Heroes Anonymous

Session 35 (Week 6)

Don the Don, an exclusive interview with the legendary smuggler/mobster

Lizbet has the keys to a different car in her hands. She waves them at Naninami. “Ready to go? Does Grem need a ride?”

Naninami: Yup! I’m ready. Let’s call Grem and figure out where to meet him.

The pair head to the basement where Lizbet unlocks a 2012 Dodge Viper. “You gotta yell shotgun before you go in.”

Naninami looks up from dialing Grem’s number: Oh! Shotgun!

Lizbet presses a button that causes the windows of the driver’s and front passenger’s seat to roll down.

Lizbet: Then you have to slide in without opening the door.

Lizbet attempts this very thing, but doesn’t quite manage it, falling over when she sticks one foot in, losing her balance once she brings the other one in.

Lizbet: It looked so much easier on TV.

Nani slides into the passenger’s seat through the window. (4 vs. Body 10 + Acrobatics 2)

Gord’s cellphone rings.

Lizbet: Whoa, you’re amazing.

Gord: Mmyeeees?

Lizbet begrudgingly enters the vehicle the normal way. “Next time, I’ll get it right.”

Nani: Hey, Mr. Grem. Lizbet and I are leaving to meet Don the Don and get you that bot thing. Want us to pick you up someplace?

Lizbet slips into her seat belt, and then starts revving her engine.

Gord: Depends. Did Lizbet try that sliding-in-through-the-window thing to get in the car again?

Nani: Yeah, I think she needs to work on it more. Next time she should try feet first instead of butt first.

Gord: Good advice. But no, I’ve got my own ride, thanks.

Back at the Sapphire Dungeon…err…Taimi’s lair… her alarm is ringing. However, she doesn’t remember having work until the late afternoon, since she’s taking Jennifer’s shift, since she’s still missing.

Nani: OK. She turns to Lizbet He’s got his own ride. Where should he meet us?

That sounds like way too much information for Taimi’s brain to process when there’s some noisy thing ringing in her ear, waking her up.

Lizbet: Parking lot at the east BC dockyard. We’re meeting Don the Don inside the dockyard.

She remembers because she mentally reserved the time for sleep. Her brain is amazing at coming up with excuses to not wake up.

Naninami passes the information onto Grem then realizes it might be easier just to use the zPhone’s speakerphone function.

Gord: Thanks. I’ll meet you there.

Lizbet pulls out of her parking spot, and then guns it, nearly knocking over a couple walking to their car. She cuts around a curve with the precision of a Nascar driver as she exits the parking garage. The bars automatically go up as she approaches, but she goes through it anyway, shattering it to a million pieces.

Her vehicle’s progress is unfazed as she cuts directly into traffic without stopping.

The next 15 minutes for the two of them are pretty much a Need for Speed video game, and surprisingly after creating at least a half dozen crashes, and performing a barrel roll, no cops are chasing after her.

Nani frantically attempts to fasten her seatbelt. The bat she fell asleep next to even keeps her pesky robot servant away.

Naninami: You think this meeting’s going to be OK? I mean he might be angry seeing me again.

Lizbet: Why would he be angry?

She cuts off a semi on the highway, causing it to jackknife.

Lizbet: He’s a cool guy. I buy most of my restricted parts from him now that I don’t have the superhero’s free pass.

They arrive at the dockyard well ahead of schedule. Lizbet goes over a hedge wall into the parking lot, landing directly on an empty space.

Lizbet: And we’re here!

Nani: Whoah.

Gord eventually pulls up on his street hog, still in plenty of time to make the meeting

Nani: Hey, Mr. Gord!

After a few minutes, the Gremliminator shows up with Kirsten in a trenchcoat on the back of his bike and

Torturess on her own bike.

Torturess: Whoa, nice ride Liz-inator. Who’d you mug for that set of wheels?

Lizbet: He gave it to me fair and square. I didn’t “mug” him persay.

