Heroes Anonymous

Week 5 (Session 24-25)
Of Aliens and Rabbits

In the morning, Grem receives a call.

Phone: Hello, Gremliminator? This is Carol Heights.
Grem: Hello, Carol. Got any news for me?
Carol: Yes, and no. I haven’t been able to locate our alien friend, but I did locate someone who met him, so I have a general description.
Grem: Lay it on me.
Carol: Small, no taller than 4 feet, quite hairy, long feet. I found the cab company that he used and located the driver that took him. Apparently, he dropped the alien off at a government building in downtown. I checked the place out. It’s an embassy.
Grem: Embassy for who?
Carol: Extraterrestrial embassy. He went there, and that’s where the trail runs cold.
Grem: Well, yes, that makes sense. He does probably have a good amount of political weight to throw around….
Carol: I really am not sure about this. I asked around the embassy and was escorted out. I think he might be a political refugee, or some kind of official.
Grem: The information I have points to him being royalty. Part of the ruling class of a galaxy.
Carol: Ruling class? Weird, he didn’t have any luggage or servants. Don’t those nobility types usually have people to do things for them?
Grem: Maybe it has something to do with why he’s so upset he’s going on a killing spree?
Carol: Do you have any evidence that he is the one we’re looking for?
Grem: Just a lot of circumstantial evidence all pointing in his general direction.
Grem: Thanks for all the help, Carol. Let me know if you hear anything else.
Carol: Will do, but I’m getting pressured to tie this up and get a story out of it soon. Any other leads you think I might be able to follow? I ran some background checks on the other aliens, and haven’t gotten anything.
Grem: Most of the stuff I can think of would probably get you killed if you tried to pursue it.
Carol: I’m a big girl with strings all over the city. Try me.
Grem: We’re up against an alien that can use psychic music as a weapon, Carol. You sure you want to take that risk?
Carol: I’ve already been involved.
Grem: Not to a point that you know anything dangerous, though that’s probably luck as much as anything….
Carol: Please do not patronize me, Mr. Gremliminator. I’ve been actively pursuing criminals in this city for ten years, and will continue to do so until I retire at a golden age, or die bringing the truth to the light.
Grem: Well, if only I had half your drive….

Week 5 (Session 23)

Back at the Police Station, Taimi’s phone suddenly rings in the middle of her conversation with Chief Inspector Denny. It rings a second time.

Denny: Lady Gaga, really?

Taimi checks the caller ID. It’s the Gremliminator’s cell!

Taimi: This is him calling now, one sec. SZ here.
Gord: Hey, Sapphic Zephyr. I just got back from interviewing those aliens. Did you know the Farzan also have an instrument called bagpipes? Their version is hydraulic, though, really beats ours.
Taimi: No, I didn’t. But, did you find out anything useful?
Gord: Always business with you… Well, our own Diva is a member of a shapeshifting species called the Arzali that uses telepathic music as a weapon. I wonder if she declared that at customs?
Taimi: I don’t think she ever declares anything. But unless you found out anything about any other Arzali on Earth, I’m not sure that helps us all that much.

Gord: Well, if you think there’s a lot of aliens out there that use telepathic music – like the sort that’s causing these dancing deaths – then that doesn’t tell us much. But Arzali are the rulers of the Ululala Galaxy, and Carole found info that there’s another alien from that galaxy running around BC with no official information about him or what he’s doing.
Taimi: Well, that’s something to work with. But finding a shapeshifter, if that particular alien is the same type, might be difficult.
Gord: I suppose it’s a start. I suppose we could either go to Diva directly for help on this, or we could alert some actual authorities and let them do the work for us.
Taimi: Well, fortunately, I’m standing in the office of an actual authority right now. Maybe she could help us out.

Denny is going through her drawers… “Aha!” She located a full box of Strawberry Pocky.

Taimi: Well, I’ll pass on the info, and see if we can get something going. I’ll let you know what happens.
Gord: Thanks. Later.
Taimi: Later

Taimi hangs up.

Denny: Got something?

Taimi relays what she knows to Denny.

Denny: I see, I see. She’s a high profile individual. I’ve tried to get her into court before, but her lawyers are more slippery than the ones from The Firm in a room full of ice.
Taimi: Well, I’m pretty sure it isn’t her. Analysis of the recording that inflicted Landice with the problem indicated the ‘singer’ was male. Of course, I don’t know if Arzali can change their voices, either.
Denny: So, two individuals from this Ululala Galaxy… Diva and this… “Saucheroro Bororo”.

Denny pronounces it impeccably. She then pops another Pocky into her mouth.

Taimi: Yeah, it’s the second one that’s my top suspect.
Denny: Give me three days and I’ll have him or her in an interrogation room, diplomatic immunity or no.
Taimi: I dunno if Landice, she’s the one that’s been afflicted, will last that long, but I don’t think we have any other choice.
Denny: I recommend bringing her to BC General. They’ve dealt with many cases such as hers. As for the Queen of Pop, you might have to find a way to talk to Diva yourselves. If you can’t pull strings, maybe get an official interview through a periodical. She gives weekly interviews to press types, I believe.

The chief inspector sits on her desk with her legs crossed, her hand under her chin, Pocky extended from her mouth.

Jefferson: Perp in 2, ma’am.
Taimi: Well, maybe Grem can take care of the official interview with Diva, he’s good at these acting things. And it seems like he’s really wanted to meet her, recently.
Denny: Well, good luck. I have some interrogating to do. Like I said, give me 3 days and I’ll have that Saucheroro Bororo in custody, on way or another.
Taimi: Alright, let me know when you do. In the meantime, I’ll let you know if we find out any more.

Denny grabs her hat from the table as she jumps down. “Alrighty, Miss Sapphire. Keep in touch!” She goes through the door and down the hall.

Jefferson: Need anything else?
Taimi: I don’t think so, thanks for your help.

Jefferson nods, and then leaves. Taimi heads back the way she came, towards the ‘hero entrance’.

Fara: Later, dearie.

Back to the underground lair!
Gord: So how were things with the authorities?

Taimi relays what Denny told her.

Gord: Wait wait wait, the hospital has actually treated people with this problem before? And they lived? Well, that changes things.
Taimi: Of course, how we get her out of here and to the hospital without her dancing herself to death.

Previously sent to investigate the building in the financial district, MGob returns with a report.

MGob: Gob, big base-gob, much gob gob. Shiny cars, gob. Gob massage, gob.

MGob stretches, showing it is now more relaxed.

