Heroes Anonymous

Session 37 (Week 6)

Silvis is in the building...

We left off after Gord and Nani found out that the floating enemy base that originally kidnapped Nani and now likely has Taimi is in the district between New Normslund and BC.

Let’s review what we know.

1. The mysterious alien mind control assassin seems to be in league with or behind the forces starting the riots.

2. Those same forces captured Taimi and at least one other hero.

3. There have been at least 30 something mini riots, meaning there are a potential 30 something people kidnapped, and as there are not 30 something missing heroes, they aren’t the only ones being kidnapped. Also, it is not likely in relation to the MechZilla incident, despite there being initial thoughts to that, as only 2 of the heroes in it were kidnapped. So far.

4. Mysterious futuristic robots are being used in the riots using some kind of camouflage technology that is shared by the super floating base, that is likely of the same origin, as camo tech is fairly limited in use right now, mainly with military and villain/hero circles, and even then not on that scale. Pretty impressive tech to hide massive flying battle platform.

5. Missing persons reports coincide with riots in that many scientists have also been kidnapped, numbering at about 20.

Thank you goes to Lizbet’s search bot, which seems to have adopted the name Lizbot.

Gord: Well Nani, I see two courses. Head out to the DMZ between New Normslund and BC to look for alien technology and Sapphire Zephyr, or we can try to figure out what these scientists have in common.

It is currently 12:37 AM.

Nani: Do you think we’ll be able to get in and out of wherever the aliens have Miss Zephyr easier if we know what the scientists have in common?

Lizbot: Hello Gord! I have your information. They are military and aerospace engineers, and some theoretical mathematicians!

Nani: Why would aliens with really advanced tech want our scientists?

Gord: Their tech is broken. They can’t make more of their own tech and don’t know how to design war machines for our world themselves. There’s lots of reasons.

Nani: Yeah. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ve told Taimi. But we have to find her to find out.

Gord: Well, guess we should rest now. We can head out to the DMZ after some sleep.

Nani: OK. Rest makes sense, but I hope they don’t move her.

Dadadadadadaaaaa… next we see everyone gearing up for battle. Lizbet, Kirsten and Torturess are all present, as well as the two heroes.

Torturess: Why so early…?

Gord: Ten AM is “so early” to you?

Gord: Wish I had your day job.

Torturess: Late work night…

Lizbet: What do you do?

Torturess: Arms dealer.

Lizbet: Oh, awesome, can I buy some?

Torturess ignores her.

Nani: OK. Let’s go.

Lizbet: Let’s go in my car! I brought a special van for this!

Lizbet: But someone else has to drive. I get to man the chainsaw!

Gord: Uh… how about Torturess and I take our motorcycles? We can be like outrider…. or I’ll drive the van, sure.

Torturess: I’ll go in my motorcycle, scout ahead.

Kirsten: Shot…gun…

Nani: You called it first. I’ll sit in back with Lizbet.
Everyone goes and finds out that Lizbet created a monstrosity straight out of Dawn of the Dead… And lo and behold there is a gap for a chainsaw.

Lizbet: Woohoo! Let’s go!

Everyone gets in. Gord drives the vehicle, and T zooms out ahead on her motorcycle.

Nani: Cool vehicle. Do all vans have chainsaws?

Gord: They’re an aftermarket package, usually.

Lizbet: Anti-zombie package.

Torturess (over radio): Alright, I’m going to go up ahead. I’ll let you know when I’m out of the city.

Gord: Roger.

Nani: I had no idea we’d be dealing with zombies…

Lizbet: You never know.

Kirsten: Zombies…tasty?

Gord: If we find one, you can try it out.

Kirsten: Kay…

Lizbet: I’ll saw an arm off for you!

T: Okay, I’m leaving the city. So far, nothing out of the ordinary.

Nani: Lizbet, do you know if Saphire Zephyr’s signal is still sending?

Lizbet: No, it’s cut off now.

T: Okay, I’m where they reported the floating fortress. There’s nothing out here, although I passed a motel and a gas station.

Gord: Did they look like disguised floating fortresses?

T: I stopped for gas. So if they are, they’re doing a good job and selling water for normally outrageous prices.

Gord: Probably not our guys, then.

T: I’m going to head back to the hotel and ask some questions.

Gord: …What kind of questions?

T: Uh “Have you seen this girl around?” And maybe ask if they’ve seen any aliens or weirdos. Or masked men.