Torturess cracks her knuckles.

Kirsten: Shiny.

Lizbet dials her phone. “Can’t get Taimi for the life of me. Anyone else talk to her?”

Nani: Hi, Kirsten. How are you doing?

Kirsten: Good…
She grabs Grem’s arm. “Bike riding is cold.”

Lizbet tries again.

Lizbet: Oh well, it’s time anyway. I’ll go pick her up if we get an operation out of this adventure.

The group heads down to the meeting point, which ends up being a yacht.

Gord: So what exactly are we doing here, again?

Lizbet: Meeting Don the Don…I’ll let Nani say why.

Lizbet texts Taimi.

Nani: I think Don the Don is the guy who tried help Myrna tried to sneak me out of Karabou.

Torturess: So, beat him to a pulp?

Gord: Wait, no, that’s good, wasn’t it?

Nani: I want to see if he has any idea why I wound up here. And if he has any idea where Myrna is.

Nani: Lizbet trusts him, so I’m guessing he didn’t do something like sell the chronostasis chamber to Dr. What?

Lizbet: He’s not the villain type. He is an honorable smuggler. If you sign a contract with him, he honors it even if it costs him more money than you paid. He doesn’t sell things so much as just transport. If they paid him to transport her to the USA they would be there. So someone probably either paid him to take him to Dr. What? or they stole it from him.

Nani: Myrna was willing to trust me to Don Ronaldo. Don’t think she had much choice, but still… Besides Miss T., we’ve got you along to get the real story if he’s not trustworthy.

Gord: From the sound of it, you must have been stolen. He doesn’t sound like that type who would take two contracts on one cargo.

Lizbet: Oh, there’s his guys.

A pair of guards with AK-47s walk down the dock towards the group of ‘heroes’. They don’t seem aggressive, and Lizbet seems to not be alarmed at all.

Lizbet: Hey guys, we’re here to see Don the Don.
One of them is balding, mid-40’s, dark skin, walks up to them. “Hi Miss Integer. We have to do a quick weapons check on your friends.”

The other, a woman in her thirties with long black hair shoulders her AK-47 and begins patting down Torturess who looks at her with amused eyes.

Torturess only smiles when they find “only” four knives in each of her boots and confiscate her whip.
Gord hands over his bandolier of grenades before the patdown even starts: Here, just to simplify things a bit.

Nani: How does this weapon check thing work?

The man takes one look at Grem’s utility belt. “Er… that looks rather full of weapons.”

The man accepts it. “Thanks.”

The woman pats Nani down with a weird look.

Gord: I prefer to think of them as tools. It’s just that they’re tools designed to ruin someone’s day.

Nani: Hey! Watch the tail. It’s attached.

Woman: Oh, sorry… you’re clean.

Nani walks away muttering “Should be cleaned I showered this morning.”

The man takes one look at Kirsten… “Err… what…?”

The woman stops. “Uh, I don’t see any weapons in her…”

Kirsten: Clean…

Man: Alright, come this way.
Gord: She doesn’t have weapons. She’s just kid, really, but I couldn’t find a babysitter. You know how it is.

Man: Uh-huh…

They lead them up the gangplank into Don the Don’s rather fabulous yacht. The deck is half covered where he obviously had a party the previous night, as there are quite a few unconscious drunk people still left over.

Don the Don, a man in his thirties with jet black hair and big sunglasses wearing a full on Hefner-style robe approaches them.

Don the Don: If it isn’t little Lizzie, oh how you’ve grown up so much since the last time we met. Oh wait, that was a few weeks ago. Perhaps I think of someone else. Haha. Good to meet you… and your interesting group of friends. Please, let me introduce myself. I am Don Ronaldo, officially “Don Don Ronaldo” but since that sounds immensely silly, I prefer Don the Don.

Lizbet gives him a brief hug.

Nani: Hello, Mr. Ronaldo.

