Last Season

The summarized events of last season…

Sasuke Sakurai informed his daughter Taimi that he wanted her to acquire a chip from a late night delivery at the mall. The terrorist organization, the GFWA attacked the mall at the same time, presumably in order to capture the same object. However, they were stopped by Taimi and Gord. The chip was brought to Transiston for examination, where his daughter, Iron Maiden discovered its purpose was energy control and AI operations. Later, it was determined to be alien technology.

The GFWA was found to have a connection to a mercenary outfit operating out of a Sovereign Storage facility warehouse in the BC warehouse district. In their investigation, Gord and Taimi found that it was operated by a technologically sophisticated group of unknown origins. After infiltrating their facility, they found that the mercenaries were protecting a sophisticated refrigeration unit.

Upon attacking this warehouse, they captured the unit and fought various forces, including an unknown scientist and a woman in a red dress that can throw fireballs. They barely made it out with their lives, but managed to escape with the device. Upon opening it, they discovered a pre-teen girl with a body of a gelatin substance. Realizing she was dangerous and unstable as she began to melt into a much more liquid substance in room temperature, they contained her in a refrigerator, where she regained her humanoid form.

Various forces have been investigating Gord and his goblins as well. Freddy Stevens, Gord’s on the street contact informed Gord of this with this description:
FStevens374: guy is described as a big due, gnarled face, all pock marked, he’s like strongest man in the world big
He later turned out to be Big Toro, a former acquaintance of the Gremlin, Gord’s villain personality. Toro appeared and attacked.

Directly after the incident, a new threat appeared. Someone called Taimi from a payphone and left a message with her robot companion, which caused him to short circuit and dance to self-destruction. At the same time, Landice received a package at her place, which the Goblins brought to her, that she opened, finding a walkman. She put the tape in and listened to it, causing her to begin to dance herself to death. Gord found a common connection with a series of dancing related injuries and deaths, following up the lead with the reporter Carole Heights.

Carole Heights found that thirteen legal extra terrestrials currently reside in Borderline City. There is of course the most famous citizen of the city, Diva, the golden goddess of pop music. There are six alien researchers from the planet Voldibarg of the Terrachi Nebula, who are currently working on a liquid solution for world peace. There are the couple Horzephase and Guurlaymun from unknown regions of space who run a nightclub in downtown BC. The rest are individuals. Orion the Space Pirate who paid for asylum with the BC government and is currently at an undisclosed location. Then there are two more whose identities were vague at best. Braeuseieraue of the Losavouels Galaxy, and Saucheroro Bororo of the Ululala Galaxy. Neither of their locations or purposes were stated, and their visas are currently pending.

Their initial investigation revealed that the “song” that caused both the robot and the lackey to dance was of a man singing. This commonality leads them to believe someone is trying to attack them remotely. With this new threat, the villains looking for them, the device they have, and the scientific subject they obtained from the warehouse, what the hell is going on? And where the hell are my anchovy and cheese burritos?!

Lilly Kane, the private investigator Gord hired was soon captured by enemies and used to lure Gord. He was kidnapped, but quickly saved by Torturess and Sapphire. However, the enemy leader arrived with the woman in the red dress in tow. Their names were revealed to be Indigo Frost and Ember Rose. After a quick fight, the heroes escape with Gord and Lilly saved, and a captured mercenary, who Torturess later interogates.

In subsequent time, experimentation of the refrigeration unit and the chip have revealed it has some sort of AI that can take control of organic being when not contained in its chip housing. When contained, it interfaces with electrical devices to give animation and substance to “Kirsten” — the goo girl that the heroes rescued from the Sovereign Storage team.

The internal power crystal seems to have been originally alien technology, and brought the team’s investigation of aliens new information. In addition, goblin scouts returned to indicate that some of the information gained from Torturess’ interrogation of the captured mercenary revealed that of the three buildings, the building in the financial district is the same as the one that Big Toro’s lawyers use. With all of the lines connecting together, they prepare to infiltrate that facility.

In addition, with Carol Hastings’ help, Gord sets up an interview with the pop princess Diva in place of the Rag’s usual correspondent. Before the concert, where they planned to sneak Gord and Lizbet into the backstage area using press passes from Carol’s publication, the Rag, the police inspector called Taimi to inform her that she found Saucheroro Bororo, the alien from the Ululalan Galaxy.

After interviewing him at the police station, she found out that he was in fact a judge from the galaxy on secret business on the behest of the Ululalan Empire. From this interview, she learned that Diva, and the Arzali people are in fact shape-makers, not to be confused with shape-changers. Shape-makers create the shape of their children before birth, becoming the architects of their own biology in favor of creating beings that look like they people they will in fact rule. This explains Diva’s human-like appearance. Their only true tell is their metallic skin.