Gord: I guess that works.

The death wagon arrives at the city’s exit.

Lizbet: Any zombies yet?

It’s now half past noon.

Nani: No zombies, yet.

Lizbet: OK but when we stop at the motel, we gotta be careful. I’ll bring a baseball bat. You bring the shotgun.

Nani: I don’t know how to use a shotgun. We’re probably safer leaving it in the van.

Gord: There’s a lot of reasons we’re probably safer that way.

Lizbet: You put shells into the chamber, and the swing it up to close it. And then you point and shoot at zombie heads.

Torturess: They haven’t seen masked men, aliens, but tons of weirdos. Apparently, a lot of cosplayers come through here from New Normslund to the Con.

Gord: Probably plenty of people with purple hair then, too.

Torturess: No one with her appearance checked in. Any other things you want me to ask? I’m kind of out of ideas.

Kirsten: Oh… pretty…

The van drives by horses.

Gord: I got nothing.

Nani: Is there any place to hide something underground out there? Like a huge old bunker or something?

Torturess: I’ll ask, but this place is a waystop. No one really lives out here.

The van is approaching the place T is at.

Gord: There’s her motorcycle.

They arrive at Motel Dehan…

T is sipping a bottled water under the shading provided by the eves.

T: Hey, welcome to the unhappiest place on earth.

Gord: I’ve never shown you the Well of the Morose under the intersection of Brunswick and Gormland back in BC, apparently.

Gord; This place is close, though.

Just to be on the safe side, Nani double checks the GPS to make sure we’re at the place the huge flying thing appeared.

Lizbet: Ahh where’s their bathroom? Gotta go…

She’s currently carrying a baseball bat as she runs into the office for bathroom use, while everyone else is getting out to walk around and rest.

Kirsten: We…here?

Gord: This is where the floating fortress was seen, Kirsten.

If she’s within walking distance, Nani will walk over to the GPS coordinates for the fortress.

It’s a few hundred yards away.

Close enough. “I’m going to check out where the fortress landed, or hovered, or whatever it was doing.”

T: So, what now? Wait around, wait for it to appear?

Gord stands back just in case anyone who gets too close goes shooting into the air or something.

Gord shrugs and walks out into the field with Nani

The whole party minus Lizbet follow.

Gord: Why do I feel like a scene from an ultimately disappointing blockbuster suspense film?

Torturess: Why, because the aliens are allergic to water?

Gord: Maybe. Maybe those military engineers were all working on amphibious vehicles.

Nani: Must have been hard for them to attack Don the Don’s boat… Hey! Oh, my gosh, look at that! Grass! It’s just growing all over the place.

She gets down on her hands and knees and starts looking at random weeds.

Lizbet (mic): Hey, you guys gotta check this out. There’s an awesome Elvis impersonator here paying his bill. He sang a song for me, not that I really know what that would be, but he’s got the moves down pat.

Unless he suddenly sees something interesting, Gord moseys back to the motel.

Nani gets on the radio: Hey, Lizbet. Does someone come out here and plant this stuff?

Lizbet: Plant what?

And she starts looking seriously for signs that the flying fortress was here.

Lizbet approaches Gord. “Ahh, you just missed him. He went to his room. Sorry. You should have seen him though. I think he’s one of those stop motion Elvis impersonators that stands on street corners. Dressed in all silver with silver make-up. It was pretty awesome.”

Nani: All these different varieties of grass. I counted at least five and several other kinds of plants. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern.

Lizbet into her mic: Maybe, I dunno. Maybe it’s a disguise. Or a grass farm.

Gord immediately sees where this is going and sighs.

Gord: Good thing you were here to spot him, at least.

Lizbet: I know, right? Elvis impersonators are the best.

Gord: Did you bring any decent subsurface probes with you?

Lizbet: My suit has imaging technology that might work. But otherwise, no.

Lizbet: Same stuff I found you guys with when you were in that underwater base.

Gord: That might work. If you could check out that field out there, I’d be obliged.

Lizbet: Sure thing, bosserino.

She walks out towards the field.

Lizbet joins Nani in the field.

Gord goes up the receptionist

Lizbet: I am… IRON MAIDEN!

She transforms as metal rises around her.

Gord: I hear there’s an Elvis impersonator just came through here?

Nani: I’ve seen that before, but it’s still so cool.

Dale: I’m sorry, who?