Gord: So, shiny cars and massages. Sounds like my kind of office.
MGob: Gob, BIG, gob. Much Hummies-gob.

MGob hands Grem a piece of paper.

It’s an overly elaborate sketch of the building, with expensive cars in front of it, and guards with electric prods and automatic rifles. The flip side has a picture of the roof with a helipad. Gord whistles: Wow, that’s some serious security. I’m guessing the first hint of trouble has the bigwigs scrambling to the roof with a chopper coming in from somewhere else.

Gord: I’m also guessing, based on how heavy the security is, that these guys are the only guys in the building.
MGob: Gob, gob!

MGob shakes its head.

MGob: McGob! Massage, gob! Toof-gob!
Gord: Thanks for the work.
Gord: SZ, you wouldn’t happen to need your teeth cleaned any time soon, would you?
Taimi: Hwe~h?
Gord: The office building where the bigwigs from Sovereign Storage go, it’s got a toothgob in it. I mean a dentist. Also a masseuse, but I already called dibs on visiting them to get a look around the building.
Taimi: Well, I don’t really need to visit a dentist…
Gord: For someone with a holographic disguise machine, you really aren’t much into the whole “going undercover” thing, are you?
Taimi: I’m more of the ‘building stuff’ thing
Gord: Pfft. You build stuff, then you blow up. No permanence. Now, a good undercover personality….

So, Gord locates an interview where they ask her about her homeland, where she basically speaks in super generic terms and doesn’t ever mention it. Apparently, she is really closed-lipped about her origin.

Taimi locates the lawyers’ office… and it turns out to be the same as the Financial District building… Duh Duh Dun!

Week 5 (Session 22)

Goblins are sent out to investigate the three locations that Torturess ringed out of the mercenary prisoner. There’s police sources, since Toro was arrested.

Gord: Honestly? Big Toro never struck me as all that intelligent, so I don’t know if he’ll even know anything. But since you have a license, the cops might let you see their notes on the investigation, at least.

Taimi goes to meet Gord’s crush, Chief Inspector Lilea Denny, aka Sherlock, Gord goes to the night club owned by aliens to check it out. It’s currently day time, so he might be able to contact management if he calls, tho it’ll likely be closed during this hour.

Taimi arrives at the police station parking lot, and parks her motorcycle. It’s a large building, three stories and looks about 100 years old. Taimi enters the police station. She enters a waiting room that is closed off from the rest of the building. There is an entry door, and an exit door into the main facility. There’s a front desk behind bulletproof glass where a man is sitting looking bored.

Taimi goes to the bored-looking man, shows her hero ID, and says, “I need to speak to Chief Inspector Denny if she’s available.”

Man: Hero entrance is in the back. You don’t look like a hero…
Taimi: “The bad guys don’t expect me that way.”

She goes around back where a door is clearly marked “Hero Entrance”. A card reader sits beside the door… Good thing Taimi’s card is valid.

Inside of the hero entryway, is a hole in the roof, a sewer access point, a teleporter pad, and a runed circle. Beyond all the magical entryways is a receptionist, who unlike the man in the front who didn’t seem to give a damn, is an elderly woman. Otherwise, she’s filing her nails and talking on the phone, so she doesn’t appear bored either.

“Wait a second, Patty, we got a hero coming in. I’ll call you back in a minute.”

“Right this way, dearie. I’m Fara. How can I help you?”

Taimi: I need to speak with Chief Inspector Denny, if she’s available.
Fara: Ah, she’s in Interrogation Room #1. The Chief is interrogating a suspect right now, so you can wait in her office. Just go down that hall, take a right, a left and its the next door on your right.
Taimi: Thank you, Fara.
Fara: You’re welcome, dearie. Just let Fara know if you need anything else.

As she walks down the pathway, she walks by a room marked “Interrogation Room #1” Through the glass she sees Denny interrogating Taro… who is sitting next to a man in a suit that looks like it costs six digits worth of cash. She continues down to Denny’s office. Taimi walks into a room full of detectives, where on the right as Fara said, it a very large office with the words “Chief Inspector Lilea Denny” on a nameplate.

A large male detective stands in Taimi’s way.

Detective: Who’re you?
Taimi: Sapphire Zephyr, I need to talk to Inspector Denny when she’s done with her interrogation.
Detective: Hero, huh? She did mention a hero where she picked the perp up. Can I help you at all? I’m Detective Hammer, of the Villain Crime desk.
Taimi: I wanted to know if she found out anything about the big guy. Who he was working for, why he was looking for someone at the cafe, that sort of thing.
Hammer: Oh, looks like she’s done. You can ask the woman herself.

Week 4 (Session 21)
If only alien technology had an instruction manual

Lizbet wakes up and stands up. “Whoa.”
Taimi: Well that was… different
Lizbet: So… it plugs into people? That was really weird.
Grem: That box the goo girl was in is designed to handle a lot of power, isn’t it? Maybe there’s a connection.

Grem starts pulling out the box again, since Taimi and Lizbet recover from their crystal posession. Lizbet watches closely as Grem drags the device, more an electric child’s coffin than a high-tech storage device.

Lizbet: Looks like a refrigerated box.
Gord: That’s the basics of it, yeah. But if you look here, you can see it’s built to regulate a good amount of power, applying a selected amount to the contents.
Lizbet: Ah, yeah.
Gord: So does the chip it was in actually do anything, or was it just a box for the crystal?
Taimi: I believe it just made it compatible with modern technology. I should be able to put it back together again.
Gord: If you do that, I might be able to scrounge up some old computer hardware I don’t need any more to hook it to. Some simple I/O, no networking, maybe we could talk to whatever’s in the crystal.
Lizbet: Make sure you have a huge surge protector.

Taimi rubs her fingers where she touched the crystal. A little static charge shocks between her thumb and forfinger, leaving them tender. It gives her a thought as to the true reason behind the chip housing. Perhaps rather than just to make it connect to devices, it also regulates the energy resonating from the crystal itself? She begins to put it back together like a whirling dervish of electronics.

Gord brings out some outdated, unused, totally-disconnected-from-any-networks hardware lying around to be salvaged for sensors and detonators PC that might be considered a PC in 1989. Gord special orders them with overnight shipping for some random parts for regular the energy and also repair the box, and then offers the young ladies a bed in the lair (but only one) if they want to wait at his safehouse. They accept. After a night of Taimi staring up at the ceiling uncomfortably while Lizbet hogs the covers, they get back to work as their special orders arrives.

