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Session 34: Side Story Mi-chan

The Manly Miss Sakurai

As Taimi is leaving from Grem’s place, she receives a call from Suzana.

“I need you down here! Jennifer didn’t show up for work today, and I can’t reach her. I need you to pick up her shift!”

Taimi: “Hai, I’ll be right there!”

A dress transformation scene later, and Taimi is ready to go. She bumps into Selene in the dressing room.

Selene: What are you doing here?

Taimi: Jennifer didn’t show up, Suzana called me to fill in.

Selene: Uh-huh. Well, you’re in luck. Thomas is here. You get his table. He’s been pestering me these last few weeks.

Taimi groans and heads out into the cafe (or finishes changing, whichever is more appropriate).

Taimi finishes changing, luckily for her, into her maid uniform… yes it’s that time again, to greet a wonderful new work night that was supposed to be finish the suit night.

Thomas: Sel—oh, it’s you.

Taimi puts on her best fake smile, “Yes, is there something I can get for you, goshujin-sama?”

Thomas: Yes, you can make Selene wait my table. I like her now. She’s not all manly, like you.

Taimi: I’m sorry goshujin-sama, but Selene is very busy and asked me to take over some of her tables.

Thomas: Fine, but don’t beat anyone up while in the maid’s uniform, okay?

Taimi: Of course not goshujin-sama. Is there anything I could get you now?

Taimi goes through a few hours of her shift, gets a good tip from Thomas, even though he’s a total douche to her now that he has a new favorite. He sighs longingly at Selene as she carries trays back and forth to other customers.

Taimi: Phew, at least that’s over. (I assume Thomas left, you didn’t give me much to work with there)

Selene: Congratulations, you survived another encounter. Freak has been pestering me all week. Oh, mind taking the new guy that just entered, I need to go powder my nose.

Taimi: Well, at least he’s not being a total jerk to you, since you’re “not manly”. sighs

Selene: Haha yeah, he was talking about one of the times you took out some robbers or something. He was impressed enough to find you intimidating.

Taimi goes over to the new guy she mentioned. (He need seating? Or just order taken?)
He needs seating. The guy looks familiar. He’s tall, dark skinned and quite handsome. Taimi can’t quite place him though.

Taimi: Good afternoon, goshujin-sama. May I show you to a table, or are you waiting for someone?

Man: I’m looking for Jennifer. She isn’t responding to her phone. Is she here tonight?

Taimi: Ah, Jennifer’s boyfriend, I knew I recognized you. Mr… uh…

Man: Uriel. You’re… Taimi then? Yes, well, I need to speak with her immediately. She hasn’t responded for a few days, and I am worried.

Taimi: Ah, yes, Mr. Uriel. I’m sorry, but she hasn’t come in today. I was called in to fill in for her, since the cafe was busy.

Uriel: Oh God, not her too…

Uriel looks pale.

Taimi: Her too? what’s going on?

Uriel: It’s…none of your business. I had better go.

Taimi: Wait, she’s my friend, tell me what’s going on!

Uriel: I can’t confirm this yet, but I think she was taken. It’s bad business; it’s nothing that you want to be involved with.

Taimi: Of course I want to be involved, I want to know what happened to my friend, and help her if I can.

Uriel looks at Taimi for a moment. “You would risk being taken as well?”

Taimi: If it means finding my friend, yes.

Uriel: There is not much you can do, but wait to see if she comes around, or calls. Maybe she comes home on her own.

Taimi: But you already said she’s been out of contact with her for days.

Uriel: She left, once before. I had hoped that was the case this time, but she is not with her mother, or uptown with… my sister, like when she usually does not wish to see me. Though, we did not fight recently…

Taimi: Then what can we do to find her?

Uriel: I…have been making friends with men who would know, doing things to earn favors from these men. It’s the only way I know how.

He shakes his head. “I don’t know anymore.”

Taimi: Who are these men who would know?

Uriel: Men with underworld connections, violent thugs who pull on the strings of the politicians. They are easy to please, and know much, but none tell tales of Alia, or Jennifer. I grow weary.

Taimi: Alia?

Uriel looks up as if he realized what he said. “My sister.”

He shakes his head. "I must talk to some people. They owe me, and I will call in favors. Give me your cell number, and I’ll call you if you can help me?

Taimi: Of course. And I’ll call you if I hear anything from her.

Uriel nods, and then leaves the building.

Taimi receives a text.

At this point, I assume Taimi gets scolded for not working for the past several minutes. It’s from the special phone. She checks it to find that Gord sent her a collage of photos with little red circles in various locations. She zooms in to see a flash, or reflection in various places in them. They appear to be news photos of some sort, with the same graphical anomaly in each of them.

Gord texts: I found this same flash in most of the pictures from the recent villain riots. I can’t find anything that could be making or reflecting it in the pictures themselves, but maybe you tech girls can spot something.

Taimi texts: I’m at work. Can’t really take a look at it until I get off and back to the lab.

Taimi hears something loud, like a giant piece of metal crashing against the ground. It doesn’t sound like an explosion or a gunshot though.

Since Taimi is near the door already, she’ll take a cautious look.

There’s a fire in the distance, maybe three blocks down.

Taimi finds Susana quickly: Susana, there’s a fire a few blocks down, I’m going to go see if anyone is injured.

Susana: Ah yeah…shut the curtains and put up the closed sign. Maybe whatever craziness will stay outside.

Taimi goes as fast as her short legs will carry her to the fire. As soon as she walks out, Gremliminator pops out of a sewer nearby.

(Continued in Session 34)


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