Dale: Sorry no Elvis impersonators around here. Sorry, I need to make a quick call.

Dale picks up his phone.

He dials a room extension. Gord peeks over to see him dial Room 114.

Dale: Oh sorry, wrong numero…

He hangs up.

Dale: Ok what did you need?

Gord: Never mind. Just looking to hire a performer for a birthday party, but if there aren’t actually any here…

Lizbet: Hey, what’s that?

Everyone in the field looks up.

Gord: There a vending machine down here?

Gord starts walking down the hall towards room 114, noticingthat there’s a silver Elvis impersonator leading a very worse for wear young lady to his car. Then Gord notices there’s a giant, very hard to miss ship above him, the size of a baseball stadium.

Gord: Well, that doesn’t look good.

The Elvis impersonator and the young lady are surprised by this as well.

Torturess: Holy shit!

She drops her water staring at the giant floating base. An electrical field shimmers around it…and then it fades. And it’s gone again.

Elvis: Uh huh~ aliens in the sky, ladies down below, go quietly into the car, and wait for the King.
The young lady goes into his car, but Gord doesn’t get a good look at her before she enters it.

Nani: Oooh. Can you do that again Iron Maiden?

Iron Maiden: Uh… wasn’t me. I was imaging down…not up.

Elvis: Crazy stuff, huh daddio? What will those crazy Borderline City guys think of next?

Elvis is now a few feet away from Gord.

Nani: Did you see anything under us?

Iron Maiden: Nope. Just the giant flying invisible base above us.

Torturess: Anyone have a towel, I spilt my water all over myself…

Kirsten: I help…

Torturess: Oh lord no~

Elvis blocked his path.

Gord looks closely at Elvis. He looks like a statue, with immaculate Elvis curl silver hair and silver sun glasses and silver skin. He’s got on a shiny silver high collar jacket and matching silver pants and shoes. He even has a flashy dark silver shirt underneath with a big silver medallion on.

Nani: You wouldn’t happen to have radar or anything in that suit? Like to see if the flying base is still there?

Iron Maiden: Nah, it was there and gone so fast… And now, nothing. I don’t detect anything.

Torturess: I wonder what would happen if I threw a rock at it.

She picks up a fist sized stone. And throws it up. CLANG!

Torturess: Hah.

Gord: So. Guess that thing’s still there.

Elvis: Uh huh, rockin in the skies… rockin down below, check your watch for the time, you guessed it… rockin time!

He starts dancing.
Elvis: Forget what you’ve seen, and dance with me brotha!

Gord: I dunno, the giant cloaked ship is kinda mesmerizing, you know?

Elvis: Uh huh~ well, you take care now, brotha.

Elvis opens the door to his car and goes to enter.

Gord: Hold on, I’m going to have a party for someone soon. We could use an entertainer.

Elvis: No time, is the right time, for this Elvis. Gotta go.

Elvis starts his engine.

Gord gets a good look at the woman as he approaches the vehicle. It looks very much like Hang Ten, only, minus a few meals.

Gord: Well, if you’re busy, you’re busy.

Elvis: Uh huh~

Gord tries to subtly plant the bug on the car, and he manages to get it under the front of the bumper when Elvis turns around to reverse.

Hang Ten has glassy eyes as she vacantly stares at Gord. She’s not bound or gagged but she’s totally not moving.

T over mic: I assume you saw that, boss?

Gord: You mean how Elvis had an abused Hang Ten and a tracking bug in his car?

Torturess: Uhh…no…the giant flying base.

Lizbet: Elvis is in league with the aliens?! Noooooo!

Gord: Oh, yeah. Saw a bit of it, I guess.

Torturess: I have no clue how we’re going to get in that thing. It’s huge…

Gord: Well, we can follow Elvis to see where he goes. And we should probably let Diva know we’ve found her renegade Anzati noble.

Nani: Probably a better idea than having Iron Maiden lift us to the invisible flying thing.

Nani: Unless we want to see if Taimi is still in the motel.

Gord: Might as well, while we’re here.

Gord: T, you circle around and watch the windows. I’m going to room 114.

Gord: Actually, you go to room 114 and I’ll circle around. You’re better with locks.

Nani: I’ll go with Miss T, IM should watch Gord’s back.

T: Alright.

She tries the door. “It’s not locked.” It opens and she peers in. “Empty…”

Iron Maiden: Rats… I have so much to tell Taimi. So, operation blow a hole in the big ship?

