Heiress of the Integer fortunes, and ironclad hero... a record contract can't be far off!


What Lizbet Integer lacks in tact, social graces of any kind, lack of personal space and the ability to keep her mouth shut, she makes up for with exuberance—which, might not be good when combined with the aforementioned. Like her father, she is utterly brilliant. Unlike her father, she is young, impressionable and knows nothing of the world, and goes about as if everything is an adventure.

Physically, she’s an attractive eighteen year old girl (as of Week 3), and has no problem with skintight jumpsuits unlike the prude target of her adoration, and can give any man (even ones who have never seen anime) a bloody nose. Her pure white hair is only marred by red dye she dipped it in after leaving her father’s home—which to be honest, most people think makes her look strange, which is fitting anyway.

Like her father, Lizbet Integer is nothing short of a genius. With no formal education, she has created numerous inventions, miniaturized room sized devices into the size of a coin, though her teacher being the most famous and smart man in the last five decades does not hurt. For the last five years, she has been behind all the major innovation in the field of Heroic Technologies, or tech used by heroes to be heroes (or at least make them fly).

Once she hit 18 (week 3), she immediately packed her bags (which can only be lifted by her father’s repulsion lift technology), and left her father’s flying citadel. Since then, she stays with whomever will house her (whomever also has room for a ridiculous amount of hardware that she carts around).

She has now taken the name Iron Maiden, and with her pals, Naninami and Sapphire Zephyr, she remains a vigilant protector of the weak and cute.

After the end of Season 2, Iron Maiden took her father’s mantle and his armor (with her own touches on it) and became the new Transiston, founding her own hero team, the Cosmotronics.


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