Lizbet: Alright, looks like the part fits. Let’s put the chip in the box? Or did you want to try this with the jello girl in it?
Gord: Getting her back in might be a lot of work. Should we do a dry run without her, just to see what happens?
Taimi: Might be safest.

They begin experimenting the electrical systems of the device. When it doesn’t explode, they decide to move onto stage two.

Week 4 (Session 20)
Common Sense, so rare, it's a super power

In the aftermath of the Cosplay Cafe invasion, the police enter and begin to sort out the mess. Chief Inspector Denny arrives and begins interviewing people. Taimi keeps her head down, but eventually Chief Inspector Denny comes over to her. She questions her about the incident and advises her to tell her friends to become certified BC heroes. In addition, she asks the out-of-costume hero about her father’s whereabouts, though Taimi had not seen him for a while.

The Gremliminator heads back to his lair, and en route calls Torturess. She claims to have been taking lunch at the cafe, but was unable to help as it would have broken her cover. Grem tells her about Big Toro attacking him at the Cafe. After he voices his concerns, she reminds him about the PI he has hosted at his sewer headquarters.

He arrives back at his lair where he finds Lilly telling a story to the goblins about a time when she was caught witnessing a super villain murder someone, and she had to escape. When she catches Grem watching her, they talk about the events that lead to her capture. The only evidence she uncovered was about a building on 24th St and Maple Ave, but she was captured before she managed to investigate it. Afterward, she leaves to lay low with her friends.

Meanwhile Taimi returns home. Lizbet calls Taimi the second she’s off work. They get together and go to Grem’s hideout without their disguises for the first time. Gord too meets them at the front door of his apartment without his disguise.

Week 4 (Session 19)
Heroes Anonymous, now chalk full of cheese (aka plot)

At the Gremliminator’s lair, the night after Gord’s kidnapping.

Taimi and Lizbet check out the tech Grem originally called her to look at. Occasionally they hear screaming in the background… sometimes hysterical laughter. Grem unveils his pile of stolen tech from the villains at the mall. Taimi starts looking over the nifty gadgets and gizmos.

Lizbet: (to Taimi) Does Grem buy stuff from papa’s store?
Taimi: I dunno, why? Does this stuff look familiar?
Lizbet: This is a project field stabilizer cuff link. I worked on it last year before we scrapped the project as being too costly. It’s part of a suit that creates a highly portable and extremely powerful mono directional force field.
Taimi: What would you need that for?
Lizbet: Not dying when people shoot you.

Week 4 (Session 18)
Out of the kettle and into the ice storm

We left off with Sapphire Zephyr leaping in midair from her bike to land on the P.I., Lilly Kane’s car.

The car shudders as SZ lands on the trunk of the vehicle, causing the rear of the vehicle to suddenly fall low. She keeps control and can move quickly if she wants. The car’s weight distribution has now violently torn apart the vehicle’s suspension. She moves up onto the roof, which crumples under the suit’s weight. It starts bending violently inward as she steps onto the car cab.

Merc D: Oh well, Indigo is probably going to kill me anyway.

Considering she has no internal oxygen supply, or waterproofing, she has no choice but to hop off and hope Gord can get himself out. She jumps off right before the car goes off the tall dock.

Gord braces for impact as the vehicle goes over the dock and falls 10 meters into the water. All of the others fall forward into the windshield in slow motion. The vehicle crashes into the water hard! Gord feels stunned as he smashes forward against his seatbelt.

Week 4 (Session 17)
Jumping the Shark...

It’s a work day for Taimi. She needs to be at work 5 minutes ago…

Pochi: Sorry, Mistress. Time travel is not in my programming.

She flings herself out the door towards work. Taimi has the morning/lunch shift. She arrives expectantly late, but not wrath invoking late. Jennifer is working the morning shift with her, and greets Taimi as she enters the restaurant.

Jennifer: Good morning, Taimi. It’s pretty slow, this morning, if you need a few to wake up mentally.
Taimi: Thanks Jennifer, I’ll be out in a minute.

Taimi (to herself): I think we’ll go with Maria maid outfit today.

It’s eight minutes until noon.

The Gremliminator shows up at the cafe eight minutes before noon. When he enters, the hostess looks at him funny, her mouth a bit agape. “Uh… how many?”

Gord: “Two today. My guest should be arriving soon.”
Hostess: Alright, right this way.

The brunette hostess leads him to a window table. It’s the table that he and Torturess were at when her stitches broke open and she started bleeding out.

Hostess: Your waitress will be right with you.

She hands Gord two menus. Gord sits, takes the menus, and mutters, I always love having a table with memories…"

Taimi, in her Maria outfit, wanders up to Gord’s table, “Hi, welcome back to The Cosplay Cafe.”

Gord: Thanks, glad to be here.

He keeps looking at the menu.

Taimi: Anything I can get you? Or would you prefer to wait for your friend?
Gord: I’ll have a root beer while I’m waiting, thanks.
Taimi: Hai, goshujin-sama.

Gord puts down his menu, since we all know what he’ll be ordering anyway, and checks his watch.

The hostess just seated a teenage girl with white hair at the table next to Gord. She looks strangely familiar, in a “I-saw-you-last-five-years-ago” sort of way. Her hair is pure white, aside from the tips that have been dyed red, though it has faded to more of a dark shade of pink.

Gord suddenly remembers the crazy teenager girl who would loiter in the back of half of his engineering classes from time to time. She was weird, like some kind of fungus who just giggled and played with her phone the whole time. She might have been 13 or something then. He suddenly recalls that she kind of inserted herself into one of his study groups too… tho the group tried to ignore her when she immediately solved all of their problems within seconds of showing them to her.

After delivering Gord’s Root Beer and Water, she moves to the next table: “Welcome to The Cosplay Cafe can I geh… (she stammers a bit as she notices who it is, but recomposes herself) get you anything, goshujin-sama?”

Lizbet: TAIMI!!!

Glomp! Taimi finds herself on the floor with Lizbet on top of her again.

Lizbet: I found you!

Week 4 (Session 16)

Taimi wakes up with a sound of a door slamming. She had a rough night… Between the wiggly, glomping and snoring, cover-stealing Lizbet, and well do you need another reason?, she fell asleep only after exhaustion set in. The bed suddenly bounces and Taimi feels weight on her.

Taimi: Hweh?

Taimi opens an eye to see two wide, bright eyes staring back down.

“I got take out!”

The weight goes away and the bed stops bouncing. Taimi sits up, and I imagine her looking like an even bigger mess than she usually does in the morning. The smell of eggs and bacon fills the room. Taimi has trouble remembering the last time she had eggs and bacon for breakfast. Lizbet apparently hasn’t created an instant food device yet, as she brought in two bags of take out from a restaurant.