Nani: It was worth a shot.

Gord: I think we should follow Elvis, myself. We know he has one of the kidnapped heroes. Heroines, actually. We don’t know that he’s gotten any male masks. Stupid lousy kinky aliens….

T: Hang Ten…surfer chick who makes giant waves right?

Gord: Yeah, that’s her.

Gord: Come to think of it, that probably wouldn’t be a half-bad power for assaulting a floating alien fortress.

T: So she could like… Totally ram a wave into that ship?

Gord: That’s pretty much what I was thinking, yes.

Nani: Time to chase the Elvis wannabe.

T gets on her motorcycle.

T: He couldn’t have gotten far.

Gord: You go ahead. I’m going to send a message to Diva updating her on the whole “chasing aliens” thing. Just in case.

T nods and zooms off.

Diva responds: Locate him for me and I will neutralize him.

Nani: Shot gun!
Kirsten: Shot…ahhhh…

Kirsten: Jinx…

Iron Maiden detransforms. Everyone gathers up. ZOMBIE BUS TIME!

Dadadadadadadadaaaaaa…. The team is entering BC.

Torturess: I’m tracking him to a house. His car is here, so he’s probably inside.

Get the house’s location and try to find out who owns it.

Lizbot thru zPhone: It’s currently rented to one “Elvis King.”

Lizbet: Hey, how did you get in there, Lizbot?

Lizbot: It’s fun!

Nani: It’s so weird hearing you answer on the phone when you’re right next to me.

Lizbot: I’m weird!

Lizbet: I didn’t program you to do that.

Lizbot: I did!

Lizbet o_o

Lizbot: His security system reports he entered ten minutes ago! I think it likes me. It asked me out. What should I say?

Lizbet: x_x

Nani: Is he cute?

Lizbot: He’s a white square on a wall in that house.

Lizbot: He gave me his digits. 4-5-2-8.

Lizbot: Tee hee~

Lizbet: Why do you sound like me, Lizbot? I gave you a generic computer voice.

Lizbot: I like your voice better!

Nani: Lizbot does sound cute.

Lizbot: Thanks!
Lizbet: Thanks!

Lizbot: Jinx.

Lizbet X_X

Gord: Is he still in there, Lizbot, or has Elvis left the building?

Lizbot: Dunno! Let me ask~

Lizbot: No doors opened or close since entry!

Gord: Thanks.

Gord relays the location to Diva

Diva text: Incoming in five minutes.

A car drives up.

Two young women get out. “Is this the spot?”

“Yeah, this is the GPS location.”

“Sweet, we’re first!”
“Who knew it’d be right next to our house! Oh I can’t wait to see her again!”
Another car rolls up. And then another. And then another. Suddenly the street is packed.

Elvis peeks outside from his window. He looks terrified. Suddenly a helicopter appears…and the 200+ people who have arrived start screaming. Music starts playing from speakers somewhere. And then Diva is suddenly being lowered from the helicopter.

Gord: Was this really necessary?

Then Gord realizes he’s asking Torturess, so he knows the answer already.

Torturess: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nani: When she said incoming, I was expecting bombs or something.

Suddenly, her voice carries over the speakers, and the most amazing music comes out. It’s a song that the current party has already heard, but it’s even more amazing in person. The sound goes right to everyone’s souls. By the time Diva arrives, the streets are packed.

Elvis comes flying out to try to escape, but the crowd grabs him and pushes him back into the center where Diva is. He suddenly stops fighting and begins dancing with her. This goes on for exactly 7 minutes… and then she takes him and goes back up to his helicopter and leaves. The crowd disperses.

“That was the most awesome flash concert ever!”

Gord: Let’s get Hang Ten. Lizbot, let the security system know we’re coming in.

The doors open as they approach. Anyone who knows Morris Code realizes the beeping it’s making says “I Love You”. They find Hang Ten in the living room, a bit dazed. She’s dressed in a T-shirt and sweats.

Nani quickly goes check out the other rooms looking for dazed people, but there isn’t anyone else there.

Gord: Tanya? Elvis has left the building. You’re with friends now.

Tanya: I can move…

Tanya flexes her arm. “He had me lie in that bed for a week.”

Gord: Can you get follow me out to the car? We can take you home, if you want.

Tanya: No, can you take me to the beach?

Gord: That works too.

Tanya: You can just drop me off there. I need to heal.

