Heroes Anonymous

Session 36 (Week 6)

Sapphy or Sapphy or where can she be?

Nani’s lair turns out to be quite a cool setup. It looks like a trailer, except it has a bunk, shower, and is actually mobile, but will drive as an ‘over-sized load’ quite slowly in order to relocate.

Gord: Huh. Well, I’m just sitting here with Kirsten going through police reports right now, looking for anything useful.

Gord: And Torturess is showering with the door closed.

Gord: If either of you knows anything about programming and could help me write a search bot, I’d be appreciative.

Naninami: I’m afraid I’m not much good with computers. Asks Lizbet You know how to write a search bot?

Lizbet hands Nani a flash drive.

Lizbet: Use that.

Naninami into phone: She just gave me a storage device that has one.

Gord: Once again Lizbet amazes and kind of confounds me.

Naninami: Let’s meet tomorrow and I’ll give it to you.

Gord keeps slogging through police reports, searching for each of the names he’s collected.

Kirsten: See new things?

Gord: I’m trying. I might need to just program a bot to go through these and pull out relevant reports.

Kirsten: Bot…like…killbot?

Gord: No. Just a little computer program to automate the search.

Kirsten: Good, killbots are mean.

Gord: Yes, yes they are.

So now Gord has the search program that can go through newspapers, missing persons reports, and piece together commonalities.

Nani finds a sewer map full of shortcuts in her lair, in addition to all sorts of other maps and guides. Nani will busily explore the lair in a haphazard fashion.

Gord inputs the names of the missing women into the search program. Open all the drawers, bounce on the bunk, that sort of thing.

Nani finds a drawer full of fake identities, all with her photo.

There are three Roses that have gone missing, but none recently. No one named Geo. One Lily Brackett went missing three weeks ago, the missing persons report details the events of her abduction. A Gwyneth Lepaige, a teenager, was reported missing a year ago, but she is believed to have run away. A Gwyn Alexander was reported missing a month ago.

The search bot is still running, going through other cities as well, but so far that’s all its picked up. There are no reports on Jennifer Alinovsky or Uriel.

Gord is searching when he receives a call from Lizbet.

Gord: What’s up?

Lizbet: Taimi didn’t show up for work today! So I walked to her apartment and found that a riot occurred in between. There were injured cosplayers everywhere… I think you need to get over here ASAP.

Gord: They’re just cosplayers, Lizbet.

Gord: I’m sure you can handle them.

Lizbet: But…I mean it already happened. She’s not at her apartment either. I can’t find her, and she’s not answering her cell.

Gord: Alright, alright, I’ll head on over.

Lizbet calls Naninami.

Nainami: Hi, Lizbet! Calling to find out when you can check out my hiding place?

Lizbet: No, just seeing if you’ve heard from Taimi. She didn’t show up for work, and she’s not at her apartment. One of those riots occurred during her walk to work so I’m worried about her.

Nani: Want me to help find her?

Lizbet: Would you? That’d be good. I mean, her suit is still in storage, and it looks ready to go, so she’s not fighting… but I have no clue where she’s gone. I even called around various techshops but no one meeting her description has been there.

Nani finds a Vespa outside her safehouse.

Nani grabs a random ID from the drawer, just in case. She glances at the name. “Melba Toste?…” She shrugs and goess outside.

Nani: What a cute little scooter.

It’s handy that the keys are in the ignition and there’s a note on it.

Note: Naninami, please enjoy the city while I search for the villains who stole away your mother. Just make sure to use the IDs I provided and stay out of trouble! ~Don

Nani makes a mental note to thank Don for the Vespa next time they meet up. Locks up the new lair. “Lizbet,” she asks on the phone, “Where should I meet you?”

Lizbet: Go down second street into downtown until the police stop you with a barricade. Then find parking and call me.

Gord walks down the street toward the sound of picking up after a riot

Nani: OK *she checks directions from the zPhone GPS and heads off.

There are ambulances everywhere.

