Sapphire Zephyr

A Genius (former) Heroine on the Border of Mad-Scientist


Sapphire Zephyr publicly retired after Season 2, and hasn’t been seen in public in several years.


Sakurai Taimi was born to Japanese parents who moved to Borderline City before she was born. Taimi has never set foot on Japan, nor is she particularly interested in such things. While her mother died when Taimi was only 12, she left a sizable amount of money behind for her education. Her father has gone missing, sent back in time during the epic battle with Dr. What?, and has not been heard from since.

While Taimi never inherited her father’s fascination with robots, she did build herself a robotic assistant she’s nicknamed Pochi. Most of the things that she invents are absurdly powerful ‘Power Suits’ and strange guns of varying functions. She doesn’t let anyone else use these weapons, or ‘toys’ as she prefers to call them, but she does get many calls from the military practically begging for her expertise. Taimi has turned them down every time.

Following the events in Dr. What?’s floating fortress, Taimi was on sick leave from the Cosplay Cafe where she works to fund her hobby of creating various gadgets. The story is that she was caught and seriously injured during one of the many riots that were occurring at the time, and has been hospitalized for treatment and rehabilitation during the entire month. In truth, this is all a cover story. She had been resting from fatigue due to the events in said fortress for the first week. However, a new personal problem emerged for Taimi.

Most likely some form of after-effect of the Mystery Pill of Miracles that Taimi used, Taimi has found herself being more radiant than normal people. Very literally. When something is triggered in Taimi (she’s still not certain what this trigger is), she finds her skin starting to glow like it did when she used the Mystery Pill of Miracles. The powers she received with the pill do not return, but this glowiness does seem to have an effect on her personality. Whenever she glows, she feels urges to do things she would never consider doing before. The feelings are especially strong towards her friends.

As a result, she kept her friends (especially Lizbet) at a distance while she tried to figure out her new problem. However, just a month after the Druid attack on the city, where she teamed up with Iron Maiden, Hyperia and Naninami and managed to defeat them in Season 2, a strange anomaly was spotted in the sky above the city.

A small group of heroes went to confront the strange new possible threat, only to find a giant mass of nebulous space, almost like a small rip in the sky through which empty space could be seen. When it slowly landed in front of Sapphire Zephyr, the glowing light extricated from her skin and entered into the void, giving it light and shape, causing it to form a humanoid shape roughly in her image.

She quickly found out that she had actually triggered a Interstellar SOS that got made a wrong turn at Albuquerque (or Andromeda, one of the two) and arrived several months late. A galactic defender arrived with no galactic tragedy to avert. It was decided that the being’s education on Earth during its stay would fall on Taimi, since she had called it here.

However, it’s presence alerted the Galactic Hedrons, who decided that the new being, now called Starman, had to be destroyed, and that Earth was simply collateral damage for their ongoing war with the unknown race that Starman represents.

Sapphire Zephyr and her friends and many of the heroes took up the call to defend the universe, but the cost was heavy. The galactic struggle lasted a year as waves and waves of Hedron Starfighters attacked the heroes in what is now called the War of the Eternal Night as the entire sky was full of enemy cruisers. The heroes united with supers from all around the globe and stopped the threat.

Sapphire Zephyr was injured in the conflict, her armor catastrophically damaged again, along with her body. The injuries nearly crippled her and sidelined her for the next few years as she recovered. Even after recovering though, her heart was no longer in the fight and she publicly announced her retirement from the hero business.

Even with her friends and at the Cosplay Cafe, Taimi retreated. Two years before the start of Season 3, she was last seen by her former best friend, Lizbet Integer when they had lunch at the Cosplay Cafe.

Captain Masochisto met his end, sustaining more damage than even he could regenerate, not before taking out the enemy mothership, but in doing so sacrificed himself so that the heroes and the Earth

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Known Cosplay Outfits

  • Officer Jenny(Pokemon) – One of Taimi’s first outfits. Rarely used anymore, due to the lack of popularity with the customers.
  • Maria(Hayate the Combat Butler) – A kind-hearted maid, although can be a bit frightening (in a calm sort of way) when angered. A favorite of the costumers, but that’s probably because most have a maid fetish.
  • Neigi Na Melmas(Tenchi Muyo GXP) – Although several thousand years old, Neigi looks young for her age (read: loli). She is very polite and well spoken, and tends to refer to everyone that looks older than her by “onii-chan” and “onee-chan”. A popular cosplay among costumers with a lolicon.
  • Apricot Sakuraba(Galaxy Angel II) – Generally a polite girl, but with an extreme phobia of men. In the original series, her fear of men was so powerful that she’d end up punching any male that would get too close to her. However, the cafe owner(Susana) has forbid Taimi from acting out her role completely, so she’s not allowed to hit anyone. Yes, even Thomas.
  • Swimsuit – Every once in a while, Susana decides to hold a ‘Swimsuit Day’ at the cafe. It’s one of Taimi’s least favorite since, because of her body shape, she tends to get forced wearing a standard Japanese high-school swimsuit.
  • Generic Yukata/Kimono – Occasionally Susana likes to just keep things simple. To carry on the cosplay theme, however, employees dress in classic Yukata or Kimono’s, depending on the season. Sometimes accompanied with nekomimi (cat ears).

Sapphire Zephyr

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