Heroes Anonymous

Week 1 (Session 7)

MechZilla SMASH!

Week 1: Tuesday

Every station has been tuned to the strange invasion of Tokyo Prime across the ocean from Borderland City. It was over in minutes. A large 100-meter tall fortress of a mech arose from the ocean and started destroying its way to the tallest point in the City: Mt. Fujiwa, where it then annihilated the whole city with some kind of energy attack. In response, all of the the Tri-City area’s heroes were called back from the HeroCon, but none responded to the summons. Even General Hartan of the Border Land Military forces was not reachable there. All attempts to contact them fell on deaf ears, as someone or something had placed them in an alternate dimension that would last the course of the whole convention.

As a newly carded hero, Sapphire Zephyr didn’t get the invite. She could have gone as an attendee, but it’s generally considered a rather large insult to pay one’s own way into HeroCon if the individual is an actual hero. Most of the ones who do are posers and net idols who roam around thwaping innocent people on the head. Taimi Sakurai, being the non-socialite that she is, is not particularly interested in boring hero conventions, anyway. Maybe for the tech booths, but that’s pretty much it.

But all the heavy hitters were there from the neighboring two cities, all in Karabou’s famous HeroCon. It’s largely considered the most prestigious event on this side of the ocean, and it’s a great way to earn sponsors and network with other heroes. Even MegaSpell, the Arcanist from New Normslund, widely considered one of the most influential heroes in the area, was there. Her presence alone would have made the even a must attend party of the ages, as she’s known to kick back a few dozen jack and cokes and start casting transmogrification spells everywhere. It goes from HeroCon to ZooCon pretty quick.

However, three weeks ago, Taimi received her Hero ID, so she was unable to get priority registration, even if she wanted to attend as a visitor.

Which turned out to be really lucky… as the news from Tokyo Prime hit the first morning of HeroCon, the week long event would spell doom for the known world if every remaining HeroCon shunned hero did not unite to fight this new threat…whatever that could possibly be…

Week 1: Thursday

The city has been mostly evacuated, except for a few hold-outs. In preparation for a possible invasion, like Tokyo Prime experienced.

Taimi is probably still sleeping, with the alarms blaring in the background.

Toaster: Mistress, please wake up! Oh, mistress, you have a message from Major Andrews of the BC Military. Please wake up.
Taimi: Mmmmrrrrgggg (Translation: Go toast bread for someone else.)
Toaster: Mistress, your presence is being requested on the secure line. They’ve left three messages already. Please wake up, Mistress!

Taimi pops your eyes open, notices it’s 7:49, and decides there’s absolutely no way she’s getting up that early. Her shift isn’t until 12:00. She feels the metallic prodding of a hand shaking her shoulder.

Toaster: Mistress, you just received a fourth message. The gathering is at 8:30, and your presence is required. Wake up, Mistress.

The buzzing toaster in her dream is really annoying. She’s on the verge of a breakthrough with the stealth generator tech. Perhaps an extra ten minutes will help her figure it out. Taimi decides to keep working on the stealth generator tech for her suit. She swats at him, but the toaster dodges and thwaps her on the head.

Toaster: Ah! Mistress, please do not turn me off!

Oh that wiley toaster! Perhaps she underestimated him? Taimi makes a grab for it, catching his metal arm, but he slaps her off.

Toaster: That’s quite enough, Mistress! I will not let you turn me off this time. In fact, I’m going to turn on the water sprinkler system. It will destroy any of your work you have going. You better stop me.

The wily toaster dodges when she attacks again, and runs for the fire alarm. Taimi takes a step after him to stop the interfering little brat, when she wakes up with a face full of blankets and carpet.

Pochi: Are you awake now, Mistress?

Pochi is in a defensive posture. Taimi sits up with her hair sticking every-which direction.

Taimi: Huh?
Pochi: Good, you have four critical messages and a meeting with the joint military chiefs for a briefing on the situation. In less than 40 minutes.

Taimi is still sleepy eyed and wondering where the toaster went.