Gord: Pleasure to meet you.

Lizbet: This is Mr. Gremliminator and his sidekick Torturess (Torturess: I prefer assistant!), and their gooey uhh child? Kirsten… And this is Naninami, a genetically created super soldier that you you were supposed to deliver to the USA a few years ago, but instead she got picked up by a supervillain and spent that time in a chronostasis chamber.

Nani watches the Don’s reaction to Lizbet’s introduction. “You wouldn’t know any more about what happened, would you?”

Don looks rather perturbed. “Ah yes, let’s go to my office. Mer, Tela, you two stay here and get these bums escorted home. I’m going to talk to these fine folks in private. No interruptions of any kind, short of a bomb threat.”

Don: Right this way, folks.

He escorts the group to his office on the far side of the yacht, where a mammoth sized desk fills the room, facing several couches, recliners and a few swanky antique chairs.

Gord whistles: Nice yacht.

Don the Don: Thank you, I highly recommend owning a yacht as a residence. Not having to pay property taxes, and not having to worry about overstaying one’s welcome are luxuries I couldn’t do without now.

Don the Don pulls out an expensive bottle of scotch and several glasses. “Any takers?”

Gord: Only problem is that they don’t connect to the city’s sewers too well. I guess a good cargo area would serve some of the same purposes, though.

Gord accepts the scotch

Nani sits down in one of the recliners and accidentally activates the recline feature. After a couple attempts to return the chair to its normal position, she finds another chair.

Don pours one for himself and another for Gord, placing the other glasses away. "Now, to business. I am well aware of the situation (two?) years ago. I took a contract with Myrna Jipson to deliver herself and the girl here to the USA. All was underway when a Borderline City military vehicle like I’d never seen intercepted my ship. It was a large floating base, something like a dozen helicopters floating a missile platform.

Don the Don drains his Scotch, which Gord realizes is at least 40 years old. It’s amazing.

Don: So, they confiscated the woman and the chronostasis chamber, and then sank my ship.

Don the Don pours himself another glass of scotch.

Torturess: Wow…

Naninami: What happened to Myrna?

Don the Don: I’m afraid I do not know. I tried to locate her, but she has been missing ever since she was abducted by the military. I did manage to track down the man she was with the night I took the two of you towards the USA, but he seemed as startled as I was when the floating missile boat leveled my ship and murdered my crew.

Don the Don opens a drawer in his desk and pulls out a folder that he opens, takes a second to gaze at, and then slides it across the table to where Gord is sitting.

Gord opens the folder

He finds a few large, blurry photos of the missile platform that Don was speaking about.

Naninami: How did you know they were from Borderline City?

Don the Don: They had BC Military uniforms, they talked with a BC accent, and they declared “This vehicle is under arrest by the Borderline City coast guard!” when they arrived, though the coast guard does not have flying vehicles to my knowledge.

Gord: Lizbet, you ever seen anything like this?

He shows her the pictures.

Nani: The villian who had me when these folks found me had a BC submarine, so that makes sense.

Lizbet’s eyes bulge. "Wow! No. Never! That’s amazing. It’s supporting that huge structure with such small repulsor lifts. That technology is like… ten years out of grasp of my father, and Integer Industries is far ahead of anyone in the world in that area.

Don the Don: Yes, that is why I did not search too hard for it. I did not want to lose another vessel to that monstrosity.

Gord: Seems odd that someone has one of these with no one knowing about it.

Lizbet: Advanced cloaking tech?

Don the Don shrugs, downing his scotch.

Lizbet checks her phone, and starts typing. “Sec guys, gonna call my friend.”

Lizbet exits the room.

Naninami looks at the photos. “They used that to get me? And used it to kill a boat full of people.”
Don nods. "The report I have from a survivor who snapped those shots confirmed the boat’s loss and the kidnapping of yourself and Dr. Jipson.

