Heroes Anonymous

Session 34 (Week 6)
Riot me this...

Naninami, Lizbet and Taimi have finally left Gord’s hideout for the rest of the day. He goes into his lab to find Kirsten hidden in the refrigerator.

She peeks out from the fridge, sees Grem, and ducks back down.

Gord mutters: It’s always kids. Lousy kids…. sigh

Gord: Come on out, Kirsten. No one’s mad at you.

Kirsten: Sure?

Gord: I’m sure. Are you still hungry after everything you ate?

Kirsten: No hungry.

Kirsten pokes her head out.

Gord: There you go. Now come on the rest of the way out.

Kirsten pulls herself out and walks out, wobbles a bit, but steadies.

Kirsten: Gord… Where am I?

Gord: You’re in my lair under Borderline City. This is my workshop.

Kirsten: Who am I?

Gord: You’re Kirsten. We’ll have to work to figure out any more than that.

Kirsten: Kirsten… You… Gord… Taimi… Na…mi…Lizbet… Bad men…Nega…eats every…thing…

Gord: Don’t worry, we took you away from the bad men. We’ll keep you safe from them.

Kirsten: Nega…always…there

Gord: The collar we gave you should keep it at bay as long as you always wear it.

Kirsten shrinks down to cat size and looks up and Gord with big gooey eyes.

Gord sits in the nearest chair and holds out his arms: Do you still dissolve everything when you’re in control like this?

Kirsten: Dunno…

Gord: Well, let’s see.

Gord leans down and carefully tries petting Kirsten. Her gelatin body is flimsy, but somewhat solid if he touches her gently. His skin tingles slightly, but it doesn’t hurt. Gord gently attempts to pick her up. His hands tingle as he lifts her up. She holds firm, like picking up a water balloon. She’s fairly light in this form, as if the extra weight is not there at all.

Session 34: Side Story Mi-chan
The Manly Miss Sakurai

As Taimi is leaving from Grem’s place, she receives a call from Suzana.

“I need you down here! Jennifer didn’t show up for work today, and I can’t reach her. I need you to pick up her shift!”

Taimi: “Hai, I’ll be right there!”

A dress transformation scene later, and Taimi is ready to go. She bumps into Selene in the dressing room.

Selene: What are you doing here?

Taimi: Jennifer didn’t show up, Suzana called me to fill in.

Selene: Uh-huh. Well, you’re in luck. Thomas is here. You get his table. He’s been pestering me these last few weeks.

Taimi groans and heads out into the cafe (or finishes changing, whichever is more appropriate).

Taimi finishes changing, luckily for her, into her maid uniform… yes it’s that time again, to greet a wonderful new work night that was supposed to be finish the suit night.

Thomas: Sel—oh, it’s you.

Taimi puts on her best fake smile, “Yes, is there something I can get for you, goshujin-sama?”

Thomas: Yes, you can make Selene wait my table. I like her now. She’s not all manly, like you.

Session 34: Side Story Nami-chan
Street Racer, Go Go's Revenge

When she first stepped foot into Lizbet’s car, Naninami notices how luxurious it is, with leather seats, surround sound, wood paneling and all sorts of delightful buttons. However, this notion quickly turns to, “Ohmygodtoofast!” when goes through an underpass towards the downtown area. She zips in between cars, goes onto the median, and at one point, the car is only on the side wheels, driving along the underpass walls to pass a group of cars.

Lizbet: Whee! I love driving in the city! Papa never let me do it before. Said I was too reckless. I haven’t hit a single car yet!

Naninami mutters to herself, “Need to strap in…” She struggles to locate the seatbelt and get it buckled while Lizbet guns the vehicle between two big rigs.

Her eyes are wide as she watches vehicles zipping past with unnerving speed. Nani is certain that some of the drivers’ gestures aren’t very friendly.

Lizbet: Whee! Almost there. Hey, want me to stop by this awesome restaurant for dinner? It’s across the city, but I can make it there in no time!