Gord: Alright, we’ll take you there. I’m not sure we should leave you alone right now, though.

Tanya nods.

Zombie Bus to the beach… dadadadadadadaaaaaaaa!

Tanya: I don’t know why he kept me trapped in that motel, when he’d bring everyone else up to that ship of theirs.

Gord: So they are in the ship. Figures.

Gord: Was one of them a girl with purple hair?

Tanya: You mean Taimi? Yeah.

Tanya: They brought her yesterday.

Tanya: Think they’re using her to blackmail her dad or something.

Gord sighs: Ok T, you win that bet, then.

Gord: He probably isn’t evil.

Gord: If he’s being blackmailed.

Nani: How many more of them did you see?

Tanya: Tons. I lost count when he started bringing people up in pairs.

Nani: But it was just Elvis bringing them.

Tanya: Yeah, his master commanded him to. He talked about him as if he was some kind of god.

Gord: His master?

Tanya: Yeah, some Jesus for Villains. Or Moses… whichever one freed the people.

Nani: Oh, pooh. I was hoping there wasn’t a nastier guy behind the nasty guy.

The Zombie bus parks in public parking at the beach.

Gord: There’s always another layer of them. I wonder if Bureaucraton knows about these guys?

Torturess: That’s a good question. He’s been really silent for the past few weeks.
(evil organizations are like ogres… and onions)

Kirsten: Oooooo sand…

She goes to roll around in it.

Tanya: Thank you!

She hops out of the van, and runs towards the ocean.

Gord: My… and off she goes.

It takes her a minute, and then she dives in.

Torturess: What do we know about whoever runs that flying base?

Torturess: Maybe it’s the Big B himself. I mean, who else would have the resources for that kind of operation and that many minions?

Gord: The Big B doesn’t have alien tech like that cloaking device. Unless he’s been keeping it to himself for a few years now.

Torturess: But who says it’s alien tech?

Gord: Besides, floating fortress doesn’t really seem like his style.

Nani: I’d say we bust in and find out who’s inside, but I don’t know how we’d bust in.

Lizbet holds up Taimi’s cell, which is ringing.

Gord: Well, answer it, Lizbet.

Lizbet: Oh thanks! Damn Jinx…

She answers the phone, “Hello!”

Lizbet: Uh no, she’s…kind of kidnapped.

Lizbet: Uh, her friend.

Lizbet: Who are you then?

Lizbet: Uh huh, likely story.

Gord: As likely as Taimi being kidnapped and her friend having her phone?

Lizbet: Some mean guy is on the other end. He sounds really angry.

Lizbet: Why don’t you cool off and tell me what’s wrong?

Lizbet: What? That’s an expression. Hey! That’s not nice!

Lizbet hands the phone to Gord.

Lizbet: What a jerk.

Gord was just about to take it anyway

????: You the little girl’s father? Who let’s idiots like that answer the phone anyway?

Gord covers the phone’s pickup: Lizbot, can you trace this call?

Lizbot: I’m not in that phone…give me a second.

Lizbet: Hey, how do you do that?

Gord: It’s polite to introduce yourself first, you know.

????: Uriel Orion, a friend of Taimi’s. We were going to work together to find my girlfriend and my sister, but apparently she got in his radar, too.

Gord: I’m a friend of Taimi’s too. We’re looking for her ourselves.

Gord: Uriel… I think I saw you at the Cosplay Cafe once. Big black guy?

Uriel: Yeah, that’s me. Jennifer’s man. You sound familiar. I’m guessing you’re the “fighting” kind of friend more so than the “special” kind?

Gord: You know how it goes.

Uriel: Well, I lost my whole circle to that monster. He says gather friends and do this and you can have your sister back. I do it. He says all you have to do is track down these people for me. I fail it once, he takes my entire group, says we’re failures and better off as lab experiments. Now I’m stuck.

Uriel: So that’s my story. I “acquired” some info that can get me into the base. But I can’t do anything once I’m there. I’d be gunned down, or worse, taken also.

Gord: Oh. I guess that works. We were kinda thinking of just knocking it down and walking in afterward.

Uriel: I was inside once. It’s a fortress with security doors at every step. I only found a code that opens doors, not the base itself.

Gord: If you provide the code, we should be able to get on board to use it, at least.

Gord: Most of these fortresses are surprisingly easy to break into when you own a giant cannon.

Uriel: I’m coming with you.