Taimi, through a stifled yawn: G’morning.
Lizbet: Yay, you’re up. I tried waking you a few times, but you sleep like a rock.

Lizbet is wearing her Jojo disguise. Lizbet grabs one of the bags and pulls out a takeout container. Taimi finally notices Lizbet is back in her male disguise, and kinda looks away red-faced, despite her knowing who it is. Or maybe because she knows who it is now.

Lizbet: I don’t know what you like, so I got you one of everything.

Lo and behold, the second bag is full of small containers, with hashbrowns, pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles and an omelet. Fortunately, Taimi likes all the choices in the offered box.

Lizbet finishes her meal and begins cleaning up. “So, when ya wanna go to the lab?” Taimi feels surprisingly better after she eats. Considering Taimi has the day off, this is a surprisingly nice day so far.

Session 38 (Week 6)
Ready, Set, Wave... Tidal that is.

Nani says to Lizbet, “Hey, watch this.” Then she runs down to the beach, gets Hang Ten’s attention and swims out to where she is.

Hang Ten: What’s up, little lady?

Nani: I know you weren’t actually up on the ship, so you probably wouldn’t have heard about her. But… I think they have my… my mom up there. Did you hear anyone say anything about a scientist named Myrna Jipson?

Hang Ten: Sorry, honey, no. I didn’t meet anyone by that name.

Nani: Yeah… They took us over two years ago, but I had to ask. Thanks for the swimming lesson. We’ll do it again sometime.

Hang Ten: You betcha.

Nani says, “See ya later!” and swims into shore.

Gord: Ready to go, kid?

Nani: Yeah, let’s go.

To the Gremobile! Dadadadadadadadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Grem drives Lizbet’s bus with Torturess and Nani aboard to the Cafe. They arrive at the scene, where Uriel is seated, drinking a shake. Gord parks, gets out, and approaches him

Gord: You must be Uriel.

Uriel: And you…hey, I remember you!

He points at Torturess.

Torturess: I do leave an impression.

Uriel: You’re the reason I’m in this mess. He took my friends when we failed the mission to plug the hole and recapture his experiment.

Torturess shrugs.

Gord: Let’s not play “Blame the kidnap victim.” Instead, let’s focus on getting all our friends back. And Sapphire Zephyr.

Uriel: Wait…you mean Taimi is Sapphire Zephyr?

Torturess makes a face.

Gord: Yeah. I probably shouldn’t be telling people that, though. I dunno.

Nani: Either way, we need to get her back. And your friends, Mr. Jerkface.

Uriel: Well, at least I know where you stand with Dr. What?…

He looks at Nani. “Shrimp.”

Nani: You mean your last name isn’t but… Everyone was… Oh, sorry.

Gord: Don’t make me replace all of you with goblins.

Uriel: Well, I’m going to get my car. Where are we meeting?

Gord: Also, did you say Dr. What??

Uriel: Yeah… he’s some kind of crazy super villain bent on taking over the world with super soldiers, genetic monsters, robots and anything else he can get his hands on, for all I know. I never met him personally, but I talked to a few of his agents. The villain community is giving him a free pass, especially after The Big B said he’s free to stay.

Gord: Seriously? He’s got a free pass from the big man? How’d he pull that off?

Uriel: The Big B seemed to know he was coming last year. The guy’s a freak like that. He seems to know when anyone is coming and going before they get there. We all think that’s his power, fortune telling. But anyway, he said don’t touch, stay out of his way.

Gord: And the fortress belongs to Dr. What?

Uriel: Unless some other mad genius also referred to as a prophet by his followers is running around with killbots and kidnapping supers.

Nani: That guy has followers?

Uriel: Tons. They’re crazy too. They’ll murder you for talking bad about him. No joke. I saw them stab some dude in the chest for laughing at Dr. What? before.

Gord: Great, just great. Oh well, not like it’s the first time we’ve had to sneak into one of this guy’s fortresses.

Uriel: Black robs or armor. They’re all supers, too. Most alien.

Uriel: Most are like me too. They have some kind of power… But we really need to break my friends out before he turns them or uses their genes to make some monsters.

Gord: Well, all we need is a way up to the fortress. The cannon might work, but I don’t relish shooting us at an invisible target.

Uriel: I can’t help you there. All I have is a code to a security hatch on the top of it.

Uriel: I could possibly open the main ramp, but that’s crawling with his minions. You have to walk through a dozen deathray traps to even say hi to the first one of them.

Gord: Sweetcheeks would be handy to have right now, whatever his name was.

Torturess: Sweetcheeks?

Gord: You remember him. The guy you couldn’t torture?

Torturess: Oh, Dr. What?’s bitch?

Gord: Yeah, him.

Gord: We can’t fly except for Iron Maiden. We have no teleporters.

Gord: We need some way to either get our group up to the fortress or bring it down to us.

Nani: How do they get up to the fortress?

Uriel: It lands. That’s the only time the force field goes down, for a few seconds when new people are ushered in.

Gord: How closely do they look at the people coming in?

Uriel: Requires an agent to get in, like that silver guy, or one of their three elite agents that he has roaming around stealing technology.

Gord: Silver guy isn’t much of an option anymore.

Gord: Unless Diva can make him help us, I suppose.

Uriel: Diva? As in the singer?

Gord: Yeah, that’s the one.
Uriel: I think I missed a step. What about your cannon? The one you promised to use to fire me?

Gord: It’s a big six-shooter. We used it to get into the last of Dr. What?’s bases we infiltrated. We could see that one, though.

Uriel: Well, short of a big EMP blast, I don’t have a clue.

Gord asks T: Do we know anyone who does EMPs?

Nani: So why did it show up when we were at the motel? It didn’t land.

Torturess: No, just sonic booms, meteor storms, rains of cats and dogs, though that one is really messy. Oh shit, there was, I think. Last year, some girl destroyed a block of her neighborhood’s electronics. I remember, because I was robbing…er… at a friend’s house and her TV exploded.

Gord: Did that happen to be in same area as where Lizbet has her secret lab?

Torturess: No, don’t know what happened to the kid. A bunch of the villains we’re all running to get her, but she just vanished. We thought the heroes nabbed her for their programming centers where they make any gifted children into goody two shoe robots.

Gord: Pretty hard to borrow a kid from one of those without a hero license.

Nani: I hate to say it, but… I think he might drop his shields to get me back in. We’d have to have one really good plan to get out, though.

