Heroes Anonymous

Week 2 (Session 1)
Gob gob! Sweet pickle sandwich, gob gob!

Sakurai Taimi (or first name Taimi, last name Sakurai for the confused out there) is late for her job as a waitress in the Cosplay Cafe. Deciding which of the two events, the 36-story mech she was fighting, or the 36 alarms blaring in the background of her laboratory, is real. When she realizes that she’s late, she throws on her coat and runs to work, barely remembering to turn on her robot companion, who tried to function as an alarm for her, unsuccessfully to the point of being forcibly turned off by the sleeping hero.

Across the street, Gord, the former villain Gremlin, turned hero Gremliminator receives an instant message while studying a blueprint for his demolitions job. One of his contacts alerts him of a squad named the GFWA (Gourds Full of Win) is behind a string of tech related robberies and is up to something big. Being a hero, or at least a guy who likes to mess with villain plots, but he actually didn’t like that they their first name is similar to his actual name. He finds his goblin lieutenants (Gob, Gob and Gob) and goes by way of sewers to find their lair.

Taimi finds herself really late for work. The new girl took her shift as a maid character, and her costume. This is notable, because the maid fetish guys always give the best tips, and today was her turn. She turns to a backup costume no longer in her costume rotation for low tip purposes (google Officer Jenny if you care). At least all of her defensive gear makes for accessories. She goes on with her job, not able to quite be too angry as it is her fault that she was late.

Back on Gord’s side of the city, he and his three goblin lieutenants arrive at the door of the GFWA, an unimpressive apartment on the other side of town. When he knocks, a thirty-something woman answers the door. She easily believes that he knows the “boys” and lets him in, where the Gremliminator quickly starts planting bugs. After a nice conversation with the woman, he leaves with a piece of the enemy’s tech to hopefully identify it.

On his way back, he decides to get a bite at the Cosplay Cafe. He sits at the table of a server dressed as Mitsuru from Persona 3. He doesn’t really know the game, but he definitely likes him some redhead. He orders a sweet pickle, club sandwich.

Taimi, on the other side of the cafe, waits on an annoying customer named Thomas, who badgers her so much that she almost doesn’t notice the three young men cosplaying as anime police officers, but with real guns. They enter quickly, blocking all of the exits, leaving her no choice but to fight with what she has.

Simultaneously, the annoyed Gremliminator and the panicked Taimi attack their opponents. The Gremliminator uses his stun gun, knocking the crook out in one shot. Taimi on the other hand, summons her personal defense mallet (registered trademark of all anime girls), and smashes the man demanding her necklace in the face. He crumples to the ground, stunned. She quickly finishes him off with a kick to the ribs. All of this surprises the now lone gunman, who decides the money just ain’t worth it.

Taimi fades into the woodwork as quickly as she can while the patrons attempt to recover their stolen possessions, and everyone draws in a collective breath. Moments later, the lone gunman returns, only on his back, surfed into the building by the one and only shovel maniac, the incomparable Tsundere. Resting her shovel down, she locates the other villains already unconscious. She is then joined by her Cosplay Avenging teammate, Kawaii Kitsune, who spots the Gremliminator.

Attributing the marks to him, she thanks him for the assist. Despite Thomas, the annoying patron’s best attempt, she does not believe the timid Taimi to have done anything. The two bind the three villains together and carry them out. Mitsuru (real name Jennifer) takes a break to recover, leaving Taimi with the Gremlin’s table. Neither speak about the situation, but he enjoys a nice bite of Devil’s food cake.

Week 2 (Session 2)
SPOILER: Processing Unit of Destruction!

Taimi returns after an exhausting day of work, where her robot companion, Pochi serves her cappuccinos. She receives three messages. One from her father, another from an insurance company named “Hero-IQs” and the last from Mayor Kimbo himself. She takes her father’s message. He says something about stolen tech, right before telling her to call him immediately. She then deletes the message from the insurance company, and then takes Mayor Kimbo’s message. He asks that she call him about a job that only she is qualified for. She puzzles on this, and then calls her father.