Gord: No offense, Uriel, but I’m pretty sure you were involved in kidnapping me one time. Kinda puts a pall on our relationship.

Uriel: Then you don’t get my code.

Uriel: And I’ll break in anyway after you do.

Gord: Fine. But you’re first in the cannon.

Uriel: Cannon? Huh?

Gord: I just told you. We see a fortress, we break out the giant cannon to break in.

Uriel: Yes, but I am to be ammunition?

Gord: Well, there’s not a whole lot of other ways to use a cannon to shoot us up to the floating fortress.

Uriel: I see.

Nani: And I thought Liz’s driving was scary cool.

Lizbet: Oh…I don’t know, I think I’ll fly in without the cannon this time.

Lizbot: Found him!

Gord covers the mouthpiece again: Look, we can’t all fly.

Gord: And Lizbot, pull up the coordinates on Lizbet’s phone, thanks.

Lizbot: He’s at the cafe!

Gord goes back to the phone: Maybe we should discuss this in person.

Uriel: Sounds good. I’m at Jennifer and Taimi’s workplace. It’s the Cosplay Cafe, know it, right?

Gord: We’re already on our way.

Gord: Out of curiosity, were you expecting Taimi’s dad?

Uriel: No, he’s in the saucer.

Uriel: Like half the science community.

Gord: What are they trying to do, anyway?

Uriel: World domination? I don’t know. What do crazy scientist’s always try to do?

Lizbet: Hey Nani, let’s sneak over to the beach with Tanya. She’s surfing right now!

Gord: Well, we- oh, I’m not falling for that one again.

Gord: As soon as I’m sure the latest victim we’ve rescued is safe, I’ll come see you.

Should only be a few minutes.

Nani: Cool. Maybe she can give us lessons… But I suppose I should learn to swim first.

Uriel: Okay, don’t take too long. He’s had my sister for almost a year.

Uriel: I can’t imagine what he’s doing to my friends.

Gord goes to check on Hang Ten. She’s showing Nani and Lizbet how to swim. They both seem to drown in the 1 foot wave.

Gord: Doing better, Tanya?

Tanya: I’m great, thanks!

Lizbet: <cough> I can’t do it~

Gord: Will you be alright alone? I’m going to go talk to a man about assaulting a flying fortress.

Nani: <spits> Myrna was right, this ocean’s deep, cold, and salty. But fun.

Lizbet: I stay with Hang Ten.. You go talk to jerk face.

Torturess: seems to be in a bikini…

Torturess: Can I stay behind for a few quick rays before the assault?

Gord: …

Gord: …

Gord: …Rays. Yes. Get them. Sounds good. I’ll take Kirsten and Lizbot to talk to jerkface.

Kirsten: Jerk…face…tasty?

Gord: No, that’s jerky, Kirsten. Easy mistake.

Gord: Nani? You want to stay here or come with me?

Nani: Go ahead and talk to Mr… Jerkface? Uriel Jerkface is a weirder name than Melba Toste… Call us when you’re ready to go back to the fortress.

Gord: Alright, will do.

Tanya: Move your arms like this Nani.

Nani keeps practicing.

Nani: It looks like you’re feeling better Miss Tanya.

Tanya: Much!

Gord: That’s good. I didn’t want to mention this while you were still zonked out, but I think you would be greatly useful in assaulting the fortress.

Gord: Whoever they are, they wanted the others, but I think they’re afraid of you.

Tanya: I owe you my life. Whatever you need, I will do.

Lizbet: Ahhhh! I can’t do it!~

Lizbet in her underwear failing to swim…classic, while Nani is learning a year a minute.

Gord: Well, I’m sure you have time to recover a bit more. Maybe eat something; you were looking malnourished when we picked you up.

Nani: OK, Lizbet. Let’s sit on the beach for and… catch some rays as Miss T says. I’m sure Miss Tanya needs a break from keeping us starters from drowning so she can really surf.

Lizbet: Okies…

Tanya: I’m good. I was just removed from the ocean too long.

Tanya: I was born in a storm on the seas, and haven’t wanted to leave since.

Once they’re back on shore, Nani asks Lizbet, “How long have you had that big apatment with the pool?”

Lizbet: Hehe… a week or so. I don’t go in the deep end.

Kirsten looks…sandy. After she rolled in sand, she’s sand colored instead of red.

Nani: Good idea.


RETropolis RETropolis

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