Apparently the crowd had to be put down with tear gas, and only stopped when police arrived in force.

Lizbet runs up to Gord.

Lizbet: No one remembers seeing her here, from the few people who didn’t try to punch me, but there were a lot of people in costume all over the place.

Gord: It would be hard to tell the masks from the cosplayers here. Checked the video yet?

Lizbet: No, what video?

Gord: There’s always dudes with cameras near the cosplay cafe. I’d be amazed if none of them came over here for a shot when they heard the riot.

Nani arrives at the police barricade.

Gord: If they didn’t take part, they’re probably uploading it to the internet already.

Lizbet: The police have already rounded up most of the evidence. We’d have to talk to someone in there.

Nani finds a safe parking spot for the scooter, then gets past the police barracade in search of Lizbet.

She tracks her down quickly meeting them near the Cafe.

Lizbet: Nani!

Gord looks around just to make sure no one dropped a camera that no one’s noticed yet

Nani: Hi, Lizbet.

There are people in the cafe with cameras, but no dropped ones.

Lizbet: Thanks for coming so quickly. I am worried…

Gord asks around the cafe to see if anyone recorded the riot

A man raises his hand. "Yeah sure. Been watching the video all day. I charge $5 to see it.

A man next to him says, “You totally scammed that off Maury, Dave. I don’t think you should be charging people to see it.”

Gord: Dave, is it? Look, you like this cosplay cafe?

Dave: Yeah man, hang out here all the time.

Gord: You noticed the waitresses here are disappearing? I’m trying to find them, and that video could have vital clues.

Dave: Vital enough to pay fifty dollars?

Nani: Don’t worry, Lizbet. We’ll find her.

Lizbet is fuming.

Gord: Vital enough to punch dicks stopping me from seeing it.

Dave: I charge extra for that… say a hundred bucks?

Gord is trying very hard to remember he’ll probably want to come here in the future

Lizbet walks up to him and pushes him out of his chair.

She then sits down, jams a device into his computer.

Dave: Wow there bro-etta. No need to get physical. Unless you want to get physical…

Nani: Thanks for letting my friend use your computer. Why don’t you just sit on the floor till she’s done?

Dave: Oh hey, a cosplayer. Wow don’t see many of those around here. Can I take your picture?

Nani: What? Why would you want to take my picture?

Gord: Because he’s a perv.

Dave: Nah man, not a perv. I want to take a picture of the worse cosplayer I’ve ever seen. She’s great at sucking.

Lizbet: Got it.

Nani: I don’t understand what your talking about. Maybe you should see a doctor when you leave here. I think you may have suffered a brain injury.

Gord: I’m guessing he was dropped on his head as a baby. Several times.

Dave: Yeah, probably, by your mom when I was doing her.

Gord looks up at all the staff I assume are watching this: Would anyone really mind if I just tased this guy?

Dave: Ohhh violence, so original! Ahaha you’ve been trolled!
He pressed a button on his chest and his image disappears, causing it to change to something green, gnarly and hairy.

Dave: You’ve been trolled by Super Troll! Ahahahaha!

He then vanishes in a poof of smoke.

Man next to him: Huh, thought he was weird..

Everyone in the cafe looks unperturbed. The video however reveals that it was taken inside of the crowd.

Gord: Huh. Last I heard that guy had messed with a real villain and been taken out. Someone needs to tell Macro Machine to be more thorough.
Lizbet: Wow, Super Troll, no way! I’ve read about him. He’s awesome! He gets under your skin and makes you resort to violence, then flees!

Gord: If I’d known it was him, I’d have just threatened him in the first place to get rid of him.

Nani: At least you got to see his video. Did you see any clues about what happened to Taimi?

Strangely, the video has no sound. However, it plays back moments before the riot ensued. It starts with people cued up to enter the local con, or in line for the taco trucks and other various things. Then all of a sudden smoke starts to rise out of one side of the sidewalk, and then everyone starts pummeling each other.