Her father’s secretary answers, only to tell him that her father has been out since morning, and she did not know where he was. However, she gives her a message that she should contact the Mayor as soon as possible. Thanking the woman, Taimi hangs up and connects with the mayor.

Mayor Kimbo tells Sapphire Zephyr about a theft at a local Military research center, where a high security risk item was removed from the center. The Mayor enlists her aide, as he says she is the only one cleared for this mission. Attributing this to her father, as she has no real military connections besides him, she accepts the job to recover the item, which is being disguised as a CPU at the local mall.

She accepts the job.

At the same time, Torturess, the sidekick of the Gremliminator arrives at his call, and the two together investigate the tech that his goblin stole from the GFWA’s “hideout”. She realizes it to be some kind of armor, an armlet to be precise, and tries it on. Finding it to be both armor and some kind of transmitter, she takes it off. They then notice a small infinity symbol on it. As the trademark of the Techfiend, this puts the GFWA on someone big’s list. The bug confirms it as they are doing the job for some unknown thirty party.

Listening to their conversation they discover that the crooks intend to hit the mall, stealing all of a new shipment of computer parts. Both Gremliminator and the Torturess decide it best to interfere this attempt, even though it seems like an awful lot of work. Torturess leaves to prepare while the Gremliminator schemes silently.

Week 2 (Session 3)
Gibbed Flunkies With a side of Asphalt

Wasting no time, Sapphire Zephyr arrives at the Borderline City Metropolitan, a mall of class, dignity and danger, as it is the only one that will literally eject any costumer not to conform to their strict regulations, including but not limited to a strict formal dress code. Being the prestigious facility that it is, the Metropolitan also has a fully complimented SWAT security force, including roaming armed guards with MP5s and a sniper on the roof. Sapphire decides to watch before nearing the place, sneaking into the parking structure (as much as an attack cybernetic suit can move quietly with its high powered gears), and scanning the defenses. She calmly waits for the shipment of computer parts ear-marked for capture.

At the same time, Gremliminator sends his sidekick Torturess to scout the perimeter before he exits from a manhole cover on the street adjacent to the mall. Torturess returns and reports.

Torturess: No activity yet. Sniper on the roof, three roaming guards with MP5s.
Gremliminator: Then what are we needed for? Sounds like they’re ready.
Torturess: We are talking about the guys that robbed a military warehouse.
Gremliminator: This is Borderline City. I wouldn’t be surprised if the mall’s better guarded than the military installations…
Torturess: Touché.
Gremliminator: What do you think the bad guys are likely to do?
Torturess: Boom.
Grem: We’re supposed to get to them before that, huh?
Torturess: Who cares. Let’s just wait for the fighting and whap’em.
Gremliminator: My kinda sidekick. There’s not enough of us to cover all the approaches, we need to wait for them to show themselves.
Torturess: Better yet, let the security tank.
Gremliminator: I wasn’t planning to shop here any time soon anyway.
Torturess: I can’t even get in. They have a dress code… a one drink limit… and they’re really snobby.

Torturess points to a van rolling down the road.

Torturess: Think those are our guys?
Gremliminator: Can you tell from the van whether they have military-grade weapons?
Torturess: Let me get out my binoculars out… oh wait. I left them in the other skin tight costume.
Gremliminator: Then let’s wait and see who gets out.

A security car pulls up near the van, and then they both drive to the mall.

Gremliminator: Think the security team just hired a bunch of illegal immigrants?
Torturess: Rich people do like them some illegal immigrants.
Gremliminator: Either way, it’s suspicious.
Torturess: The illegal immigrants, or the rich people?
Gremliminator: Like I said, either way.
Torturess: Huh, just got goosebumps all over.
Gremliminator: I think we need to get closer and keep an eye on these guys.
Torturess: Yeah. Um…let’s be careful. I have a bad feeling about this.
Gremliminator: Need a hug before the action?
Torturess: Sure, if I can bite.
Gremliminator: Maybe once I armor the suit.
Torturess: I won’t bite that hard. Just enough to draw blood.
Gremliminator: Maybe later, we need a different kind of action now.
Torturess: SHIT!

Torturess drops to the pavement. The Gremliminator crouches down beside her.

