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  • Cosmotronics

    The Cosmotronics were started by [[:lizbet-integer]] after she took her father's mantle. Without her former allies from Season 1, she found a new team of lackies to do her bidding and keep her from going to prison. Founder/Captain: [[:lizbet-integer]] …

  • Avenging Angels

    The Avenging Angels are a multi-national hero team that primarily fights alongside NATO. Captain: [[:lovely-lynx | Lovely Lynx]] Lieutenant: [[:hyperia | Hyperia]] Other Members: [[:lizbot | Lizbot]]

  • Elementals

    Of all the threats out there, the Elementals are perhaps the most dangerous. There are five of them: Steamborg (Yellow), Ember Rose (Red), Indigo Frost (Blue), Geomistress (Green), and Obsidian Monsoon (Black). Apart, they are maybe a D or C class villain …