The person taking the video seems to be unaffected, recording most of it before someone attacks the guy with the camcorder.

Lizbet: That’s intense.

Gord: The guy taking the video wasn’t affected even though it looks like he was in the crowd.

Lizbet: He wasn’t out of range either. He’s right next to one guy who starts going berserk.

Gord: Can we tell what happened after the guy was finally attacked?

The video stops when the recorder is stabbed by someone with a “fake” sword and then the camera is dropped.

Gord: Did you see anyone you recognize in there?

Lizbet: Me? No. Just a bunch of cosplayers. Oh… I thought I saw a robot at 33.

Lizbet: You know, those shiny things.

She stops it at 33 and there’s a brief moment in the sky where there’s a reflection above the crowd before the riot begins.

Gord: Good eye.

Lizbet: Dunno how that helps us though.

Nani: Do lots of people have robots out here?

Gord: It’s more proof, at least.

Lizbet: No video of Taimi at all though…

Lizbet: Robots are uncommon. Mostly only villains or heroes have them.

Gord: Did you ask the cops for a casualty list at all?

Lizbet: Three deaths. Two sword killings, and one curb-stomp.

Gord: They should have lists of everyone injured eventually.

Gord: Hrm. Do any of us actually have a hero license?

Lizbet: Nope.

Lizbet: Just Taimi.

Gord sighs: That does make interacting with the police a lot harder.

Nani: So Taimi isn’t in that video. Does it show everyplace the riot happened, or just part of it?

Lizbet: It shows that it happened over the whole block.

Gord: Show me the smoke again.

Lizbet: See here. This instigates it. There’s some smoke over here. The camera man notices it with his camera. Then people all stop about a second later, and look around. Then it’s fight club.

Gord looks closely. There’s a short, quick localized burst of smoke.
does it look special in anyway?

It’s a burst of white smoke that disperses quickly. They can’t see the area well, because its a bit further down the sidewalk.

Gord: That’d be hard to examine while the cops are crawling all over the riot area.

Lizbet: Not really. They aren’t really preventing anyone from walking around. I waltzed all over.

Gord: Right, right, I keep expecting this city to be sane. Silly me.

Nani: If we wait until they leave, won’t they take all the important stuff?

Lizbet: Sounds like an undercover operation to me!

Gord: Well, let’s see if we can find the spot this smoke came from, then.

The trio walks down the street, locating the spot by its proximity to a Cheesy Chuck’s truck.

It’s all torn up inside. You’d have to make your own. It’s actually tipped over.

Gord: I don’t suppose any of us have a portable spectrograph.

The area in the center of the block is relatively clear. Most of the people have been cleared from it, so there’s various stuff littered around.

There’s various cosplayer things, a random broken fake weapon here and there, lots of food and garbage. I need a search check. Mind + any heightened senses or investigative skills.

Nami comes across what appears to be a gas canister.

Nani signals for Liz and Gord to come over, when it seems like no cops are looking. They don’t seem to care.

Lizbet: Whatcha find?

Nani: It looks like a gas canister.

The canister is steel and small with no markings.

Gord: How suspicious.

Lizbet: Is it a tear gas canister?

Lizbet: This is so lame. Where are you Taimi?!

She puts her phone to her head.

Gord: Those are usually well marked.

Gord: If we take this back to the lair, I should be able to figure out what was in it.

Nani: So where did this come from? The video didn’t show anyone throwin it.

Gord: Setting it here with some sort of timed device would be child’s play.

Music nearby begins to play. Nani looks for some sign of a timing device.

Lizbet: Answer me, Taimi. Why don’t you answer?

Lizbet hangs up. The music stops. Gord calls Taimi, then looks for the music Music starts playing.

“Never gonna give you up,
Never gonna let you down,
Never gonna run around and desert you.
Never gonna make you cry,
Never gonna say goodbye,
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.”

Gord walks towards it and finds a phone against the curb.

Nani searches the area but doesn’t find any timers or any devices like that.

Gord: Found something interesting over here.