Week 2 (Session 4)
Recovery, Reconnaissance and Recruitment

2:00, Thursday: The Metropolitan

With Torturess stabilized by Sapphire’s emergency response, MGob (of the Medical variety) begins pulling bullets out of the leather and chain wearing sidekick.

The Gremliminator: You seemed to recognize me before…
Sapphire Zephyr: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Is she going to be alright now with your little… helper?
Grem: So saying “You!” when you first see me isn’t a sign of recognition?

Sapphire starts panicking a little, but tries to hide it, “Oh, um… I just, uh, heard about you before, that’s all.”

Grem: Uh-huh…
Sapphire: Anyway, shouldn’t you be more worried about your… um, partner?
Torturess: I’m fine…gasp Hey Gob, be careful!
Mgob: Gob, gob!
Grem: Maybe. Guess we’re both still kinda in the villain mindset… You know, “Not anything I can do to help her, so why stand around and bug the people who can?”
Sapphire: Well, thanks for the assist, but I’d prefer to get out of here before the cops get here.

Queue sirens in the background.

Torturess: You female under there … um… what was your name?
Sapphire: Yes… I’m the Sapphire Zephyr. I hope you’ll understand if I prefer not to divulge my real name.
MGob: Gob, gob! Gob claps his hands and Gob and Gob show up to carry Torturess.
Grem: Well, I disarmed a man, and you vaporized at least one. I suppose we should both get out of here, girl.
Sapphire: Hey, it’s not my fault they decided to try and kill us.
Grem: Ok, so you’re definitely a woman under there. That’s good to know, I guess. But really, we ought to be going. Ta.

The Gremliminator follows the goblins and Torturess. Sapphire also takes off, and vanishes into the night!

Torturess: I’m…ouch! Hey, be gentle! Hey, don’t touch me there! Ahhhh….
The Gremliminator: Would you rather I carried you, T?

Thursday, 3:00: Sapphire Zephyr’s lair.

Pochi: Welcome back, mistress. Your father has left you a message.
Taimi yawns: Another message? Alright, let’s hear it.
Pochi dictates: Hello daughter, I’m doing well. We’ll have to put off our meeting for a while. I can’t really talk right now, but just hang on. He stops for a moment, then continues: I will contact you later. Don’t call anyone about the matter you helped me with until we talk again. I love you. — End message. Would you like an expresso? Or are you heading directly to bed?
Taimi: I’m just going to head to sleep. I have to work tomorrow and it’s already too late to do much.
Pochi: Very well, mistress. Your bed is prepared. Sleep well.

3:00, Thursday: Gremliminator’s hideout.

Back in the Gremliminator’s hideout, the Gobs are up to no good. Apparently, a bunch of them went fishing… in the state fish reserve, which is used for the repopulation of the sea when the BC get overzealous. The Gobs go about eating their fish after reporting the loss of 2 who were caught. Neither the Gobs nor Grem seem to care though, so the incident goes without mentioning.

Melee Gob, also known as MGob: Gob, gob! (Translation: We go snooping again, gob?)
Gord: Snooping for what? I really need to go back to work. I’ll keep an ear on the bugs we planted though, see what the fallout is from last night.
Mgob: Gob, gob! (Translation: We have fun, gob! Want in on fighting next time, gob!)

The Gremliminator considers his options. He needs to return back to recover the bugs left at the GFWA headquarters, but that would unnecessarily expose him to some danger if the authorities are on their way there. However, he also cannot just send the Gobs there as that might be too messy. He decides to wait.

Week 0 (Session 5)
Sticks are the most powerful weapon in the universe

Gord wakes up that morning with a slight case of the sniffles, but suddenly realizes that it is not that important, as there is an alien invasion in progress outside. Luckily, a few months ago when he constructed his based, he decided for the sewers. Even aliens don’t go there.

Gord goes look to see if anyone else is awake.

Everyone is awake watching the news broadcast. Aliens invading is pretty big, at least for Borderline City. Every other alien has been pretty nice up to this point.

Torturess to Gob: Yeah, did you see that laser ray? That was intense. Let’s see how many the Captain can take before it melts his moustache!

