The Cosplay Cafe

The largest, and most popular Japanese anime stylized restaurant in Borderline City is also the only one to feature waitresses dressed entirely in costumes of anime characters. Run by Susana Duval since 2003, the cafe has grown into a two story building. The bottom floor is a regular cafe (albeit with scantily and sometimes heavily costumed women) where waitresses not only serve delicious teas, coffee and various treats, they also act the part of the character that they play. Whether this be the loving treatment of Belldandy (Oh! My Goddess), or the berating of Louise (Zero no Tsukaima), all customer’s needs are attended. On the top floor, a special viewing room has been established for those who want to share their anime fix with friends (and more delicious costumed waitresses of course), for a small fee.

The Cosplay Cafe is opening a second location, but is currently only located at 7th and Yellowbrooke in Downtown BC.

Owner: Susana Duval

Bartenders: Regina (Reggy) Halman (long platinum) she’s short and cosplays as Al from FMA; Joseph Alexander (short brown) aka Captain Alexander, pirate bartender.

Waitresses: Jennifer Alinovsky, Titania LeClaire

Former Waitresses: Sakurai Taimi (black hair) aka Sapphire Zephyr, Selene Noira Mayerson (black hair) aka Torturess

The Cosplay Cafe

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