The phone has an Autobot sticker on the back, and is also covered in rhinestones. It’s a shiny blue color.

Lizbet: Huh, what’s that.

Gord: It’s a phone with a robot and encrusted with fake sapphires. I’m guessing it’s SZ’s.

Lizbet: Yeah, that’s hers.

Lizbet gets a bit teary eyed.

Gord: At least we know why she’s not answering her phone.

Nani: Well, I can’t find a timer for the gas canister. Doesn’t mean it didn’t have one… Oh,

Nani hugs Liz.

Gord: Lizbet, do you think there’s a way to track the doohickey she uses to call her armor?

Lizbet: I dunno, but Pochi would.

Gord: Let’s go find out, then I can examine the gas can.

Dadadadadadadadaaaaa… swirly screen reopens with the trio at the door to Taimi’s apartment.

Lizbet knocks.

Lizbet: Oh right, the secret knock.

She performs shave and a haircut on the door. The door opens. Gord rolls his eyes

Pochi: Oh hello, miss, Lizbet. How are you? Oh, you’re not supposed to bring friends in here. He slams the door shut.

Nani: Are all robots rude?

Lizbet: No, but Pochi is when not dealing with Taimi. He only barely tolerates me.

Gord: Apparently that’s more than he’ll do for us.

Gord: If you want to deal with the automaton for us, I can get back to my lab with the gas canister.

Lizbet: Yeah, Taimi is a fan of the little guy, so she refuses to reference his software.

Lizbet nods. “Will do.”

Lizbet knocks again.

Gord takes Nani back to the lair

Pochi: Oh, mistress, the results to this encounter will not change. I will however give you the address to a nice inn, where you can go stay for as long as you like.

That’s what they hear as they leave for the sewers. They arrive back at the sewer lair.
head to the lab and check the gas canister for chemical residues. It takes a few minutes, and it tests positive for a paralytic gas.

Gord: Interesting. Paralytic’s not what I would expect if this is supposed to start a riot.

Gord: But if it intended to paralyze SZ before the riot started….

Nani: So they started the riot to hide the fact they wanted to kidnap SZ?

Gord: Could be. That means someone knows her civilian identity and where she would be, though.

Gord: Either someone she knows or someone who has access to the cops’ hero database.

Nani: I thought you told “Dave” that more than one waitress had disappeared

Gord: There’s another one that hasn’t showed up to work for a while now.

Gord: I have the search bot SZ gave me looking for any reports on her.

Nani: I hope it’s not that Dr. What? creep again. Using robots to get Taimi is the kind of icky thing he’d do.

Gord: We need to double check Maury’s video to see if we can see anything by the smoke puff. Probably won’t be anything….

Gord checks the current status of the search bot

Gord runs it through his computer systems…

The bot has found numerous missing person’s reports in conjunction with the time stamps of the riots. He manages to break down the video… finding that there is nothing by the smoke but people. He does get a one frame shot of Taimi’s purple hair, however.

Gord: Well, we have her on camera. Kind of.

Gord looks to see if he can make the search bot look for any masks who were last seen prior to the riots

After a few minutes, the bot turns up a beach video.

A woman is at the top of a wave.

Cameraman: Woah! Hang Ten goes for another gold! Check out that wave!

She rides it back to shore, where people are cheering.

The cameraman approaches her.

“So babe, whatcha doing tonight?”

“Hopefully you…” the woman then hugs the man. “Let me just get changed and we can go to dinner.”

Suddenly the sound in the video goes out.

Replaced with a loud screech and suddenly the camera is spinning.

The I-Tube comments state, “Yeah Man, I was there, totally got wupped by some little kids with surf boards. Whole beach went to hell.”

This is tied to a missing person’s report for Hang Ten aka Tanya Summers, the mysterious beauty who has control over the ocean.

She’s one of the city’s open heroes.

Gord: Ok, so at least one other hero has gone missing in these riots.

Gord’s phone rings. he checks the caller ID: Lizbet.

