Neither a star, nor a man... wait...


Although Starman is referred to as a man, it is neither confirmed to be human, nor even a physical being. It appears as a black shape that is amorphous, but will often take the shape of a human silhouette with an eye only barely visible in its center.

Starman’s power are as nebulous as its form. It can change shape to any size, though it has never been seen larger than a car, or as small as a bullet. It is impervious to all physical weapons, as they are merely absorbed, or lost into the void of its body. It has only been confirmed to have been impeded by energy weapons, but it has no confirmed weakness that has yet to stop it.


After Sapphire Zephyr used the divine spark that Sir Isaac Integer gave her when he gave her the task of looking after his daughter, many months later, Starman arrived. It is not known why it arrived so late after being called, or why it remained when SZ retired and stop guiding it, but it did stay. Years later after remaining still and impervious to all forms of attacks in the middle of downtown, the new Transiston recruited him to her team, the Cosmotronics.


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