Gord notices on the tube that it’s a closeup of Captain Masochisto, fighting what appears to be a soap bubble. A big soap bubble. One that shoots lasers.

Gord: Torturess, you’ve been up against that guy before. I know he can take it, sure, but can he dish it out at all?
Torturess: Yeah, once he hits critical mass, he gets stronger and stronger until he can flick you into orbit.
Gord: Well, I guess that explains how he ever gets anything done.
Torturess: Yeah, wish I had half his powers.
Gob: Gob, gob!
Torturess: You can say that again. I think his suit is totally fried now. Whoa, I understood that…
Gord: Yeah, it happens eventually. Nothing to be ashamed of. Glad that guy sprang for the black box briefs, at least, even if he spared all expenses on the rest of his costume design.

The TV cuts to a closeup of machine guns firing and pans back as the bubble reflects all of the bullets.

Torturess: Yeah, I burned his costume when I had him locked up. I think he gets them imported in mass.
Gob: Gob, gob.
Gord: I probably would too if getting shot was a vital part of my plans.
Torturess: Hey, that’s just down the street. Wanna go topside and watch the action from a rooftop?
Gord: Hmmm… shrugs Why not?
Gord: They aren’t spraying that many lasers around.
Torturess: He also hasn’t missed even once…
TV: A tank explodes.
Torturess: Let’s go! I want to see another one blow in person!
Gord: Well, if only everyone else in this city had that kind of accuracy.
Torturess: Then the goons would win instead of being crushed like flies. Though, it’s tough to crush flies too. And I guess that’s why you can always find them near shit.
Gord: I’m not even going to guess where you’re going with that one. Come on, we’re going topside.

Week 2 (Session 6)
Welcome to Kerratos, the Floating Citadel

10:55, Saturday: City Hall.

Taimi‘s friend Jennifer traded shifts with her so that Taimi could take care of her business – hero business. She is not late (for once) when she leaves her apartment on her motorcycle for the Mayor’s office with the package “of possible impending doom” in her backpack. No one comments on her lack of removal of her helmet when she arrives at the receptionist’s desk in City Hall. She almost considered wearing the jumpsuit that she normally wears under her armor with it, but one look at herself in a skin tight jumpsuit in the mirror reminded her way she never wears them outside.

Taimi: I’m here to see the mayor.
Receptionist: Do you have an appointment?
Taimi: I believe so. Sapphire Zephyr?
Receptionist: Oh, you’re that hero he’s contracting. Hold on.
Receptionist presses a comm button: Mr. Mayor? Yes, your 12:00 is here.
Mayor: Send her in.
Receptionist gets up: Right this way, miss.

Taimi follows her down a few halls and to the center office. The woman opens the door for her and holds a hand out for her to enter. When Taimi enters, she find herself in a lavish office, quite befitting the mayor aka ruler of what is basically a city-state.

Mayor: Sapphire, please, come in, take a seat. Would you like a coffee, tea or anything?
Taimi: No, thank you, Mayor.
Mayor: Let’s get to business then. You brought the device, I assume.
Taimi: The package of possible doom, yes. Here it is.

Taimi pulls the sealed package out of her backpack.

Mayor Kimbo waves his hand: Please hold onto it. We’re going to Sir Isaac Integer’s lab in a few minutes.
Mayor (into the comm): Is my limo ready?
Receptionist: Yes, sir.
Mayor Kimbo: Excellent. Let’s be off then.

She follows the Mayor and his two bodyguards (who she didn’t quite see in shadows of the corner of the office), and to the carpool. Mayor Kimbo holds the door open for Taimi.

Mayor: Ladies first.
Taimi: Thank you, sir.

Sapphire enters the vehicle. One of the guards drives the vehicle, while the other sits next to the mayor, facing her.

Mayor: It’s good to finally meet you in person, though I recommend you purchase one of Transiston’s hero identity disguiser kits while you are there. They’re quite handy. They generate a random face illusion projection over your own when you wear this collar. It’s quite interesting. The higher models let you actually create different appearances which you can then switch between. Most of the heroes who bother to hide their identity these days use them.
The bodyguard serves Mayor Kimbo a glass of champagne.

