Mayor Kimbo

Kimbo Whiskey is now available at all fine supermarkets in Borderline City


Allen James (AJ) Kimbo is the mayor, and as such he dresses the part. He is tall, at least 6’4", and has mysterious black eyes. His voice radiates good will and peace to all.


Mayor Kimbo is the elected Mayor for the fifth term. It is rumored that he was a hero in his heyday, but that has never been established a fact. However, he is always mysteriously uninjured every time one of his enemies tries to kill him with a car bomb, or even tickle him to death with goose feathers.

He’s also the worst mayor that the city has ever had, not a small part due to his complete lack of shame or humility, and his inability to see any conflict of interest as a bribe or worse. When he’s not on the golf course, he’s in the boardroom, making other people do his work.

Mayor Kimbo

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