Welcome to Borderline City, aspiring Hero!

Established in 1914, Borderline City (BC) is a city-state between two countries, a solace for those seeking asylum (in fact, there are twelve maximum security asylums within the city lines). It is protected by the Cosmotronics, and the originating location of the anchovy and cheese burrito. People from all around the world end up in this culturally diverse atmosphere, as the city has one of the largest alien populations per earthling than any other city. Anything goes here (aside from bad cosplaying), bringing out all of the best and worst of people, and sometimes they’re the same thing.

The game utilizes the Cypher System RPG using a combination of the Modern/Sci-fi and Superhero genres. Characters begin at Tier 1 with an optional profession skill, and three power shifts. Power shifts can be used per Optional rules, with the exception that they can only be used on powers once.

Welcome to the greatest place in between country of Karabou and New Normslund (also the only place between Karabou and New Normslund besides the river, and that’s a close second).

Game Structure

  • There is currently one player, a neophyte villain roaming the streets of Borderline City, fighting the bad fight, well… sometimes.
  • The events of past seasons all take place between 5-10 years ago in comparison to season 3.
  • If you want to (relatively) quickly be caught up on the First Season, click the words in blue to the left of the comma. I highly recommend reading this to see what the group gets up to. It lacks the intricate flavor of the game itself, but will at least let you know whether reading the ridiculously long adventure logs is worth your time.

Heroes Anonymous

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