Taimi: Huh?
Pochi: Playback commencing- Greetings Sapphire Zeph..or? I am Major Andrews of the Borderline City military. As a card carrying member of the Heroes Union, your presence is required at an urgent briefing this morning at 8:30 AM. Please reply with confirmation that you have received this message. I repeat, your attendance is mandatory as the city is in danger. Thank you. Playback halted. The other three messages are to the same effect. Would you care to hear them as well?

Taimi seems about to try sleeping on the floor that suddenly seems very comfy.

Taimi: Huh?
Pochi: Here mistress, a triple shot latte, a breakfast claw and an freshly fried egg.

The smell of yummy food makes her brain turn on a bit. Taimi crawls towards the food, inadvertently dragging the blanket with her, and drooling slightly. After a wonderfully awakening and refreshing meal of protein, sugar and caffeine, Taimi feels 50% refreshed, though bed still sounds wonderful.

Pochi: I recommend a quick-steam shower and immediately departure for the military briefing, Mistress.
Taimi: Shower, yes… shower…

This being one of Taimi’s rougher mornings, Taimi zombie shuffles to the bathroom for her quick-steam shower. Before Taimi realizes what a horrible mistake she has made, the quick-steam shower begins… blasting her with jets of hot steam, barely tolerable to the skin. It’s over in 30 seconds, but felt like an hour. She is now 100% awake, and feeling very tender all over.

Taimi: Hweee~ (whiny sound) Hot…

The upside of the quick-steam shower: no soap, no towel dry, 30 seconds and you’re ready to go! Nudists around the world love being able to clean that quickly after a quick nature-ific jog to sit down on their furniture without soiling it. The quick-steam shower is available at all major appliance stores, including BC Mart, and Hugo’s Big Sports Shack.

Pochi: Your jumpsuit is washed and prepared. Immediately leaving is necessary in order to not be late to the briefing.
Taimi says while getting dressed: Hai… What briefing, again?
Pochi: The brass are briefing you on the incoming danger, of course.
*Taimi*’s brain is still running a bit slow: Danger?
Pochi: Although it was not said, it is likely the same reason the city was evacuated yesterday in preparation for the likely attack of the unknown mech that disintegrated Tokyo Prime.
Taimi: Oh, right, that.
Pochi: Shall I push you into your powersuit, Mistress? I would not mind.
Taimi almost started dozing on her feet (again): Oh, uh, no… I’m alright.

She then starts pushing herself into the powersuit. Most of the suit is simple, stepping into the leg armor, but other parts require some difficulty in wearing. Pochi assists you in its wearing. Taimi swears to herself that she’s going to make some kind of special instant wear kit for this heap of junk, as the 8 minute prep time is killer when villains terrorize the city.

However, the loss of sleep was worth it, as she prepared her crowning achievement, the “Lancer Mk.III” and special cannon capable of firing a basic shell that could be filled with anything, from a cannon shell, to an EMP bomb. In addition, it has a basic defense plasma saw attachment and tesla rod on its top for any mischievous tech villains or robots who decide they want a piece of her.

Lancer Mk.III strapped to her metal back, suit equipped, she now has 20 minutes to get to the summit.

Pochi: Good luck, Mistress.

Taimi tries to slap herself in a the face to stay awake, which works all too well as the ringing from hitting the helmet with a metal glove helps a lot. Taimi goes outside and meets at the rendezvous point where a military transport picks her up. They drive her across the city to the military command inside the city limits.

Driver: Here you go, ma’am.
Taimi: Thank you Mr. Driver.

She is escorted into a building nearby, where she finds a dozen or so oddly dressed people and a bunch of military folk.

Major Andrews: Looks like almost everyone’s here. Good. Now let’s begin.

Taimi finds a large reinforced metal chair to sit in. She props Lancer Mk.III in her lap.

Woman next to Taimi: The world better be in danger, interrupting us like they did. I think this is the first time they’ve called one of these things.

She yawns from sleepiness, but luckily nobody notices since she’s got her helmet on.