Uriel: Aside from fighting our way out, not going to be another.

Gord: A plan based on what, though? So EMPs or we offer up our child supersoldier.

Gord: Or we use water on it. Almost as good as an EMP.

Uriel: Will water do what missiles can’t?
Gord: Hard to know without trying it. If we just blast it with a tidal wave or something….

Nani: Can you get missiles, Mr. Uriel?

Uriel: No, but it’s been hit by missiles a few times. Doesn’t seem to do anything.

Gord: What if we got in a boat and hit it with water? Ride a tidal wave up to the top?

Uriel: Sounds nuts. I like it.

Uriel: Oh, I could probably freeze the tidal wave…not sure how well, but I could probably at least make the water chunky.

Gord: That can’t hurt

Gord: We should probably check with Hang Ten and see if she’d be willing to help us strike back at these guys.

Nani: Yeah, Lizbet’s still with her. We can call and ask.

Torturess: I’m pretty sure I heard her volunteer to help in repayment.

Gord: Alright, let’s give them a call. Let’s hope Lizbet can hear her phone wherever she is.

Lizbet: Heeey…

Gord: That was quick.

Lizbet: What?

Gord: Are you still with Hang Ten? We’d like to ask her to drive a tidal wave into

Dr. What?’s flying fortress.

Lizbet: Hey, Tanya! You want to hit that flying fortress with a tidal wave? Yeah. She said yeah.

Gord: Could she carry us on top in a boat?

Lizbet: Hey Tanya! Can you get us on top of it in a boat or something?

Lizbet: She’s coming over.

Tanya: Hello? Gord?

Gord: Hey Tanya. We want to get into the flying fortress, but the easiest way is from the top. We’re exploring non-traditional ways of getting up there. Tidal wave is our current idea.

Tanya: You want to ride the tidal wave? I’ve ridden them before, but I’ve never brought guests.

Gord: I haven’t surfed for a while myself, but I figured if we could ride in a boat or something….

Gord: Or an iceberg, maybe?

Tanya: A boat I could see possibly working, but where would I find an iceberg during summer?
Gord: I’ve got a guy for that.

Meanwhile, Nani calls Don the Don.

Gord: You could do a decent iceberg, right, Uriel?

Tanya: Well, if you made an ice craft of some sort out of my wave, I could control it. Anything I conjure is under my complete control.

Uriel: Yeah, anything in like…thirty maybe fifty feet I could freeze solid.

Gord: That’s plenty.

Gord: Hey T, call the gobs and tell them we’ve got work to do.

Gord: Alright Tanya, I’ve got an ice machine and soldiers. Should we meet you at the beach?

Tanya: No, just pick up your friend. I’ll meet you at the site.

Gord: Got it. Meet you back at the motel then.

Dadadadadadadadadaaaaaa…. Gord followed by Uriel in his sports car arrive at the beach.

Lizbet looks a bit pinkish. “Hey Grem! Tanya took off in a big wave.” Lizbet hops in. The group begins driving to the Motel.

Lizbet: Who’s following us? Is that Jennifer’s creepy boyfriend?

Gord: Yes. He’s also the guy who tried to kidnap me a couple weeks ago.

Nani: He’s trying to help us. I think.

Gord: He could be vital to our efforts to save the kidnapped heroes, scientists, pretty girls, and Taimi.

Lizbet: Kay.

Nani: OK. Just to make sure it’s still here.

She picks up a rock, tosses it into the air and waits for a “clang”. Clang. The sound of it is faint. It seems to be higher.

Gord’s cell rings: Unknown number.

Gord answers.

Tanya: Hey, I’m going to need everyone who is planning to attack the base to go about a mile to the south of the ship.

Gord: Will do. By the way, the ship seems to be a little higher than before. Just FYI.

Tanya: Gotcha.

They all head a mile south and find a small lake that was previously a dried out hole.

Uriel: Okay…

Torturess: Maybe she wants us to…get wet?

Lizbet: Pass.

Gord’s phone rings: Tanya.

Gord: My guess? Uriel is supposed to freeze this.

Gord: What’s up, Tanya?

Uriel: No problem.

Tanya: Be ready inside your ice craft in that water. I made the lake with a wave earlier.

Gord: I was just telling them that had to be it.

Gord: We’re already working on it.

Uriel places his hands inside the water and it immediately begins to freeze over. After a moment, the frozen water caves and it starts creating what looks like something they could ride.

Uriel: All onboard.

Gord steps in, then offers a hand to the ladies. Nani jumps in. Everyone is onboard when they suddenly notice an enormous wave in the distance. Uriel forms a roof over their heads. It’s really cold in here.

Kirsten: Brrrrr… don’t like this…

Uriel: Well, cross your fingers this place doesn’t shatter on impact.

Suddenly the roar of the tidal wave is unmistakable. The next thing everyone knows, they are all pulled to the frosty floor as the ‘boat’ is lifted up into the wave.

Lizbet: Weeeee!

Nani: Woooooohoo!

Gord holds on tight.

Gord: Maybe it’s better we didn’t bring the goblins for this.

Uriel: I think I might prefer the cannon…

From outside, Tanya: HOLD ON!

Nani: To what?

Before any response is played, they suddenly crash into what they can only assume is the deadly invisible flying fortress. The front of the ice ship caves in as they skid to a halt.

Nani: Let’s find the hatch before Dr. What? sends too many killbots to it.

Gord: Good plan.

They are currently standing in midair.

Uriel: Yeah… I dunno if I’m going to be able to open it without seeing the keypad.

Gord: Could you… I dunno, make some frost so we can at least see the outline of the ship?

Uriel: Consider it done.

He places his hands against the ship, causing it to freeze over.

It quickly melts as whatever force field is not penetrated.

Uriel: Damn.

Gord: Well, we know we’re not too close to the edge, at least.

Nani: I’m not wandering around until I have a better idea of where we are than “not close to the edge.”

Gord: Anyone have any powders or something?

Torturess: Left my blow in the other skintight suit, sorry boss.

Lizbet: What’s that?

Torturess: If you have to ask, you don’t need to know.

Kirsten makes blowing noises. “I have.”

Gord: Well, I do still have my alien extend-o-stick. I can always pop it out and use it like a cane.

Tanya: I’m going to go get another wave ready, in case we need it.

She walks to the edge and jumps off.

A small wave in the air catches her. She soars across the sky towards the ocean.

Gord: I didn’t even notice she was here until she started talking.

