A Helpful Robot


Body: 4 (40)
Mind: 6 (60)
Soul: 3 (30)

ACV: 4
DCV: 4
Damage: 5
HP: 35
Shock: 7
Energy: 45

Attributes -

  • Armour LVL.3(6)
  • Attack Combat Mastery LVL.2(10): Ranged Attacks
  • Combat Technique LVL.1(2): Deadeye
  • Computer Scanning LVL.3(12)
  • Defence Combat Mastery LVL.2(10): Ranged Attacks
  • Extra Arms LVL.2(4)
  • Features LVL.4(4): Camera, Cleaning Tools, Gyrocompass, Weatherproofing
  • Special Defenses LVL.8(16): Aging 2, Disease 2, Lack of Air 2, Poison 2
  • Unique Attribute LVL.2(2): Small and Light

Weapon -

  • “Defense Laser” LVL.2(6): Range 2

Skills -

  • Computers LVL.2(4): Databases
  • Domestic Arts LVL.2(2): Cleaning
  • Electronics LVL.3(6): Robotics
  • Mechanics LVL.2(4): Armourer

Defects -

  • Confined Movement: Taimi’s Lab(-6)
  • Unique Defect: Lifting Capacty / 100(-24)
  • Unique Defect: Attack Damage – 8(-20)
  • Unique Defect: Thrown Weapon Distance / 4(-6)
  • Unique Defect: Damage Taken + 8(-8)
  • Unique Defect: Running Speed / 4(-4)

Pochi was built by Sakurai Taimi as a final project in high school. ‘He’ has been a constant companion and good friend of hers ever since.

Standing at only 35 centimeters tall, Pochi stays within Taimi’s lab to keep the place clean and assist in general maintenance. It’s also the only place he can receive power through a technique only really understood by Taimi. Considering no one else really stops by, Pochi’s defense laser is primarily used in killing rats and other unwanted pests that find their way into the lab. It can also be used in an effort to scare off any thief stupid enough to break in.

Another of Pochi’s duties is as a support for Taimi when she goes out as the “Sapphire Zephyr”, providing information and tactical advice through a direct connection between her power suit and the computers in the lab. Of course, sometimes he’s busy…

When there’s no cleaning or maintenance to be done, and he’s not supporting the “Sapphire Zephyr”, he’s been known to use Taimi’s computers for ‘personal’ use. Several times, Taimi has walked in on Pochi looking at human females (at various levels of undress) on online websites. She’s not really sure where he picked up this particular trait, but just can’t bring herself to try programming it out of him since she sees him as a friend. Luckily, the anti-virus programs she’s placed on her computers (which she created in her spare time) have held up against every virus, trojan, and every other form of malware the sites Pochi visits can throw at it.


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