All of the Mecha with a bit of a Zilla


A hundred meters of towering monster, MechZilla, also known as “Charlie” by the Borderline Military, was covered in a metal known as Element-Zero, an unknown metal known for incredible lightness and resilience. It was known to have many attack powers, including eye laser beams, homing missile launchers on the left shoulder, a sundering mouth beam that leveled Tokyo Prime, a noxious gas attack that kills the weak bodied, and even a crushing punch. All of this, and its Element-Zero armor, and the thing manages to walk quickly, as it traveled from Tokyo Prime to Borderline City in less than a week under the ocean. However, what kept it alive to destroy one city was its powerful force field and nanobot auto repair abilities, which pretty much prevented anything from harming it.


In the beginning of Week 1, MechZilla attacked and destroyed Tokyo Prime, leveling the city with its extremely powerful mouth beam. After this, it entered the sea. Several days of speculation led to all of the major cities evacuating in fear that they would be devastated by this awful beast.

At the same time, HeroCon began that Monday, and would go the full week. Little did anyone know, someone or something trapped the entire Con in a week long secondary dimension where MechZilla was not attacking, and therefore no Hero response was necessary by any of the Tri-City heroes (Borderline, Karabou and New Normslund heroes). The dimension would end on HeroCon’s final day, with no ill effects.

On Thursday, a meeting of all the remaining heroes in Borderline City was called by Major Andrews of the BC Military. They began to discuss potential tactics, when MechZilla actually surfaced in in the docks district of the city. With almost no reaction time, the military and all of the heroes scrambled to meet it.

For the first twenty minutes of the assault, it was merely slowed by Hang Ten’s Tsunami attack. All efforts to even damage its hull were stopped by its shield and amazing regenerative ability. MechZilla seemed all of assured of victory when it unleashed its noxious gas attack which killed half the remaining heroes in Borderline City. It then began to charge its city leveling mouth beam when a shot took it in the arm…

A dark matter bullet fired by the one and only anchovy and cheese burrito… sorry, I mean the on and only Sapphire Zephyr, caused a micro singularity event on its force field generator, and rocked the beast right as it fired its mouth beam. The beam shot into the sky, harmlessly. However, the beast took immense damage and lost its force field generator.

As Sapphire Zephyr prepared her second dark matter round to finish the beast, it revealed a yet hidden power. Its arms raised and it completely stopped Hang Ten’s Tsunami wave, absorbing it completely. Sapphire fired a bullet, only to have it nullified as well. With no other choice, she called the remaining military tank batallion to attack, at the same time as Hang Ten crashed into it with another wave. Her bullet struck the monster directly in the mouth, causing a singularity which would destroy its head.

However, its head proved to not be required for operation, and it still held onto its attacks, attempting another gas attack. Sapphire Zephyr ordered the tanks to attack at will, occupying it while she flew to the other side and shot it with an EMP grenade. The blast disabled its systems, but not its nanobot healing properties. A quick tesla cannon shot, a whole bunch of tank shells, and a giant Tsunami wave however, did end that.

Now, MechZilla’s parts, including his Element-Zero armor, his weaponry, and the rest of his powerful technology is in the hands of the military.


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