Gord: I’m trying to think of anything we could do that wouldn’t involve frying us where we stand or at least one of us being too tired to fight later.

Lizbet: I…am… IRON MAIDEN!

Transform sequence here.

Kirsten: Ooo shiny.

Gord: But with our luck we’ll find the hatch when killbots start pouring out of it while we stand here.

Uriel: You had to talk.

Nani: What, they’re here already?

Suddenly, a bunch of killbots start pouring out of a hatch that opens.


Gord: You saying that was as predictable as these killbots.

Nani: Hello, Killbots. Thanks for getting the door for us.

Suddenly, the field around the ship is gone… and it is visible, and all of the killbots go stiff and fall down.

Iron Maiden: Whoa! Super EMP blast detected. Without my shielding, I’d be joining them as bricks on the ground.

Nani runs to the door.

Gord: See? I said we’d find the hatch that way, not that we’d actually have to fight the killbots.

The hatch had previously closed behind them… But Nani runs to it. Uriel walks up to it. He places his hand against the it and twists it to the right. The hatch opens.

Uriel: Alright, let’s rock and roll.

Gord: After you.

Nani heads in.

They enter a corridor where all of the emergency lights are flashing.

Nani: Mr. Uriel, any idea where we should go?

Uriel: We’re in the upper decks, where they house most of their guns.

Uriel: There’s a good six floors to get through. The elevators are too dangerous.

Nani: Down, gotcha.

Gord: Did he at least have the decency to have multi-story stairwells?

Uriel: No.

Gord: I didn’t think so, but I had to ask.


Gord: What about guns? When you said the guns were up here, are we talking cannons only, or something more man-portable?

Uriel: Cannons. The armory is nearer to the center of the ship.

Gord: I was afraid this guy might actually be competent.
Nani: We’ll find stairs if we go straight?

Uriel: Yep. We’re also going to find a dozen of his guards.

Speaking of his guards, two approach with spears.

Kirsten: Stay away!

She rushes forward startling the men in black armor with spears. Her arms stretch out, wrapping around their weapons. She then picks them up and bashes them against the ground.

Uriel: Well, that was interesting. Let’s go shall we?

Nani: Yeah. Just tell us where to go.

Uriel marches down the corridor passed the two minions who are trapped.

Lizbet walks up to them and punches them both in the face.

Lizbet: Poooow!

The crew makes it to the first set of stairs. They are now on the fifth level. Suddenly, a barrage of laser beams come flying in from the next room.

Uriel: Ooookay. They’re ready for us.

Everyone is around the corridor. They’re basically camping the door in case anyone shows their head.

Gord: Looks like a prime grenadin’ time. What should I go with, concussive or psychic?

We’re going to roll initiative as soon as anyone tries anything.

Uriel: They have concussion resistant armor.

Gord: Psychic it is.

Gord tosses a grenade in, followed by a dozen shouts.

Iron Maiden peeks her head around the corner.

Iron Maiden: Haha! Nice one, Grem!

Gord: And now we have laser guns.

The crew enters the “defensive” room.

Nani: Now where do we go, still down?

Gord takes a gun… or two. One plasma rifle, two plasma pistols and a dozen laser pistols are available for anyone who wants one temporarily.

Nani will grab a rifle like object. Nani upgrades to a plasma rifle! Gord takes a plasma and laser pistol. Uriel takes a plasma pistol. Kirsten takes one, but it’s floating inside of her now.

Torturess: I’m good.

The team approaches the staircase to the fourth deck.

Suddenly, a half dozen men in black armor approach from their rear. There are 6 black armored guards behind them, and a staircase ahead. There is little cover here. The heroes are in a long corridor just before the stairs.

Nani turns around, levels her plasma rifle and fires a blast of incandescent gas at the men in black armor. Nani’s shot goes high and hits the lights above them.

The men in black use the nearby side rooms as cover as Gord fires a barrage at them.

Iron Maiden: I’ll hold them off! Go save Taimi!

Iron Maiden’s arm turns into a cannon.

Iron Maiden: Go!

Gord: Alright alright, we’re going.

Gord goes down the stairs. Uriel, T and Kirsten follow down the stairs.

Nani: Thanks, Iron Maiden, we’ll save her.

Iron Maiden: I’m relying on you, Nami-chan!

She fires a rapid volley of bullets like a chaingun down the hallway at them.

The team -1 enter the fourth floor. One guard jumps out at Nani from behind. A man in black armor with a staff grazes Nani for 9 damage. Just as everyone turns around, two more come up from the front. Another one up front attacks the Gremliminator with nunchuku, but Uriel blocks the attack with his arm. His touch causes the weapon to freeze over.

Kirsten attacks the second one with her tentacles, slamming him back.

Gord: Nunchucks? Seriously? Do you say “Cowabunga” all the time too?

She slams the butt of the plasma rifle into her attacker’s guts. She slams him good, sending him stumbling back into the wall.

Grem fires his pistol at one of the guards. The shot hits him between the eyes. The dude goes down. Uriel smashes his fist another the enemy’s face. The enemy’s helmet breaks on impact. The enemy who jumped Nani swings his staff. He misses her widely as she easily dodges the attack. Kirsten slams into the one on the ground, previously decked by Uriel.

Nani smashes the rifle butt into her opponent again. He falls back again, clutching his stomach. Gord fires his laser pistol at the last standing guard. The laser cuts through his armor and he seems unconscious.

Uriel: Alright, we’re near the stairs to the third floor. We are near the research floor.

Nani: Sounds like we’re getting closer to someplace they’d have captured scientists. Let’s go!

Gord: What about the armory?

Uriel: It’s on this floor.

Uriel: But they have sentries guarding it with heavy guns.

Gord: I was thinking arming the scientists we rescue might be a good idea, but that does sound like work….

Nani: Remember what Miss Hang Ten was like when we found her? They might not be able to fight.

Uriel: Let’s just keep moving. I don’t want to let them know where we are long enough to seal one of these areas on us. Their defense grid seems on the fritz, so let’s take advantage of that.

Kirsten: OOooohhh shinies.

Gord: Depends on what they were doing to the scientists, but I guess you’re right.
Kirsten’s tentacle stretches out, catching something invisible.

Gord: Another one of those floating robots, Kirsten?

Kirsten: Ya…

It starts to spark as she brings it in.

It appears to be a miniature floating speaker with a camera on it.

She quickly eats it.

Nani: Let’s be someplace we weren’t.

Gord: Good girl. Go ahead and do that with any other floating robots you see here.

Nani heads downstairs

Gord follows the little girl.

