One touch will send you to heaven~


Stunted growth from being in a jar for a year, Gwyneth Jakobsen is a young girl with a bad attitude… is it because Dr. What? murdered her parents, or because he held her in water prison for a year, and she failed to get revenge against him? It certainly didn’t help, but in all likelihood, she was a spoiled brat before.

Her powers are to draw electricity from a source and use it however she wants. She has complete control over electricity once she has absorbed it, and can sense it from a far distance. The drawback to this is that she is unable to use any technology while holding a charge, she can’t make skin contact with anything living without electrocuting the being, in addition to the fact that anything conductive she touches will become electrified.


Little is known about Gwyneth at this time other than she has an aunt in Borderline City who has no interest in her, and that Dr. What? murdered her parents and kidnapped her for his experiments. She is currently a rogue in the city with no ties to any groups, and a bad attitude, which will likely lead her down the villain route without guidance.


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