Kaminetsky Model School

Sorry guys the Kaminetsky Model School is not a training center for potential fashion models. (That would be the Kaminetsky School of Modeling in the Vannevar Building out on Sloan Street.) Ivar Kaminetsky started the Model School as an exemplar of modern pedagogical excellence. Unfortunately, Kaminetsky died before articulating what he meant by pedagogical excellence. After years of spending the school’s generous private endowments trying to figure that out, Kaminetsky’s successors have found a niche in which the school excels: educating young people with so-called super powers and the children of supers, business leaders, politicians, and celebrities.

Although the Borderline City School District does operate several programs for what it calls extremely gifted children, many parents pay to send their children to the Kaminetsky School. Some (especially the criminally inclined) chose the Model School because they see the city’s program as a means of brainwashing children to be obedient do gooders. Others are attracted to the snob factor of a private school. But most parents with kids at Kaminetsky truly believe that it offers the best possible education for their child.

Despite its reputation, most of the students at the Model School do not have super powers (or at least they haven’t manifested yet.) The student body is a mix of spoiled rich kids, kids with special powers, spoiled rich kids with special powers, kids with outstanding academic or artistic talents, and kids that the school administrators think would just “fit in” for reasons they can never explain to anyone’s satisfaction. While the Model School is a privately funded institution, many students pay reduced or no tuition.

The Kaminetsky Model School offers instruction from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

School Uniform
KMS students are expected to wear a uniform from first grade. The uniform for grades one through six is a simple white polo shirt with the school’s coat of arms and navy blue pants or skirt. From seventh grade and up, the standard uniform is a navy blue blazer with the school’s coat of arms, white shirt, gray skirt or pants, and a necktie. Ivar Kaminetsky never got around to specifying what the tie should look like, so every student is free to pick their own. (Naninami’s favorite is a hand tie-dyed green and yellow silk tie she got from a street vendor on Blunt Street.) The administration authorizes variations on the standard uniform for inclement weather (cold and hot) and special activities.

Kaminetsky Model School

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