Uriel is right behind with Torturess guarding the rear.

Kirsten snatches another one as they go down the hall. By the time they reach the stairs, she has three dissolving inside of her.

Third floor… the floor here seems… already attacked.

The room they enter seems to be barracks… that has been ransacked. There are black marks all over the walls, unconscious and dying (fried) men and women in black all over.

The beds broken and smoking, but there are no signs of a fire.

Gord: Cripes. Whoever did this must be nasty.

Gord: I mean, like, a terrible person just in general.

Nani: Or just really pissed off at Dr. What?
T: Guess we’ll find out.

Uriel: Here are where the researchers are. Through this…oh boy.

Nani will head forward to where Uriel’s looking.

The doors have been ripped off their hinges and everything is smoking.

Suddenly, a man in all black and a cape with a vicious looking black rapier appears. “Aha! Prepare to face the wrath of justice, villains!”

Nani: Villains? Where?

Gord: Hey! At least three… no, two? well… at least one of us has never done anything villainous!

Taimi: Wait, I know that voice. Rapier, stop!


Suddenly a small girl, maybe 13 or so goes flying into Uriel’s arms.

Uriel: Alia!

Jennifer: Uriel! Mr. Gremliminator! Wow, you came to save us?

Gord: I’d gladly break into anyplace to rescue you.

Gord: The cafe just hasn’t been the same without you.

Nani: You find your dad, Taimi?

Taimi: He was here earlier, but when we started the mass breakout, we came here to find him.

Taimi: We just got here right before you showed up, though.

By the way, when they get closer, everyone notices that Taimi looks glowy. Even though she’s not wearing any flashlights. Or glowsticks. Or reflectors.

Nani: Wow! What happened to you?

Gord: Taimi, are you mentally controlling a bunch of technology right now?

Taimi: Man, that would be a good idea… but no.

Taimi: I just sort of, uh… well, it’s a long story. Maybe I can go into detail if we live through this.

Nani: Yeah, freeing the rest of the prisoners and getting away before Dr. What? decides to start pressing red buttons is our top priority.

Taimi: Actually, someone else is going to press red buttons… but yes, we still need to get everyone out of here.

Gord snaps his fingers: Man, it’s like the only thing I can be right about today is killbot ambushes.

Nani tries to call Lizbet on the zPhone. There’s too much interference.

Gord: Who else is there to rescue?

Jennifer: Well, hate to break up the reunion, but Taimi’s dad and a bunch of others are still unconscious in this room. We need to get them out pronto before Gwyn turns this place into a piece of molten metal.

Gord: Why’d they have to be unconscious….

Jennifer: Some were just moaning.

Nani: Let’s get ’em.

Gord: Alright, see if we can wake these guys up.

They all enter the room where there are two unconscious guards, 1 skewered guard, and at least 20 scientists scattered about. It looks as if something exploded in here.

Taimi just mentions to the others as they go about checking the scientists: "There were two groups of scientists in here. One my dad was on, he was working on something to do with time. The other group was working on gene manipulation. Or at least trying to.

Nani: They were all working in this lab?

Taimi: It was pretty crowded in here.

Nani: Gene manipulation is the kind of stuff Myrna worked on. So…

Gord: How do you know that, Taimi?

Nani starts examining the scientists looking for Myrna.

Nani looks at all of the researchers and does not find her.

Taimi: When they captured me, they had me help do some maintenance around the place. I mostly used it as an excuse to figure out what to do until I could organize this breakout.

Nani will start trying to wake the scientists that can be waken.

Gord: You organized a breakout?

Taimi: You always sound so surprised…

Alia: Taimi.

Taimi: What is it, Alia?

She points at Taimi and then touches one of the researchers.

Gord: No, I’m proud. I mean, just look at all these explosions!

Taimi reaches over and puts her glowy palm on the researcher’s forehead. He wakes up.

Researcher: Oh! What?

He stands up alarmed.

Taimi: Relax, it’s time for us to leave.

Jennifer: Wake them all up, then I’ll lead them to the escape pods.

Taimi goes around and wakes them all up with her new, magical, glowy-power.

Gord: That’s new.

After they all wake up, Jennifer, Alia and Uriel shepherd them out.

Uriel: I leave this to you to sort out, Gremliminator. Thank you for your help.

Nani: Thank you Mr. Uriel.

Uriel nods. “Next we meet, perhaps we shall be allies.”

Gord: No problem. Thanks for the iceberg. And the nunchucks thing.

Taimi: Be careful on your way back.

Jennifer: Oh can we be good now?

Uriel walks away with Alia dragging behind him, still clenched onto him, and Jennifer as they lead the researchers out.

Rapier: Let us go on and slay the villain!

Taimi: My father is probably still around too!

The darkness that his Rapier’s costume swirls around him as he speaks.

Gord: Are you all the supers who were captured?

Nani: OK. We’ll find Taimi’s father and Myrna. Then beat up the villain.

Taimi: They escaped earlier.

Rapier: No, most were too injured to fight back, and we shepherded out already.

Kirsten: Shiny!

Kirsten grabs hold of three bots at the same time, eating them.

Nani: Time to find a new place to talk.

Gord: Alright, so the other scientists are all we have to worry about. Let’s go.

Rapier: How about we speak after we introduce these villains to their spleens?

Nani: Down again?

Gord: I don’t know. Without Uriel here, Taimi and Rapier are the resident experts of our current residence.

Taimi: Well, we’ve already pretty much checked everywhere I know they’d be.

Nani: Do you know where their control center is?

Taimi: Well, I guess there is at least one place we could still check, but I don’t know where the control center is. I was never allowed to go there.

Gord: I can’t believe he didn’t allow a captured hero into the control center.

Taimi: Well, he, uh… doesn’t know I’m a hero.

Nani: It would be like him to try gloating her to death.

Taimi: He just knows me as the daughter of my father, he wanted to blackmail him into doing what he wanted.

Gord: Oh, right. I got so swept up in the whole “heros are being kidnapped” thing I forgot that part.

Taimi: Lets go check the ‘time travel’ lab, where they worked on the actual device though. Maybe my father will be there.

Gord mutters under his breath: And that almost definitely means her dad isn’t a villain too. Dang.

Taimi: Hmm? You say something?

Gord: No, just thinking out loud.

So Taimi leads them to the lab.

They walk down a corridor that is scarred with black burns down its length. There are at least a dozen unconscious/dead guards lying around.

They arrive at a door that might have been a barrier if it hadn’t been blown off its hinges.

