He makes you feel all warm inside... like a blanket... what'd you think I'd say?


Although his face is not covered by a mask, Hospice is one of those minor heroes that no one knows, even when they’re face to face with him in his full suit. He wears a medic’s jacket that is too small for him, exposing his lovely shaved chest and his washboard abs. He is pretty for a guy, with blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. His very presence is warmth, and he can heal anyone to their fullest power with a single touch.

He is known to work in a hospital as a nurse, but otherwise no one seems to care enough to figure out who he is.


Not much is known about the hero’s hero, the guy who saves those who fall. He’s also more of the voyeur type (in battle, perv!), who will divulge information about the villains, exposing their… hey, head out of the gutter, weaknesses. It would help if his powers did more than just assist the fallen, but everyone needs a healer, right? If you need a hero to keep you alive, and to back you up on a tough mission, this one’s worth every HP you spend.


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