Dark hair… black and red leather… no mask obscuring the beautiful face… Torturess is the epitome of evil, S&M Queen. These attributes are only slightly modified by her glasses, which make her look almost as smart as she is, although much of that goes straight to her… wits…


Once a feared minion of the evil ruler of the night, Bureaucraton, Torturess reveled in her infamy. She could make anyone talk, until she met the famed Captain Masochisto. Her boss had captured him in a fight over his newly enforced anti-spandex law, and he was brought to her in chains. She turned to her trusty whip, inflicting all the pain she could possibly dish out, but could never quite overtake the man’s pain threshold. Just when she thought he would break, he instead grew so strong, he collapsed the entire structure on them. Torturess barely made out with her life, but was still pursued by the indomitable Captain. However, she had been broken, her whip failed, and when he caught her in his arms, she realized the folly of her ways. The whip was a pure thing, and their exchange had been too much, too glorious for her. She would never have such a momentous experience again.

For a while it seemed she was no employed by Borderline’s most feared villain, and that she turned to try and use her whip for good, but none of the heroes trusted her. It was then she found a hero, who claimed no such title, but still somehow used his powers for good. She joined forces with this mysterious, lazy mastermind to do what she always has done best, pursue the truth, but this time for the good guys. However, it appears it was merely a cover story to bring about his true fate.

She has since rejoined the Big B at her rightful place as his torture master in the halls of his infamous Night Court.


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