Bioweapon at Large


Naninami looks like a twelve to thirteen year old girl with green eyes, short blonde hair and a tail.

Naninami was biologically engineered to be a super soldier. She is the final product of Adastra Genomics’s “Project Centaur” which spliced human, equine, and other genes to create a warrior with superior strength and reflexes. (Hopefully Adastra project managers aren’t being so blatantly literal with Projects Satyr, Naga, and Jackalope.) Naninami looks like a twelve year-old girl, but much of her physical development took place in accelerated incubation systems. The stem cell that received Adastra’s mix-and-match genes was matured from zygote to the physical equivalent of age seven in roughly five years. (You’ve heard of test-tube babies, Naninami was a test-tube kindergartener.) During the “test-tube” phase, Naninami received training in skills such as language, social interaction, and even self-defense through direct neurological stimulation from Adastra’s computer network.

For the last five years or so, Naninami has been tested and trained by an elite team of researchers. Most of her training was focused on martial arts proficiency (a variant form of karate chosen to exploit her having hooves instead of feet) and developing her telekinetic powers. (Nobody will say the species from which the TK genes were sliced and spliced.)

Somehow Naninami found an interest in cooking and spent much of her free time watching the Food Porn Channel or sneaking into the galley to test the complicated recipes she’d seen. (For the uninitiated, “food porn” is a derogatory term applied to cable TV programs and glossy magazines featuring gourmet meals prepared by professional chefs aimed at suburbanites whose cooking skill maxes at ordering takeout. Nani is way too young and innocent to be interested in other porn.) Surprisingly she has a real knack for cooking and the lab’s cooks didn’t mind her kitchen raids as long as she left samples.

Until very recently, Naninami lived in Lakana, Adastra’s massive “science city” in Karabou. Her only human contact was with the Project Centaur staff members at the lab. It might have been herd instinct seeping in from her equine genetics or just that she was the only child in a world of adults, but Naninami was very eager to please the staff. She developed a very strong emotional attachment to Professor Myrna Jipson, the team leader.

Jipson made the “mistake” of getting attached to Naninami as well. Jipson grew anxious about Adastra’s apparent lack of morality and suspicious of their intentions for Naninami. She decided that the best course of action was to get Naninami as far from Adastra’s influence as possible. With the help of her boyfriend Toshio Ishikawa and Don Ronaldo a “supplier” to Lakana, Jipson arranged to have her smuggled from Karabou to the United States in a chronostasis chamber.

Unfortunately, something unexpected happened along the way. The chronostasis chamber wound up in the possession of Ernold Jerganstein, otherwise known as Dr. What?, a shady character with a secret underground lab beneath his plush beachside mansion outisde of Borderline City. Fortunately the stasis device was deactivated by The Gremlinator, Sapphire Zephyr, and Torturess before Jerganstein could play with it.

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