Gord and Lizbet’s interview with Diva went well, so well in fact they got a later more official audience with her, a bloodline relative of the current Emperor of the Ululalan Empire. They learned that the assassin was likely of Arzali blood, and also likely to have metallic skin. She offered to help cure Landice and inoculate them from the assassin’s attack, but they declined the inoculation, while accepting the offer for her to cure Landice.

The heroes arrived at the Arzali consulate palace in Diva’s stretch limousine. Diva used her power to cure Landice in her audience chamber, and then was returned to the hospital for observation. Later, Diva brought them down to her ship’s simulator room, where she simulated what the alien gem would do to Kirsten, turning her into a killer. They then determined that the crystal was probably alien technology taken from the ruined hull of Mechzilla, the once goliath city destroyer taken down by Sapphire Zephyr. In order to counter the AI’s directive in the crystal, they would need a new more powerful crystal to counteract it. In the interest of saving Kirsten, or adding to his harem, Gord sacrificed his alien stick to create a crystal of high enough quality.

After returning back to base, Gord investigating Alvin Goddard, the financial wizard behind the mercenaries, and discovered a link to the Borderline City military. The Assistant Director of the BC Research, Ernold Jor division had his hands in a dirty pot of gold, so the heroes went out to investigate his mansion, discovering a large compound by the ocean. Together, they infiltrated his abode and discovered a secret lair underneath, with all sorts of nasty traps. Luckily, they found the skeleton key handcuffed to the ass. director’s bedpost. Using his knowledge of the base, they short-cutted to the end where they found a bunch of robots in a lab.

The lab turned out to be the secret in construction fortress of Ernold Jerganstein, the Ass. Dir. of BC’s military research program. Between him, 13 killer robots and one mean looking platypus, the heroes are in trouble! However, they discover a genetically altered super soldier inside of a cryostasis pod. Releasing her tips the tides in their favor, allowing them to defeat the robots, and narrowly miss the escaping Dr. Jerganstein, now going by Dr. What?…yes the question mark is pronounced (Dr. Whaaaat?). However, he self destructs his base, and the heroes only escape with the help of Iron Maiden.

After the destruction of Dr. What?‘s compound and base, a series of riots begins to occur in the city over the new week. In the meantime, Gord investigates and finds a way to “fix” the gooey girl known as Kirsten. Naninami and Lizbet have become fast friends and wreak havoc upon traffic. And Taimi finds out that her best friend Jennifer, another waitress at the cafe, is missing. She works with Jennifer’s boyfriend Uriel to find clues. In doing so, she gets herself kidnapped as well.

It takes time, but eventually with Lizbet’s insistence, the heroes begin to search for Taimi. They track down leads until they locate the flying fortress that was associated with both Naninami’s capture, and numerous kidnapping events. They travel to the deserted area between New Normslund and Borderline City to find the kidnapper, and also the voice assassin. He flees the scene before they can capture him, but Gord manages to place a homing device on his car. This leads to his capture by Diva in an elaborate flashmob style concert at the assassin’s house.

With him in custody, they get the aid of the recently saved from the evil assassin’s clutches hero, Hang Ten and the help of Uriel, who turns out to be a bad guy but allied by common causes villain, Indigo Frost, they plan an assault on the fortress.

At the same time, Taimi organizes and internal revolt amongst the scientists and entrapped heroes and villains that Dr. What? has kidnapped. Both operations meet up and move in to take down Dr. What? in his laboratory. They find him fighting the youthful rogue Gwen, who can cause EMP blasts and throw lightning bolts from her own internal energy. She is defeated by the super villain, but saved in time by the arrival of all of the heroes. However, he is nearly unstoppable, with a fully powered up version of Gord’s staff… stolen from Gord in the present, and enhanced with gems from all over the time space continuum.

Dr. What? reveals his time travel plan to conquer the BC in the 1970’s before the arrival of Captain Masochisto. The team attempt to stop him, but he manages to send all of his equipment into the past, along with most of the scientists he would need to help him operate all of the machinery, except for Nani’s mother. With victory almost in his grip, he makes one fatal error. He forgot that time traveling is slippery business, and Gord already went there and done that.

His staff suddenly appears in his hands when Gord speaks a special word, causing the evil scientist to fall in, sans protective shielding, into the past, causing his body to explode. With him out of the way, Gord, at Torturess’ urging, jumps through the portal. This is all mysterious like until a small hover ship goes through a newly created hole in the side of the fortress, followed by Kirsten. Torturess enters it, and Gord aka Beauracraton reveals himself for the first time.

But not the last.

The heroes escape and count their blessings, although they lost a significant duo for the force of good. With Torturess’ betrayal, the team of 6 is cut in half. How will the heroes cope with this? Find out next season, on Heroes Anonymous.

Last Season

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