Indigo Frost

He's one cool cat


Indigo Frost aka Uriel Orion is a tall, imposing antihero who wears armor in his costume. He has very dark complexion, unlike his lighter skinned sister. He is a noticeable person for those qualities and also his handsome appearance.

He has the powers of cold, drawing the heat out of anything and causing it to freeze. He can freeze with a touch and through some levels of armor. He is also a talented martial artist, who combined with his powerful cold attack does serious damage to anyone nearby. He is known to combine powers with others that use water powers, enabling him to freeze more water than that in the air.


Indigo Frost is a powerful martial artist who is more or less a hired gun. He leads the group he nicknamed “The Elementals” although they have no official title.

Revealed to be Uriel Orion when he aided the Gremliminator and Naninami in saving Taimi from the Flying Fortress, in addition to his sister Alia Orion.

Indigo Frost is now a member of the Cosmotronics, having been recruited by the new Transiston.

Indigo Frost

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