Winged Guy

He's got wings and he can fly really fast... that's about it.


Winged Guy is what every registered hero doesn’t want to look like. He’s a somewhat older guy with no appeal. Aside from his black wings, he’d be some random creepy Roman history buff cosplayer in a city full of people who do much weirder things. His inability to wear shirts has given him the nickname “Hairy Chest Winged Guy” but “Winged Guy” is pretty silly enough that most people don’t try to make fun of him anymore.


What’s there to know? Since 1998, he’s been sighted in the skies above Borderline City, patrolling for evil. However, his lack of ability to do much once he gets there has always been his greatest downfall. That and guns. And planes. He goes down fast. Hospice has brought this guy from the brink of death after clipping a 737 once.

Winged Guy

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