But after a few moments of initial panic, she starts to calm down and observe.

Naninami: Sure. Sounds like fun.

Lizbet: Hold on tight!

Instead of you know… making a U-Turn, she somehow hits the breaks and flips the car around in a motion so quick, it has Nani’s stomach flipping around. Naninami braces herself from being flung out of the car, eventhough she’s secured by the seatbelt. She watches Lizbet’s technique and makes some mental notes: Right pedal accelerator, left pedal clutch, lever in the middle switches gear… Guess the other pedal is the break, but Lizbet doesn’t use it much. She only mostly uses it for drifting. After a great deal of zipping, zagging, zigging… and even some flipping, three police tails and a super hero vehicle chasing her, Lizbet breaks free and parks all of a sudden.

Session 33 (Week 6)
Parrot Soup

Three days have passed since the take down at the laboratory. There have been changes in the city since that last occurred. The incidents of gang violence have increased dramatically, and the press is reporting about a gang war… although this one is fairly unusual… it seems to be villains vs. villains, as the use of powers has been fairly consistent. By the time heroes arrive, most of the damage is done, and everyone has picked up and run away, or is already dead or destroyed (in the case of robots).

Landice has made it a point to “sort her out” as she tells Grem, showing Nani around town, where all the clothing stores are in the 9th Street Promenade, showing her how to use the kitchen and where to buy food. It takes a while to figure out the whole “money” thing… However, Landice made a complete recovery after Diva cured her. She actually made a copy of the cd that Diva gave to Grem and listens to the antidote song every night.

Taimi puts the finishing touches on her newly rebuilt power suit, and finally takes the AI crystal thingy over to Gord’s. Taimi arrives via secret passageway in Grem’s sewer lair. Lizbet said she would be over a bit later, so Taimi arrives at Grem’s place alone. Grem sees her enter via his security system. Grem’s in the workshop waiting.

Gord: Come on in!

Taimi dodges around a few goblins lounging about as she comes in. Gord fails to amusingly blow anything up in his workshop, since he’s too good to do that. So Naninami wanders downstairs when she hears relative comotion of Taimi’s entry.

Taimi: So, I brought the AI chip back. I’m pretty sure it’s ready.
Gord: …‘Pretty sure’?

In the center of the lab is Kirsten’s refrigerator, lying with its back against the ground like a cold coffin.

Gord: Well, let’s pop the chip into the setting, crank up the cold, and put it on her.
Taimi: Hey, this is alien technology level stuff. I’ve never got to play… errr, work with it before.

MGob approaches Gord, handing him the silver choker. It’s a bit slimy like it was chewed on, but that likely won’t matter for Kirsten. Gord takes the choker and hands it to Taimi.

Nani watches the others messing with Kirsten’s fridge. It looks different than Adastra equipment… everything is less compact, and a lot more off white. Everything was metallic or chrome in the laboratory at Adastra.

Taimi prepares the amulet, but hesitates slightly before trying to attach it around the blobby-girl’s neck, remembering it tried to eat a goblin the first time they ‘met’.
Gord: She’s cold enough she shouldn’t be too digestive right now. You could always borrow my acid gloves if you want.

Session 32 (Week 5)
In the land of milk and thermite (and character links!)

Before the four heroes is the evil The Evil Ernold Jerganstein and his robot army. There are about a dozen worker bots, a good ten killer bots and one very large, very pissed off looking evil cyborg platypus with machine guns for arms.