Gord answers: What’s up?

Lizbet: So Pochi does have a way to track her, but apparently something is jamming the signal. He says she’s likely somewhere between BC and New Normslund, because he can’t get a signal past there.

Gord: If he can move, he should be able to triangulate that at least a little and cut down the area we have to search. Do you know if SZ and Hang Ten have ever worked together?

Gord explains what he’s found.

Lizbet: During the Mechzilla event, they fought together to take him down.
Nani watches the Hang Ten video in slow motion looking for robots or smoke.

Gord: Who else fought Mechzilla?

Nani finds the reflection of the robots… but no smoke. She does notice that Hang Ten suddenly turns around right before the cameraman throws the camera.

Lizbet: Uh, Hospice, Winged Guy, Rock’d Tear… At least, they’re the few survivors.

Gord: Winged Guy fought Mechzilla? And survived?

Nani: Hey, Mr. Gord. Robots got the surf girl, too.

Lizbet: Uh, he kind of was there.

Lizbet: He officially participated…

Gord: Alright, see if you can get Pochi to narrow things down any further. I’m going to go look for any info on the others and how they’re doing now

Gord has Hospices Phone number in Taimi’s phone.

Gord says goodbye to Lizbet and calls Hospice.

Hospice: Hello, Sapphire?

Gord: Sorry, no. This is the Gremliminator. Sapphire Zephyr is slightly missing right now.

Hospice: That’s horrible…I…can I be of help?

Gord: Actually, I wanted to make sure you were alright. There’s a bit of evidence that these riots lately might be smokescreens covering up the abduction of the survivors of the Mechzilla fight. Hang Ten is missing as well.

While reviewing the video further, Nani sees someone approaching Hang Ten but not in beach wear, instead completely covered in a hooded robe.

Hospice: Ah I heard about Tanya. She went missing a few weeks ago. I haven’t encountered anything strange so far. I’ll be careful though.

Gord: Alright. You might want to watch out for hooded guys. If you know anything about Rock’d Tear or Winged Guy, that could be useful for us.

Gord: I might be jumping to conclusions with the Mechzilla connection, but an ounce of prevention….

Nani freezes the picture and looks for a way to zoom in on the anti-sunbather.
Hospice: Rock’d Tear visits a Dermatologist here. I might be able to get a number.

Hospice: I’ll text it to you.

Gord: Thank you.

Hospice: Feel free to add me to your phone if I can help you in anyway.

Nani zooms in but he man is completely obscured. He is wearing a mask under his hood, likely a ski mask, and is wearing gloves.

She’ll get the video for today’s riot and see if Mr. Unknown shows up.

Nani: Robe guy.

Sure enough, she locates Mr. Unknown near the smoke.

Gord: Will do. Thanks again, and I’ll call you if we find out anything else.

Nani: Same guy, girl, robe wearing robot…

Gord: Does the robed one show up before or after Taimi?

Nani: He appears just after the smoke begins to appear.

Gord: How many riots have there been, including today?

Lizbet: The numbers aren’t official, but at least three dozen.

Gord: That’s a lot of riots for a smokescreen, so it’s either not actually connected or it’s a great smokescreen.

Gord calls Rock’d Tear.

Voice mail: Hello, you have reached 555-6734. Please leave your name number after the beep.

Gord leaves a simple message: Hello, this is the Gremliminator. Just calling to see if you’re kidnapped. If not, give me a call at (leaves his mask number).

Gord’s phone rings again. Gord answers.

Rock’d Tear: Hello Grem…lem…nator.

Gord: Oh, you haven’t been kidnapped. Huh.

Rock’d Tear: Nooo… how ’bout you?

Gord: No, I haven’t been kidnapped recently, but then I’m not a survivor of the Mechzilla battle.

Rock’d Tear: You dead?

Gord just keeps going: There were five heroes who fought Mechzilla and lived. Two of them have been kidnapped during these riots.

Rock’d Tear: Hang Ten kidnap.