Mayor: Have you ever met Sir Isaac Integer?
Taimi: No sir, I’m looking forward to it. beginning to wonder what nifty gadgets she’ll be able to see there
Mayor: It’s nothing like you’d expect. He still runs his tech business, though it requires a lot more networking to even be considered on his radar these days. He’s more into the flower arranging and Tai-Chi teaching these days.
Taimi: I’m still looking forward to it, though.
The Mayor nods: Yes, I have been there a few times, mostly when purchasing self defense tech.
Mayor: Looks like we’re here.

She arrives at the dock of Transiston’s floating building.

Taimi’s eyes begin to light up behind her helmet. “Oooooh, shiny!” Taimi has seen it before, but never from underneath. For some reason, it feels like looking up a skirt… or under the hood of a car. The bodyguard gets out and holds the door open for her. The building’s repulsion field kind of feels like being tickled.

Mayor: Well, let’s go to the teleporter area. Don’t worry about the whole death/clone issue with these teleporters. They teleport your soul to the new copy of your body.

Taimi tries to follow while gawking at her surroundings. And mostly ignores everything the Mayor is telling her.

Mayor: I once asked him how he did it…

After going through a ridiculous security checkpoint, at which point the name “Sapphire Zephyr” appeared on a screen next to Taimi with her full armor picture from her Hero license ID card. After this, they lead herinto a room where there’s a teleport pad in the center… at least she assumes it is. It’s round with round circles in it.

Just when it appears to work like the movies, a tube unexpectedly shoots out of the ground.

Technician: OK, please get into the Tube, Sapphire.
Taimi: Huh? What? Oh, yes… of course.
When she get into it, elevator music begins to play as a crane picks her up like a toy those Crane games in Denny’s. She feels really jostled by the time it drops her in a cylindrical hole. All of a sudden, it fires her tube like a bullet.

Taimi: Weee!

Week 1 (Session 7)
MechZilla SMASH!

Week 1: Tuesday

Every station has been tuned to the strange invasion of Tokyo Prime across the ocean from Borderland City. It was over in minutes. A large 100-meter tall fortress of a mech arose from the ocean and started destroying its way to the tallest point in the City: Mt. Fujiwa, where it then annihilated the whole city with some kind of energy attack. In response, all of the the Tri-City area’s heroes were called back from the HeroCon, but none responded to the summons. Even General Hartan of the Border Land Military forces was not reachable there. All attempts to contact them fell on deaf ears, as someone or something had placed them in an alternate dimension that would last the course of the whole convention.

As a newly carded hero, Sapphire Zephyr didn’t get the invite. She could have gone as an attendee, but it’s generally considered a rather large insult to pay one’s own way into HeroCon if the individual is an actual hero. Most of the ones who do are posers and net idols who roam around thwaping innocent people on the head. Taimi Sakurai, being the non-socialite that she is, is not particularly interested in boring hero conventions, anyway. Maybe for the tech booths, but that’s pretty much it.

But all the heavy hitters were there from the neighboring two cities, all in Karabou’s famous HeroCon. It’s largely considered the most prestigious event on this side of the ocean, and it’s a great way to earn sponsors and network with other heroes. Even MegaSpell, the Arcanist from New Normslund, widely considered one of the most influential heroes in the area, was there. Her presence alone would have made the even a must attend party of the ages, as she’s known to kick back a few dozen jack and cokes and start casting transmogrification spells everywhere. It goes from HeroCon to ZooCon pretty quick.

However, three weeks ago, Taimi received her Hero ID, so she was unable to get priority registration, even if she wanted to attend as a visitor.

Which turned out to be really lucky… as the news from Tokyo Prime hit the first morning of HeroCon, the week long event would spell doom for the known world if every remaining HeroCon shunned hero did not unite to fight this new threat…whatever that could possibly be…

Week 1: Thursday

The city has been mostly evacuated, except for a few hold-outs. In preparation for a possible invasion, like Tokyo Prime experienced.

Taimi is probably still sleeping, with the alarms blaring in the background.