Gremliminator: How did we not notice the platypus?
Torturess: He only just walked into the light… or maybe he was invisible.
Gremliminator: Invisible cyborgs. Frightening thought.
Sapphire Zephyr: Invisible cyborgs with machine gun arms
Naninami: That’s bad, right.
Gremliminator: I thought those were just part of being a cyborg. Like how suits of powered armor just have rockets in them by defau OH WAIT.
The Evil Ernold Jerganstein: Greetings, I do not believe we have met. I am Dr. What? and you are the filthy mammals buggering around my new lab.
Gremliminator blinks: I haven’t been buggering in here. You’re one to talk anyway, after what we found upstairs.
Sapphire Zephyr: Just blowing up robots.
Naninami: Who are you calling filthy?
Dr. What?: Well not you, my treasure. Kindly get back in your trunk so I can cart you to my old, more secure lab.
Naninami: I don’t think so.
Dr. What?: But I do. Oh, and the rest of you can die. That would suit me best. Especially you, Sapphire Zephyr. Please die. It would be a relief.
Sapphire Zephyr: Hwe~h?! I don’t wanna die…
Evil Cyborg Platypus: Squee!
Dr. What?: Not now, Timmy. We are going back the way we came. Leave the killings to the minions.

Session 31 (Week 5)
Snow White and the 13 Killbots

Taimi disappears down the slide… Grem watches her go. Torturess looks down and comments, “Wow she’s still sliding. You can hear her armor scrape down the whole way.”

Gord shrugs: Guess I’ll go next.
Torturess: What about schmucky boy here?
Schmucky: Who me? I’m not here. I’m going to go wait for my Pooky in bed…
Gord: I dunno. We could take him with us, or knock him out, or something. We could go back for some sheets from the bed or something to tie him up, or I’ve got the stun gun right here….
Torturess: Just shoot him.

Gord shrugs again and applies the stun gun. Schmucky falls unconscious.

Torturess (into her mic): Hey Zapphy, how’s it looking?

Down the rabbit hole…

All of Taimi’s sensors go wild for a moment before stabilizing again. Her infravision kicks in when it gets completely dark and the light from above is gone. It feels like ten minutes have gone by, but her timer only puts it at 2 minutes when suddenly she emerges from the hole and lands on a conveniently placed mattress. Unfortunately, she’s too heavy and goes right through it, smashing into the ground with a muffled thud.

Her mic is all static…a voice tries to reach her, but she can’t hear anything.

The hallway suddenly lights up as the motion sensor lights turn on.

She’s in a laboratory in progress, filled with beakers and all that kind of stuff. There doesn’t seem to be any work going on here, as much of the walls and tables are still bare, but there are two robots carrying a large desk into the room. They are staring at her. There are several desks and tables covered in lab equipment, though no experiments are being conducted at the moment. They are in the far doorway. Taimi is in the opposite corner, covered in feathers.

Taimi starts looking around at stuff, waiting for the others in case they follow, while keeping an eye on the robots

Robot 1: Identify yourself.
Robot 2: Identify yourself.

Session 30 (Week 5)
Down the Rabbit Hole

The heroes arrive back at their respective bases after the interview with Diva. Torturess and Grem head back, a new high for each, one a new ally will join his team, and the other… well, she now has a permanent autograph of her all time favorite star. Taimi returns to her base with a piece of super shiny alien technology… three days later, she masters its use.

In those three days, Grem goes over the suspect lists, thinking about all of the different enemies they’ve come across while he waits on Taimi’s research of the device to allow them to encode the crystal. The name Alvin Godard of Black Rock Solutions stands out. Obviously, it seems to be another shell company. But they found the lawyer’s firm through strings such as this, and he was determined to find out who was behind the events around Kirsten’s experimentation. Grem finds out that he’s the financial man for a number of very wealthy people, and his company is in fact a banker of a sort. Alvin is a banker and financial guru to the very, very rich. Grem finds links all over, but especially to the people on the “uh oh” list… meaning, he’s linked with the big bad.

After three days, everyone gets together at the sewer lair.

Torturess shows Taimi her new tattoo. “Nice, huh?”
Lizbet peeks at it. “Nice rat poison ink writing on your leg. I bet it hurt a lot.”
Taimi: “It’s, um… nice.”
Lizbet: I had this dream about Kirsten… she turned into a giant panda bear… you know… white and black but clear like jello, and she started chasing me. I think I ran for miles, and she caught me and tried to eat me, but I just fell into her jello tummy and ate my way out. She was quite good I think.
Gord: Meh, I’ve had weirder
Taimi: Well, I don’t think that will happen…
Lizbet: I hope it does. I want to try black jello.
Gord: It’s just licorice-flavored. Black candy always is.
Lizbet: Ohhhhh I love licorice… wait… what’s licorice? I’m not allowed to have candy. It makes me talk too much and made daddy get upset with me.