It suddenly grows very loud, as crackling energy ricochets past them.

Taimi: Hwe~H

Torturess: Whew that was a close one…

Kirsten: Ouchies.

Nani: Whoah.

Gord: Plasma guns forward!

Gord: Oh right, Taimi’s unarmed.

Nani: Yes, sir!

Gord hands her his plasma pistol.

Nani takes the point.

Huzzah! Taimi has a weapon now!

Rapier: I shall lead the way.

Rapier dashes into the laboratory, sword forward.

Torturess: He’s kinda nuts, huh?

Gord: You have to be, to be a mask.

Nani: And now I’ll have to use this as a club again instead of blasting at whatever’s in the room.

Nani approaches the door.

Taimi walks through as well, trusting in her glowy-power

What they see is rather unique… There’s a blond girl, maybe 13-14 on one end of an energy beam with everyone’s favorite super villain on the other end of it. They’re standing on a catwalk above a pit. The blond girl seems to be the originator of the energy blast, which is crackling and spraying off her wildly.
Dr. What? is surrounded by a force field bubble and is holding a staff… a very familiar staff.

Gord: Oh for crying out loud!

Only his is covered in jewels.

Dr. What?: Hahahaha! Yes, keep it up! You might break through my force field eventually!

Blond girl: Die, you monster!

Gord: Ok, here’s the plan: short out his force field for a moment then cut him in half with it.

Rapier: I like it.

Taimi: And how do we do that?

Nani: Think a blast from the plasma rifle will knock it down?

Gord: T, remember how we got inside that other alien’s forcefield? Something about bouncing Masochisto off it?

Taimi notices something.

Behind this spectacle is a cage with at least 6 people in it.

One appears to be her father.

Nani: Mr. Grem, the gems power his staff, right?

Gord: Yeah, basically. Stupid alien technology.

Nani: I have an idea, but I’m not sure it will work. Don’t know if I’ll get through the forcefield.

Nani hands the plasma rifle to Torturess and says, “Cover me, I need to get a little closer.”

I don’t suppose there’s anything else Taimi happens to notice that could help them, is there?

Energy from the blond girl is being redirected by Dr. What? into the machine.

Nani is going to try to get within 10 yards of Dr. What? without being noticed.

Taimi: Gwen! You need to stop! He’s using your energy!

Her hair begins to stand straight up.

The loudness of the electricity from this close is deafening to Nani.

Taimi will trust in her glowy power again, and try to get to Gwen.

Nani still hasn’t been noticed by the bad doctor. Naninami concentrates on the staff, trying to block out the roar of the device, and tries to “grasp” it telekinetically. No go… She guesses she can’t get through the forcefield. Mutters: Plan B?

Taimi is still trying to get closer to Gwen.

Dr. What?: So you have come back to me, child of Karabou. Too late, unfortunately.

Gord: I do so enjoy having people with magic powers around.

He channels a blast of electricity at her. She bobs out of the way.

The blast ricochets around the cylindrical laboratory before dissipating.

Rapier: No mere force field can withstand my blade…

Gord tries to remember anything he figured out about stopping alien sticks

Rapier: I shall attempt a frontal assault.

Torturess: You’ll die.

Rapier: I’ll take that chance! En guarde, villain!

He charges forward, and is struck in the chest by a lightning bolt.

Gord: Dude, she’s not just saying that!

Gord sighs. Rapier is knocked back, but recovers.

Gord: Torturess, stop me from doing something stupid.

Gord: I mean, really stupid.

Rapier dodges out of the way of the next one, only getting rather toasty passing Gwyn, and gets really close to Dr. What?

Dr. What?: Ahahaha!

A black beam shoots out of his staff, enveloping Rapier. He seems down…

Torturess: Uhhh…

Kirsten: OO shiny…

Gord: Actually, I just had a better idea.

Gord flicks his cape at the back of Gwyn’s head

There are electricity bolts all over…Taimi can’t get near without taking one to the chest.

Gord’s cap grabs ahold of Gwyn, causing her to panick. She throws bolts all over as she is captured by his cape.

Nani dives out of the way of a bolt. Taimi is struck by the bolt. Unlike before it doesn’t wink out of existence, but hits her. It doesn’t hurt badly though. More like she was winded. Gord is knocked back, pulling Gwyn with him. She goes tumbling off the catwalk.

Torturess: Damn it…

Her whip cracks out and grabs the girl. Gwyn is screaming on the other end of her whip.

Dr. What?: Ahahahaha!

Dr. What? Just enough power to start the device.

Nani gets up and starts walking towards Dr. What? “What device?”

Dr. What? flicks a lever on his side of the catwalk causing the catwalk to fall.

Gord pulls up Gwyn. She looks tired but okay. She crawls up to the surface panting. Taimi runs up to help pull Gwyn up as well.

Gord: Lesson number one, kid: when you’re shooting someone, watch to see what they’re doing with what you shoot them with.

Dr. What?: Behold, the inter-dimensional time space navigator, my very favorite device in the world.

Gord pulls up Gwyn She looks tired but okay. She crawls up to the surface panting. Taimi runs up to help pull Gwyn up as well.

Gord: Lesson number one, kid: when you’re shooting someone, watch to see what they’re doing with what you shoot them with.

Dr. What?: Behold, the inter-dimensional time space navigator, my very favorite device in the world.

Dr. What?: I grant you all of your lives. Go ahead, leave this place. I have no further use for any of you.

Suddenly a pool of energy fills the pit.

Dr. What?: Or stay here and observe the change before your very eyes as I alter the course of time and create a paradise where I am the supreme overlord!

Dr. What? rises into the air laughing maniacally.

Gord: We’ll just take these guys with us.

Dr. What?: Unfortunately, I will be bringing these elite scientists with me as slaves to further my quest in the past.

Dr. What?: So, bide your losses and leave my presence. I will not grant mercy again.

Torturess: Shoot the machine maybe?

Gord: Lousy idea, but the best I have right now.

Gord is really wishing he knew why Bureaucraton gave this guy a pass now

Nani will see if she can notice any controls on the machine.

Dr. What? pushes a lever, causing boxes and devices of all sort to be pushed into the well of time.

As each one passes into the well, the force field flickers.

Nani notices all sorts of levers all over the place. Behind him there is a control console that activate the device. It is probably the main time machine control panel. Nearby there are a number of levers that control the various other devices here.

If we wait for Dr. What? to pass through, his forcefield will turn off for a moment

And he’s dropping the stuff into the well remotely. A conveyor belt is moving them.


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