That's Rape-IER, got it?


He’s a quick-witted, hero with a wiry mustache and a huge ego. His signature weapon is of course, a silver rapier.
Status: Unknown
Known Powers: Magical Rapier, Danger Sense


The Rapier is an import hero from the neighboring Karabou. A rather serious type, he has not faired well in the not so serious city, as most of the crime does not take well to punctured lungs or his obviously ripped off from Zorro look. However, he does do good deeds, stabbing (mostly) guilty crooks who decide to rob, take over, or otherwise terrorize supermarkets.

Captured by Dr. What?, the Rapier disappeared for a time and was rescued by Taimi in her daring escape of the before mentioned villain’s lair. However, his fate ended when Torturess betrayed the team by knocking him into the time crack without any shielding. Although he did not particulize, he seemed badly burned by the trip into the past. His fate on the other side of time is quite unknown.


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