Toaster: Mistress, please wake up! Oh, mistress, you have a message from Major Andrews of the BC Military. Please wake up.
Taimi: Mmmmrrrrgggg (Translation: Go toast bread for someone else.)
Toaster: Mistress, your presence is being requested on the secure line. They’ve left three messages already. Please wake up, Mistress!

Taimi pops your eyes open, notices it’s 7:49, and decides there’s absolutely no way she’s getting up that early. Her shift isn’t until 12:00. She feels the metallic prodding of a hand shaking her shoulder.

Toaster: Mistress, you just received a fourth message. The gathering is at 8:30, and your presence is required. Wake up, Mistress.

Week 1 (Session 8)
Mecha with a side of Dark Matter

We left off with Sapphire perched on a 50 meter building, watching the big guy who is adjacent to the next building. Sapphire recalls what she has learned so far: his right shoulder has some kind of flashy device on it that seems to be controlling his shield generator. His left shoulder has missile launching bays of his deadly homing missiles. He has some kind of surface contact attack that damaged the Rock’d Tear. And he’s about 100 meters tall.

There’s a tidal wave coming down the street, and he’s eye beaming and firing missiles at Hang Ten. She seems to have been fighting him a while now, but looked fine when Taimi saw her last. Taimi jumps up and flies towards MechZilla. The tidal wave is incoming…SPLASH BOOM! It forces MechZilla to stop walking a moment as Hang Ten smashes into him. MechZilla’s eye beams fire at her, missing wide. His missiles miss her as well, but continue to chase her, as she flees down the street.

The Tesla lightning rod in Lancer Mk.III arcs a half dozen bolts of electricity at MechZilla’s right shoulder. The zap hits him, but doesn’t seem to have done much. He fires another round of homing missiles at Hang Ten, and tries to Eye beam her.

As Taimi watches, some of the minor damage she inflicted on the hull is being repaired by nanobots. She flies up to him, becoming about as close to him as she can without touching him. Her boosters keep her held in place as she fires another bolt at him. Her blast seems to be about as effective as it was further away, however she manages to score a direct hit on his shield generator. The blast zaps it directly, scorching it. The thing smokes a bit. Right at that moment, he begins to turn.

His right arm swings at Sapphire!

Taimi: Heeee!

His backhand slaps her as she try to maneuver out of his way. It doesn’t hurt, but it does shake her around a bit. His other fist swings at her as well, but this one hits her dead in the chest, sending her flying. The impact dents her armor and causes her head to spin.

Taimi: Hweh…

Unable to dodge as the momentum of the punch sent her flying directly into his beam attack, she bracers herself for near certain death. She felt something strange after he punched her, besides of course the bone crunching blunt damage he smashed into her with his fist… as she was sent flying…

Week 3 (Session 9)
Swimsuits, swimsuits, swimsuits!

Week 3: Sunday

On Sunday afternoon, Taimi receives two messages, one from Jennifer and the other from the BC Military. Taimi responds and agrees to take Jennifer’s Sunday shift. After she listens to the voice message left by the Lt. General, she contemplates her future actions. Although she does not want to continue much more involvement with the military, Taimi has not received a drop point fro the Kitty Collar of Doom, or contact information about whom to return it to. Her father is too elusive to get a hold of.

As Pochi patches her into the military’s hero line, Taimi activates her Sapphire Zephyr identity disguise in preparation for the video conference. A tall, black-haired man with a scar down his right cheek appears on her display.

Lt. Gen. Edwards: Sapphire Zephyr, I presume? Thank you for returning my message so quickly. We have some important matters to discuss.
SZ: Yes, I’m sure we do. But if we could cut it short, can you tell me where to bring this… thingy? I have work soon…
Edwards: That was a dummy device, the location of which Doctor Sakurai leaked to the bugs we discovered in his office. We followed the device to the mall transaction, where the conspirators were supposed to pick it up. That was when our Gourd loving friends came into the picture and shot the place to hell. We’ve so far learned from their interrogation that they were hired by another party to steal the device before it could reach its intended recipient. As such, we believe there are two parties attempting to steal this device: the ones behind the transfer of it from its secure location, and the ones who paid the GFWA to steal it at gunpoint. Do you have any questions so far?
SZ: So it was just a setup? Why bother getting me to recover it in the first place?
Edwards: That was Dr. Sakurai’s call. I am not aware of his intentions, although it is good that you intervened, as the GFWA needed to be captured.
SZ: Alright, so you don’t need me to give this thingy back?
Edwards: Dr. Sakurai left no mention of the device in his notes or his orders. The men who are looking for it will still be after it, however. We would prefer if you hold onto it for us. As you have worked as our agent, we are prepared to pay you a small stipend, and will increase it if you continue to work for us during this operation. As such, you could help us find the remaining villains.
Edwards: Are you willing to continue helping us?

