Hello, Borderline aficionados! You’re probably not wondering what Contacts are so much as what they do! Well, let me explain them in excruciating detail. Contacts are people who you know, who supply you with information, gadgets, support, quests, missions, paper, or whatever you really need. Though, if you need paper, try Staples. Contacts are rated according to type and help level.


+5: Close Ally: This person is a close ally and will fight beside you and do the most in their power to save you from danger. This person may sacrifice his or her life in order to save you, and will definitely risk harm for you. This person will ask nothing in return, though in order to keep this person a close ally, some sacrifices will inevitably be required.

+4: Ally: This person is an ally who will fight beside you and will do as much as they can to help you without taking unnecessary risks. This person will risk moderate danger for you, but will not sacrifice his or her own life to save yours. This person expects your help in return, but will not demand it right away.

+3: Beneficiary: This person or group will not fight beside you, but will do anything else in his, her or their power to make your mission succeed. This person will offer resources, including but not limited to money, contacts, shelter or even back up. This person will expect help in return for services, but will not expect it right away. They will not mind owing you favors, or being owed favors as they commonly exchange this at even or uneven rates. If it becomes too one-sided, the relationship might downgrade.

+2: Friend: This person or group considers himself, herself or themselves your friend. They will offer aid when it is not too inconvenient, and will sometimes help out with various plans, but they will not risk themselves, nor their friends for your safety. They might offer money or services if you’re really in need, but they generally do not go out of their way to this end. They will often expect repayment quickly, or immediately if their resources are drawn upon. If they owe you, they will often wish to repay this favor sooner than later, as to not be too in your debt.

+1: Acquaintance: This person or group thinks kindly of you, but generally does not consider themselves associated with you in anyway aside from mostly coincidental ways. While he, she or they may help you with things, they will not offer their own resources, they will not perform any risky operations, and they expect prompt or immediate payment, unless they owe you. They trust you enough that they do not think you will betray them.

0: Stranger: This person may or may not know your name, but they are indifferent to your presence. They will neither help you, nor harm you in anyway. They can be bribed for aid or information, but will not do anything even slightly risky.

-1: Obstacle: This person thinks poorly of you, but generally does not consider him, her or themselves your enemy. This person will not help you in any fashion, short of an immense bribe, and will not go out of their way in any fashion to do this. If you owe them, they will expect immediate repayment, and will possibly Harrods you if you are not quick about it. It’s possible this relationship could be changed, but it’s unlikely. Save his or her life, or otherwise greatly benefit the group and this could be changed.

-2: Enemy: This person or group actively hates you. Either you rub them the wrong way, or they generally just find your presence distasteful, this person will avoid you whenever possible and sabotage your efforts when it does not put them in any risk. They will not help you for any reason, except possibly the fulfillment of their absolute greatest wish, but they will not cross any one you might consider an enemy. Even if they promise you help, they’ll likely backstab you in some way, whether calling police, villains, or whoever your enemies might be. Aversion is the best tactic here. The chances of changing this person or group’s temperment is slim, but possible under only the most extreme circumstances. Even saving this person’s life might not be enough, but it could be a step in the right direction. It could take a lot of awful tasks to fix this problem.

-3: Malefactor: This person or group really doesn’t like you. They want you to go to jail or die, but will not necessarily be the ones to do it. They’ll hire someone else, or at least do what they can to limit your resources from interfering with them. If they see you on the street, they’ll glare, but they probably won’t do anything right away. They may stab you in a dark alley if they’re positive they can get away with it, but nothing short of 100% expected victory rates would do it. There’s just about nothing you can do to fix this relationship, so don’t even try. They’ll likely just try to have you killed.

-4: Hated Foe: This contact considers you the bane of all existence, and may be an individual a group. This person will draw few lines in seeking your ruin, and will go out of their way as long as they do not risk their own lives for this task. They will seek out your friends, allies and beneficiaries to this end. Forget trying to amend this relationship. Even trying is just an insult to them, and he, she or they will attempt to kill you.

-5: Nemesis: This person actively seeks your ruin, whether this be your life, your happiness and/or your freedom, it depends on the person after you. This person will attack you whenever possible within the spectrum of their nature. In addition to that, they will do similar things to your allies and beneficiaries with impunity. This individual or group might possibly kill himself, herself or themselves in order to take you down. Only death will bring about the end of this epic rivalry. You must have really pissed this person off, because they’re never going to stop coming after you!


Organizational Contacts: These contacts are groups, gangs, teams, organizations, companies, or any other cluster of people who do stuff together. This contact can become allies if you are a member of the organization, and can only become close allies if you are the leader of this organization. Even then, it requires your utmost commitment to keep these ties that strong. Their members will all be of the same friendliness, depending on their commitment to the group.

Information Contacts: These contacts are in the midst of it. They keep their ears an eyes open and learn what they can, whether that’s for or against you. They cannot become allies, but they can be beneficiaries they owe you greatly. Otherwise, they charge for their services.

Personal Contacts: This person knows you well. Whether they hate or love you does not matter. They grew up with you, work with you, or are otherwise a person you know outside of any groups. This person might be your spouse, your partner, your secretary or your server at a certain cafe. This person can be part of the group you are in or a group that hates you, but is counted separately for purposes of friendship. They range from Close allies to your nemesis!

Law Enforcement Contacts: Slightly different than organizational contacts, these are interested in truth, justice and busting heads. Individual members can become personal contacts, but they usually are just there to enforce the law. They will always respond to crimes. These contacts can only go up to the Friend level, and down to the Hated Foe level. If you are a friend, they trust your information and support. If you are a hated foe, you are a criminal they will shoot you on sight. If they are at malefactor level, they will arrest you on sight. Both levels will actively create manhunts for you, but to different degrees. The enemy level is special, as they have a warrant out for you, but will not spare too many resources in following it. If you are of the obstacle level to them, they consider you a ruffian, a law breaker, a shop lifter, or some type of malcontent who isn’t worth their time, but they will not hesitate to throw you in the slammer over night to make you change your ways.


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