Gord gives Taimi a look – not that she’s looking back at Gord.

Session 29 (Week 0)
The Origin of Naninami

For the past five years, the girl has grown up deep in the Adastra Genomics complex in Lakana. For many years, she was never allowed outside of her area, let alone see the light of day. Every moment of every day, she was observed through glass, through one way mirrors by men and women in white coats. To the girl born in the test tube, they were objects in the background, objects in a painting that meant nothing. The researchers who interacted with her only did so by approaching and leaving, her memory of their interaction vague at best as they would say the magic word, and she would fall asleep.

One day this changed. The girl noticed something different about one of the white coats. She opened the door without saying the words and walked up to the girl and made noise with her mouth. The noise formed meaning.

“Hello. My name is Professor Myrna Jipson. You are Naninami. Do you understand me?”

Session 28 (Week 5)
Deus Ex Machina

Gord receives a phone call from the Arzali consulate that evening. “The date is on the morrow to meet with Her Royal Highness, Princess Belladiva Honestia, first of her name, Lady Regent of the Milky Way Galaxy and all of its denizens, the true born daughter of Alexianna Honestia, the Queen of the Four Galaxies and the Hyperways.”

Gord marks his calendar! Torturess is in the kitchen when Gord circles it with a red pen.
Torturess: You missed the most amazing concert…ever…
Gord: You think that was nice, wait until you see what I got for you tomorrow.
Torturess: Unless it involves Diva, I hardly think it compares.
Gord: Funny you should say that….

She sticks her spoon into a half-eaten bucket of ice cream. “Mrtth?” A bit of ice cream trickles down the side of her mouth.

Gord acts nonchalant.

Gord: I’m going to go have a chat with Diva. I’m taking Landice and Robogirl with me. I guess you could come too…

Torturess manages to spit out about a half cup of ice cream directly into Gord’s face.

Torturess: Huh…
Gord: Well, that didn’t help your case.

Week 5 (Session 27)
Interview with an Alien (or two)

During Taimi’s morning work shift at the Cafe, she receives a call. She only knows this, because her phone is ringing in her locker when she went in there to go to the employee restroom. Taimi answers it, despite not having much time before she needs to get back to work.

Denny: This Sapphire?
Taimi: Yes, it is.
Denny: We have set up an interview for you with the person whom you inquired about before. Can you make it here by 1 PM?
Taimi: I’m supposed to be working, but I’ll see what I can do.
Denny: I’m afraid this is one of those “only chance” scenarios, as this guy is locked down tighter than a Puritan girl’s virginity. This will be the only chance, so please be there. Hopefully we’ll see you at the precinct at 1 PM.
Taimi: Alright, I’ll get there, somehow.
Denny: Alright, good luck. She hangs up.

Taimi starts contemplating how she’s going to get off work, and realizes how useful a body double would be.

Selene: Taking off early, squirt?

Taimi, needless to say, was not expecting Selene to be behind her.

Taimi: Hwe~h!

Selene is poking around her locker. She seems to be early. She’s not on for another hour.

Taimi: Well, good, you’re here early. You can cover for me then.
Selene: In your dreams, short stuff. I think I left my phone here. Yep, there it is.

She grabs her phone out of her locker. Seeing no other alternative, Taimi drags herself back to Selene.

Selene blinks. “What? Something on my face?”
Taimi: Look, I’ve got something I need to do today, and I won’t get another chance at it. Would you please just cover for me? I could cover for you sometime if you need it.

Selene sits down on the bench. “Hmm… there is a concert tonight. Cover for me directly after whatever it is you gotta do, and I’ll do it.”

Taimi: Alright, that shouldn’t be a problem.


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