Gord: She was, and Sapphire Zephyr. You and Hospice are ok right now. I don’t know about Winged Guy.

Rock’d Tear: Too bad. Sapphire is good people.

Grem warns Rock’d Tear to watch out for the hooded man and riots, and hangs up.

Nani’s phone begins to ring.

Nani: Hello?

Don the Don: Hey chicklet, how are you doing?

Nani: I’m good. Thanks for the hideout and scooter and everything. Ummm… I’m worried about one of my friends who’s missing since the riot this afternoon.

Don the Don: Not Lizbet?

Nani: No, one of Lizbet’s friends. She’s another… what did you call them? Vigilante.

Don the Don: Crazy S&M chick?

Nani: Crazy… S&M… Ummm… You wouldn’t mean Miss Torturess? It’s not her.

Nani: She didn’t meet you. Her hero name is Saphire Zephyr.

Don the Don: Oh, I heard something about her. She took down Mechzilla, right?

Nani: Lizbet was just telling us about that. There were several heroes on that job.

Nani: Saphire Zephyr, Hang Ten, Hospice, Rock Tear’d, and Winged Guy.

Don the Don: Ah well I’ve heard of Hang Ten. She’s that surfer babe that makes Tsunamis without destroying the city. But haven’t heard of the others.

Nani: I think the same guy got Miss Zephyr and Miss Ten, and started riots to sneak off with them.

Don the Don: Huh…well… sounds like you have your hands full. I just wanted to let you know that I found that giant flying base thingy that took your mother.

Nani: Wow! Where is it?

Don the Don: I’ll send you the GPS coordinates. It all of a sudden appeared in the sky, for maybe a second, and then vanished again.

Don the Don: Military doesn’t know anything about it, but I had a guy, who knows a guy. Let me know right away. Reliable source.

Nani: Thanks, Don the Don. You’re the best. Where was it and how long ago?
Don the Don: Maybe ten minutes ago, coordinates on your phone…now.

Nani receives a text. Nani looks up the coordinates on the zPhone GPS navigation app. It’s an area between New Normslund and BC. A mile off the highway.

Nani: Oh, pooh! I think that’s where they lost Miss Zephyr’s tracking signal.

Don the Don: Well, two birds, one stone and all that.

Nani: Hey, Mr. Grem… I think the flying fortress thing that got Myrna and me from the Don’s ship showed up near SZ’s signal.

Nani talks into the phone again. “Thanks again. I’ll let you know what happened. In the meantime, you might have your friend’s friend look at the records about a week ago when Hang Ten disappeared.”

Nani: Just in case the flying fortress was at the beach that day.

Don the Don: Will see what I can do. Take care, little one. Don’t get in too deep.

Nani: Thanks, bye!

Lizbet suddenly calls Gord again.

Gord: Got something new, Lizbet?

Lizbet: I pretended to be Taimi and got the list of people who were injured in the riot.

That Maury guys is in the hospital, Maury Remans. Maybe you want to go talk to him?

Gord: Not a bad idea. Oh, and Hospice and Rock’d Tear are fine right now, just so you know.

Lizbet: Cool, so not a Mechzilla thing then?

Gord: It was kind of a stretch in the first place, but it was a lead.

Lizbet: Yeah. Get anything new?

Gord: Watch out for hooded guys. Oh, and Don the Don’s people spotted the flying fortress in the same area where Pochi said Taimi is.

Lizbet: Gotcha.

Lizbet: Talk to Maury then attack flying fortress?

Gord: Talk to Maury first, yes.

Dadadadadadadadadadaaaaaaaa! Scene change, hospital front desk. A nurse absently leaves her post at the front desk to score some coffee, as it is not getting later.
Luckily, Gord and Nani are there to “maintain her post”… And find out where Maury is.
Gord reaches over the desk to check the computer

Maury Remans, room 24. The two find Maury Remans, one of the many sword victims at the riot. The room is dark, but there is low lighting enough to see that he is asleep on a bed. The hospital is the first outside place that smells kind of like the lab, but it’s off in a bad way.