Woman next to Taimi: Whoa, are you—like—a robot?
Taimi (from mid-yawn): Hweh~? No, just a power suit.
Woman: That’s pretty boss, dude.
Woman: I’m Hang Ten, what’s your… hero call-sign thingy?
Taimi: It’s Ta… Sapphire Zephyr… yeah…

Taimi gets a good look at Hang Ten. Her hair and skin are still damp, she’s wrapped in a towel, except for her upper half which is pretty much just a bikini and tanned skin.

Hang Ten: Zephyr? Like that Chili Peppers song?
Taimi: Chili-who?
Hang Ten: Whoa, man, you really don’t know the Red Hot Chili Peppers? They’re from this group who started decades ago. They’re like hippy type guys who sing about life, and truth, and … you should just totally check them out.
Taimi: Uh… okay… sure… I’ll do that.
Hang Ten: When I was at the beach, the surf was just getting really intense. It was like a storm without a storm, a perfect day. I couldn’t believe my luck, and then they called me here. Major bummer.
Major Andrews (MA): Ok, can I have your attention please?

Taimi is glad for the distraction to stop listening to the lady that she’s sure is crazy, as she can hardly understand a word she’s saying.

MA: Thank you. Now, I know most of you probably realize why we’ve called you here. Yes, it is exactly as you thought, we are preparing for the arrival of the mech codenamed “MechZilla” by the press, although his designation from now on is now Charlie.
Charlie’s Devils member #3: Hey, could we get that changed to somthing else? I seriously might get confused.
MA: Fine, we’ll call it MechZilla… but just know I’m not happy with this! Alright, so blah blah blah blah blah!

Taimi’s eyes glaze over… While Major Andrews talks about boring stuff, Taimi runs through her mind about what she knows of Hang Ten. She’s been around a while, as she heard of the surfer hero years ago, but the woman’s relatively lowkey. Storm like waves hitting the coast without a storm to set it off, giving Hang Ten the perfect opportunity. Could it be the movement of a 100-meter tall mecha under the sea?

MA: …combined might of the BC military will not be enough to stop this creature. It will take the combined effort of every remaining hero, the military and the some of our chief scientists in order to stop this thing. We have brought all available video of this creature here. We will now display it for you.
Taimi(whispering): Oooo, shiny…

Suddenly a siren goes off.

MA: This better not be a drill…

Major Andrews talks into his headset a few seconds.

Taimi whispers to herself again: A drill… that might be good…
MA: Well, looks like the briefing is over. MechZilla has surfaced on the docks district a minute ago. He’s not preparing to fully enter the city. The coastguard has already been destroyed.
MA: We will scramble the armed forces, but we’re going to need any assistance you can provide. Information and anything else is appreciated. If you need anything, please see our support crew.
????: Sapphire Zephyr.

Taimi hears a voice call out from behind her.

Taimi: Yes!

She turns… to be face to face with her father and two others who appear to be his assistants.

Taimi: Wha! (falls out of her chair) Ow…
Sakurai Sasuke: (to his assistants) Yes, she is the one. (to Taimi) We have received the specs you included on your Hero license, but we needed to confirm the nature of your abilities before we approached you. So, Sapphire Zephyr, we were hoping for your attention with a project we have been designing, even calling forth private talent from all over in preparation for this attack.

All the other heroes seem to be leaving with the military chaps.

Taimi: Uh, um, okay…
Sasuke: Great, please come this way.
Female assistant: Your suit is really impressive.
Taimi: T-thank you…
Female assistant: How long have you been a hero?
Taimi: Not very long…
Taimi: Just three weeks.
F. Assistant: That’s cool though. I’ve always wanted to be a hero, but with all of the villains running around lately, it’s pretty scary. Aren’t you afraid of dying?
Taimi: Dying? No, why would I be? I’ve got my suit to protect me. I built it myself.
F. Assistant: Wow, it must be really awesome. I can’t wait to see you take down that big monster.
Male Assistant: Don’t anger Dr. Sakurai, Lizbet. You may not be his permanent assistant, but that doesn’t mean you should waste her time.
F. Assistant: Sorry…
Sasuke: Well, now that we’re done talking, let me go over the experiment.
Taimi: Okay.
Sasuke: After analysis of the footage of this “”/characters/mechzilla" class=“wiki-content-link”>MechZilla", we have concluded it has a strong electromagnetic force field surround it just at the surface of its armored hull.
Sasuke (to the female assitant): Miss Integer, did you have anything you’d like to add?
Lizbet: Yes, in addition to that, he seems to have some kind of unknown property making up his hull. We are currently calling it Element-Zero. Even force field punching weapons could not get through the armor. Analysis confirms that it is not of this earth, perhaps either made from heavenly material, conjured or even alien.
Sasuke: Yes, and as such, we’ve decided to put together our most dangerous and theoretical weapon. As a nuclear bomb is not plausible with it in the midst of our city, we must rely on something more powerful and yet less widespread. That brings us to an old experiment that European scientists have been conducting for years.

