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Welcome to the Borderline city library, where all your answers can be questioned.

Rule related extras:
Character Creation – Basic rules to create a Cypher System character.
Contacts – Rules for relationships with friends, SOs, other heroes/villains, teams, the police or the city.
Services – Services available for all character types.

Solo Heroes and Teams: Cosplay Avengers, Avenging Angels, Cosmotronics, Captain Masochisto, Diva, Sir Isaac Integer, Hang Ten, MegaSpell, Rock’d Tear, Sonik the Boom, Winged Guy

Villains and Teams: Bureaucraton, Shadowclad, Techfiend, Big Toro, Torturess

Vigilantes, Rogues and the Unaligned: Geomistress, Steamborg

Dead Heroes, Villains and disbanded teams: Rapier, Gremliminator, Dr. What?, Larblaxlkazoop, MechZilla, the Elementals.

Locations, Food, Etc: The Cosplay Cafe, anchovy and cheese burrito, Channel 9, New Normslund, Karabou, Borderline Mercy Hospital, The BC Tundradome, Kaminetsky Model School, The Pale, ESPER Academy, European Unity, Hedron Collective.

Main Page

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