Nani and Gord enter, but Maury does not awaken.

Gord: Well, he was awake enough after the riot to be scammed by “Dave.”

Gord: I’ve never had to wake someone up in a hospital before.

Maury coughs suddenly, but does not seem to notice them, or be awake.

Nani: Should be like waking up anyone else…

Nani walks up to the bed and softly says “Mr. Remans… Maury…”

He doesn’t even stir.

Gord looks at the medical info on the end of the bed. It’s too low light to read it.
Gord turns on the lights. He is injured, but not critical, and not sedated.

Nani nudges Maury’s shoulder and calls his name in a normal speaking voice.
Maury is startled awake.

Maury: Ahhhh!

His voice is really loud.

Gord: Shhh, calm down.

Nani jumps back. “Oh! Sorry Mr. Remans.”

Maury doesn’t say anything but stares at the two of them. He makes a sign with his hands.

Gord sighs: Don’t tell me you’re deaf.

Gord looks for a pad and pencil. There is one by his bed with writing already on it. Gord points to the pad and looks inquisitively at Maury. Maury picks it up and writes something. WHO ARE YOU?

Gord holds out his hand for the pad. He offers Gord the pen and paper. Gord takes them and writes out: I’m the Gremliminator. I’m investigating the riots.
Maury writes: I took video during it. What do you want to know?

Gord: Did you see a man in a hood and ski mask?

Maury writes: Don’t remember, lots of people in costumes. Sorry.

Nani: Ask if he saw SZ.

Gord: What about a girl with purple hair?

Maury: Lots of girls with purple hair.

Gord: Did you see any kinds of robots? Maybe a flying fortress?

Maury: There was a Gundam. What do you mean by flying fortress?

Gord: There is a large helicopter that might be connected.

Maury: Ok well didn’t see that.

Gord: You didn’t riot with everyone else?

Maury: No, like I told the police, I was surprised. Everyone started fighting. I taped it as long as I could, thinking it might be a flashmob. But they were serious. The guy with the sword just attacked me for no reason, yelling at me, I think. But I could not tell what he said. I do not read lips well.

Nani: So, the one man in the crowd who didn’t hear anything didn’t start fighting.

Gord: And you’re fully deaf, correct?

Maury: Since birth.

Gord: That should help the investigation. Thank you.

Maury nods.

Gord: We’ll turn off the lights on our way out. Thanks again for your help.

Naninami gives Maury’s hand a quick squeeze, says “Thank you,” and leaves.

Maury goes back to sleep as they leave and head back to Sewer headquarters.

Gord: So the riots are probably started by a sound of some kind. I’m starting to get tired of the whole “mind-affecting noise” shtick.

Gord: Damned aliens. I guess the next step is talking to the queen of the galaxy.

Nani: Aliens? Would explain their floating fortress having way cooler tech than the Karabou military, BC military, or Lizbet’s dad.

Gord: Good point! We hadn’t expected the guy to have those kinds of resources.

Gord goes ahead and tells Nani about the dancing assassin incident.

Gord sends a message to Diva that the riots seem to be caused by a noise, are connected to a flying fortress that seems to be beyond the limits of human technology, and may be covering up the kidnappings of masks

Nani calls Lizbet to tell her what we’ve discovered about aliens.

Lizbet: Oh, not the dance guy again…

Later in the evening, Gord receives a message: No extraterrestrial vehicles have entered the airspace now, or in the last ten years without permission, and not faced arrest. If the riots are instigated by our mutual friend, make sure all of your friends are inoculated before you attempt anything.

Nani: Has Princess Diva released her “counter song” yet?

Well known fact: Her single is to be released next week.

Nani: Great, at least her stop dancing song might stop the riot song.

Gord: I hope so.

Nani listens to the song to inoculate herself from the baddie’s song.

Gord: Alright, next step is… find the flying fortress, I guess.


RETropolis RETropolis

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