Don the Don: I am deeply embarrassed by my inability to fulfill the contract to deliver you and your friend to the United States. For this, I will do all in my power to at least find her, and make sure you are not taken again.

Gord: How advanced would their cloaking tech need to be, Lizbet?

Nani: Thank you, Mr. Ronaldo. I’m so sorry you lost your crew because of me and Myrna.

Lizbet answers just as she re-enters the room. "Beyond anything I’ve heard of. They have advanced repulsors…cloaking tech only works for small vehicles right now, like motorcycles and submersibles, and parachutes. Moving vehicles are very difficult to conceal.

Lizbet: They are doing work on an invisible tank, but it’s taking way too much power to do safely.
Nani: I’m going to find Myrna and after what you’ve already lost helping us, I couldn’t ask you to help me. But I’m very glad you’ve offered to help.

Don the Don: No, I insist and will not take no for an answer. I will provide you with any amenities you require to aid you in your search, in addition to two of my investigators.

Nani: Thank you, Don.

Don the Don: Of course. It’s the least I can do.

Gord: I don’t suppose you’ve recently delivered anyone the kind of tech that can make normal people start a riot, have you?

Don the Don: I could not answer if I had, but since I did not, no. You mean riot gas? Or a chemical that would cause the recent riots appearing in the city?

Gord: A chemical, or I’ve heard things about ultrasonics. I’m just brainstorming for connections here.

Don the Don: No, I know nothing of any tech like that. It seems the military would have no problem concocting it though. They have several prototype crowd control weapons that I have been contacting for information recently, though none “Cause” riots.

Gord: Hm.

Torturess: Sounds like we need to go interview this military guy that was with Nani and the doctor.

Gord: That would be a good start.

Nani: Don, you said you’ve talked to Mr. Ishikawa. Do you have a way of finding him again?

Don the Don: I provided his safe house in New Normslund.

Don the Don writes down coordinates on a piece of paper. He hands it to Gord.

Don the Don: Also, here is my number in case you need anything, Naninami. I will provide you with a safehouse or base if you wish, since you seem to have taken up with vigilantes.

Nani: Vigilantes… That means… Oh! So that’s what they are. I thought Lizbet just drove like that for fun. But… Yeah, that’s a good idea.

Nani: I may need a place to hide if the bad guys find out what we’re up to.

Don the Don: Here’s the keys to a disguised mobile base I have hidden on the docks. They can appear as anything from a shipping container to a bigrig, a ship or anything of similar size.

Nani: Thanks.

Don the Don: So, is there any more questions? Lizbet? You always seem to have a dozen.

Lizbet: Can you invite me to your next party?

Don the Don: In three years, sweety.

Lizbet =(

Lizbet: Can I have one of those bases too?

Don the Don: Buy your own, love.

Lizbet =(

Lizbet: What about…uh…nope, I’m done.

Nani: Aw, you can borrow mine if you need to.

Lizbet =)

Kirsten: Liz…your face…it changes…like me…

Don the Don takes a quick glance at Kirsten, but decides the scotch is suddenly fascinating.

Gord sighs at all this: I think that’s all our questions. Thanks for you help, but we should probably take the kids home now.

Kirsten: Can…I…drive?

Nani: Thanks again, Mr. Ronaldo. We’ll find Myrna and the people who killed your crew.

Gord: We’ll find a time especially for teaching you, Kirsten, but not right now.

Gord: At the least you need to get used to the cold first.

Kirsten: Can…I…go with…Liz?

Lizbet looks hopeful.

Don the Don walks over to Naninami and hands her keys.

Gord: Sure. I don’t think she can hurt you.

Don the Don: Go to Container B23. Open it and don’t be surprised that it looks different on the inside than the out.

Lizbet and Kirsten =)

Nani takes the keys. “Container B23.”

Nani: OK, let’s go.

Nani: Cya later Don the Don. I’ll let you know when we find something out.

Don the Don: Good luck, little one. Be safe.


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