Week 4 (Sessions 10, 11)
GM too lazy to log it himself part 1

Several days after popping her stitches at the Cosplay Cafe catching the heavier-than-she-looks-in-a-skintight-swimsuit Taimi, Torturess was mostly healed up and able to go back to her day job. With no convalescent sidekicks around to bug and no buildings recently condemned by heroic activities, Gordon Remlign found himself bored enough to personally check on the goings-on at the warehouse to which his goblins had tracked Landice’s former roommates. His mind proves susceptible to the strange hypnosis field projected over the warehouse, however, and it requires several attempts, a minor collision with a limousine, and a sidetrip in a taxi during which he has yet another building put under surveillance by sewer goblins before he ends up back in front of the warehouse. Finally one of the goblins is able to show him the proper technique for entering the field. It was embarrassing, but effective.

Meanwhile! Taimi’s contacted by the military, who ask her to check out the hideout of these GFWA dudes.

Gord hops the wall around the warehouse with ease. There’s few hiding spots on the other side so he only has a few moments before he must either heroically hop back out or risk being seen. That does give him enough time to scout out the compound, however, and take a peek in through a gap in a blacked-out window. Inside the warehouse he see some sort of large box with a massive amount of power cables feeding into it. But before he can get a better look, he hears a vehicle entering the compound. Risking a look, he sees a military jeep with mounted machine gun, with two soldiers escorting two women, one in red and one in green. Before slipping over the wall he picks out just enough of the conversation to realize that the mercenaries know a mask stole their tech from Landice’s apartment and that the two women are unhappy about it.

Meeting up with Torturess back in the sewers, Gord describes what he saw and heard. Torturess doesn’t know what it all means either, but she does evince a somewhat creepifying fetish for Mrs. Claus and fixates on the woman in the red dress as a way to express it.

Meanwhile! Taimi’s military contact provides more information, and suggests that perhaps she could find the unlicensed hero who’s been snooping around the warehouse already. Taimi does manage to gather some information, but her big break comes when she is able to lay hands on a goblin and somewhat peacefully and almost purposefully trades a cuban sandwich for its cell phone. She checks the address book and decides to call the entry “Scary Girl Gob,” connecting with Torturess. Taimi and the two ex-villains decide to meet for cubans and an information exchange.

Over an order of fried plantains, Gord and Torturess tell Taimi what they’ve been able to find out. In turn Taimi is able, with Torturess’ help convincing the restaurant manager to loan them a printer, to provide them with plans for the warehouse. Taimi offers the two her help in whatever plans they had for the place; she had some second thoughts after realizing that they were, indeed, planning to simply level the place as, in Gord’s words, “That’s what heroes do, isn’t it?” but she decided to stick things out. Together they made up a rough sketch of a plan, then broke to gather information.

Coming together again to share the info they’d gathered, the three hatched a plan worthy of the best bank heist movie. Using charges planted by Gord and Torturess, our heroes would first explode the mercenaries’ on-site fuel and weapons supply. This would be a mere distraction however, meant to prevent the soldiers from noticing step two: the explosive removal of the warehouse floor from under the box, causing it to drop smoothly into the sewer below. This would in turn be covered by a third explosion a split-second later that would collapse the warehouse itself, hopefully stopping the soldiers from noticing their missing treasure too soon. Goblins would carry off the box as Gord and the girls retreated, laying traps to weaken the mercenaries before making a stand.

The group once again broke up, each one making their own preparations for the following night.


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