Torturess has devoted herself to him, but if he’s learned one thing from his relationship with the gobbos, it’s to never look a gift ally in the mouth. Never.

A few oddments:
He constantly mangles his partner’s name in order to make it rhyme, most commonly referring to her as “the Saffer Zaffer.”

He has a mild infatuation with Chief Inspector Denny. It’s not really a big thing, and it’s not really creepy besides the seven years age difference, but newspapers featuring her do tend to take a few days to leave the house.

The Gremliminator’s facial hair is just that, the Gremliminator’s. Gord stays clean shaven and puts on fake (but convincing) facial hair as part of the mask.

While he still thinks of himself as a former villain, the most evil thing he ever did during his “villainous years” was go to a Junior Villains Meet’n’Greet, where he felt left out as the only person there without thoughts of world domination or stealing his way to fame and riches.

He fought many villains, taking down all of them until meeting his end at the climax of confronting Dr. What? in his flying fortress. He jumped into the portal after reclaiming his scepter from the downed villain, jumping into the crack in time, where he would never be seen again. Presumed dead, a grave was set for this unofficial hero in the Hero’s graveyard.


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