Humanoid version of the red mold in your shower


Clearly red, and see through, Kirsten packs quite a punch and can stretch a really long distance if she uses all of her body mass. As a slime, she can climb walls by sticking to them, swing with stretchy arm, slither along the ground in a puddle, shrink to the size of a cat or grow to be at least eight feet tall.


Kirsten was rescued from the Sovereign Solutions mercenary group’s lab in the warehouse theft, and rendered immobile in a fridge for her own safe keeping. She appears to be a young girl, and might have been once, but now she is a nearly invincible sidekick to the Gremliminator, who sacrificed most of his powers to give her autonomy and shape without collapsing into a mindless ooze beast. He named her after a college friend of his that he had a crush on, but is just platonic with this Kirsten (minding the whole she’ll digest you with a hug thing). However, since being rescued by him, she is fiercely loyal and often sticks to him (sometimes literally) even when told not to.

During the time crisis inside the floating fortress base of Dr. What?, Kirsten followed the Gremliminator through the time portal into the past. She is likely now forty years older, but that probably is just a few days in the life of a blob girl.


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