M. Assistant brings in a plate with three sealed tubes. You can’t see it, but Taimi’s eye’s are suddenly really wide and shiny with all this technical data… and the site of three shiny sealed tubes.

Sasuke: What do you know of Dark Matter, Sapphire?
Taimi: Well, it’s really cool stuff, though I’ve never gotten to play with any. I mean… um…
Sasuke: This is the first time even I have dealt with it, but as we are the last defense between Karabou and then Europe, the powers that be have determined that no holds are barred, and we must try to stop it before it can destroy the city.
Sasuke: We have developed a method of which to detonate the Dark Matter and cause a small Singularity event… however, we do not have a delivery system or an agent willing to do the delivering.
Taimi says while looking over the tubes: Hmmm… (points at one) May I?
Lizbet: They are contained in a liquid nitrogen cooled container. Please remove the bullet carefully from the tube, and only when you are ready to insert it into the delivery system.
Sasuke: It is alright, Lizbet. There are at least three minutes before the Dark Matter is neutralized. She can view the weapon momentarily.

Taimi scans it, and gets a detailed schematic. Apparently, they have created a traditional bullet out of the Dark Matter, and all it would take is an “outer” shell to modify it for implementation as ammunition for the Lancer Mk.III.

Taimi: Hmmm… I think I can work with this…
Sasuke: Excellent, my assistants will provide the necessary help. I have duties to attend. Please call me if necessary. Here is my work line.

Taimi receives a message from the her father, who has sent it through her power suit’s OS.

Lizbet: What do you need?…

Taimi explains the technical requirements to use ammunition through Lancer Mk.III.

Lizbet: Alright we can make that for you. It’ll be ready soon. We’ll bring it out to you when it’s ready. Until then, why don’t you go to the battlefield?

Taimi is disappointed she doesn’t get to immediately play with the dark matter herself, but understands it’s probably for the best of the city. Quite quickly she is whisked away by a helicopter, hefted like a crate on its hook. Her guidance jets keep her from swaying uncomfortably, or hitting buildings. She makes it to the city in no time.

Taimi zooms her focus on the giant mecha, and is awed by its size. It stands as tall as the largest building in BC. It is all chrome colored, and in the shape of a giant bipedal lizard. It has scorch marks all over its outer hull and appears to be engaged with jets, which are losing rather badly as huge swarms of missiles fire out of the mechanical monster’s shoulders.

Helicopter pilot (over comm): How close do you want me to take you?
Taimi: Get me as close as you think you safely can. I’d rather not get blown up before we get close enough to help.
Pilot: Yes, ma’am.

The helicopter begins to move in closer, when you start receiving military transmissions.

Major Andrews: Ok at the count of ten, all tanks fire your shells. 1, 2…

After ten seconds, you hear a loud boom as dust and city fragments are scattered all around. When it clears, the monster is there, unharmed. Its eyes light up as red beams scorch across the city, tearing up everything in his sight.

MA: Get some——AHHHHH!!! (Static insues)

Just as he said that, a giant mouth beam incinerates what must have been the headquarters.
Taimi: Oh dear…
Pilot: Shit! Um, I’ll take you a bit closer, but it’s anti aircraft missiles are taking out all of our air support.

He takes you four blocks out, where he drops you off on top of a building.

Pilot: Is this okay?
Taimi: Should be good enough. Get out of here before you’re spotted!

The helicopter takes off.

Taimi sees a giant blast of water smack into the shield around MechZilla, but nothing seems to be getting through from her location on top of a building, four blocks from the action. Taimi leaps to the ground with jet powered assistance keeping her from smashing to bits. She sprints at full speed towards the largest villain ever to attack the city.

Three blocks out, she sees MechZilla currently walking again after having destroyed a BC tank division. Taimim makes a brief mental note to work out more once she is two blocks out. She looks up at the thing. If it were to fall, it could land on top of her.

MechZilla scorches the building in front of it, lifts it and throws it over Taimi’s head and down the street. The earth quakes as the large piece of building hits the ground. It then roars, which would have been deafening if her suit had not provided some insulation from the noise.

Taimi uses her tech scanner, only to find it jammed by a strange signal emanating from the mecha monster. She is now one block away. It’s thunderous steps have stopped as it seems to be fighting against a flying hero. While knowing it might not work, Taimi fires a shot from her Tesla Lancer at it. The lightning arcs at it, piercing the force field and making scorch marks on MechZilla’s leg armor.

Taimi: Well, at least it got through the force field…

The beast swats the air one more time, and then looks down, directly at Sapphire Zephyr.

Taimi: Hweh!

Giant laser beams fire from its eyes. Realizing suddenly that a tank busting laser beam is firing at her, she fires all of her flight rockets as she tries to jump out of the way, but the blast hits the area directly next to her. The concussive force from the explosion sends Taimi crashing to the ground, badly sending her systems awry for a moment, and giving her a headache.

Its right shoulder begins to glow, right before homing missiles fire out of its left shoulder… at Taimi!

Taimi: Heeee!

Ready this time, Taimi easily boost jets into an alley as the missiles fly directly into the building she hid behind. However, you can now see him from the alley as there’s a gaping hole in the wall.

Taimi reassess the situations, going over what she learned. Apparently it has different functions assigned to different parts of its body. Its right shoulder has a homing missile launcher, and its left has some sort of device that causes light to emanate from it.

The sound of roaring water causes her to look up… to see a giant tsunami rushing down the street!

Hang Ten: SURFS UP, BITCH!!!

The tanned surfer chick slams into the monster with her giant wave, causing it to rock back a step from the force. Directly after this, the water disappears and Hang Ten surfs a much smaller wave away from MechZilla.

Not wishing to invoke another laser or missile attack, Taimi observes the large metal monster for a possible weakness. Her positions is less than ideal, as she can only currently see its right foot through the hole its missiles made. She pokes her head out, keeping a low profile.

The first thing it does is respond with a laser eye beam attack that misses badly against the surfing hero. The second thing it does is open some kind of panel in its right shoulder, which glows brightly, and then goes away. The third thing it does is fires missiles from the launchers on its right shoulder. The missiles seem to have homing capability, and appear to be far, far more accurate than the beam. It reacts to all that, and Hang Ten seems to have gone to gather up another tidal wave. It doesn’t see Taimi and steps forward.

Taimi flies up the side of the 50 meter tall building next to her. She lands on its top and hears a loud battle cry. A humanoid made completely of rock is running at him from the ground. He runs up to it and starts punching the mecha’s feet. But as he does this, he is suddenly sent back and hits a nearby building. He’s now smoking from his whole body.

The robot ignores him and takes another step. In the distance, another tidal wave gathers.
Taimi realizes it has some kind of point defense system for anything making contact through it… some kind of static electric charge.

She’s contemplating this when she feels an aura of warmth and pleasant feelings radiate over her.

Unknown Hero: You looked a bit burned after that missile attack. Sorry, I just barely got up this building.
Taimi: Thanks.

Taimi turns to face a bare-chested, blond-haired hero in an open medic’s jacket. His face is androgynous-beautiful, combined with his stylish hair almost makes him look female. However, the flat chest and rock-hard abs disagree.

Unknown Hero: I’m Hospice. Please take care of yourself while I go heal the Rock’d Tear down there.
Taimi: You be careful, too!

He bows with a roguish grin and jumps down the building. He heals the Rock’d Tear with one touch, and then helps the big guy up.


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