Heroes Anonymous

Week 1 (Session 8)

Mecha with a side of Dark Matter

We left off with Sapphire perched on a 50 meter building, watching the big guy who is adjacent to the next building. Sapphire recalls what she has learned so far: his right shoulder has some kind of flashy device on it that seems to be controlling his shield generator. His left shoulder has missile launching bays of his deadly homing missiles. He has some kind of surface contact attack that damaged the Rock’d Tear. And he’s about 100 meters tall.

There’s a tidal wave coming down the street, and he’s eye beaming and firing missiles at Hang Ten. She seems to have been fighting him a while now, but looked fine when Taimi saw her last. Taimi jumps up and flies towards MechZilla. The tidal wave is incoming…SPLASH BOOM! It forces MechZilla to stop walking a moment as Hang Ten smashes into him. MechZilla’s eye beams fire at her, missing wide. His missiles miss her as well, but continue to chase her, as she flees down the street.

The Tesla lightning rod in Lancer Mk.III arcs a half dozen bolts of electricity at MechZilla’s right shoulder. The zap hits him, but doesn’t seem to have done much. He fires another round of homing missiles at Hang Ten, and tries to Eye beam her.

As Taimi watches, some of the minor damage she inflicted on the hull is being repaired by nanobots. She flies up to him, becoming about as close to him as she can without touching him. Her boosters keep her held in place as she fires another bolt at him. Her blast seems to be about as effective as it was further away, however she manages to score a direct hit on his shield generator. The blast zaps it directly, scorching it. The thing smokes a bit. Right at that moment, he begins to turn.

His right arm swings at Sapphire!

Taimi: Heeee!

His backhand slaps her as she try to maneuver out of his way. It doesn’t hurt, but it does shake her around a bit. His other fist swings at her as well, but this one hits her dead in the chest, sending her flying. The impact dents her armor and causes her head to spin.

Taimi: Hweh…

Unable to dodge as the momentum of the punch sent her flying directly into his beam attack, she bracers herself for near certain death. She felt something strange after he punched her, besides of course the bone crunching blunt damage he smashed into her with his fist… as she was sent flying…

As he set up for his second attack, the laser beams coming at her… she sees a flash of light. The brightness of his beam attack is about to overwhelm her… When something dark gets in the way.

She is knocked down, her jets are temporarily disabled… she falls on top of a building and tumble to the ground.

????: Don’t get up just yet. You’re going to get a call in about three minutes, and you need to recover enough to receive it. Don’t die on me, Taimi.

The voice is unclear, run through a voice modulator. But for some reason, it sounds familiar… When she turns to see who it is… a flash of light appears before her and she is herself on the rooftop. MechZilla is now walking down the street again.

She takes stock of her current condition. She’s battered… her suit’s armor is dented, but her systems check reveals nothing permanent. Except a large dead pixel on her main operations screen… it’s pretty annoying.

Taimi: Hweh?

Her scanner picks up something on the ground. It’s close, less than a meter away.

Taimi (still a bit dazed): Shiny?

It’s some kind of cylinder, giving off radiation. It’s small though, no more than 5 cm thick, and 20cm long. She examines it, but whatever it is, it’s spent. Whoever talked to her must have left it there.

Taimi sits down and recuperates for a few minutes, getting her barrings straight. The concussive force from the punch really battered her, but she starts to recover from being stunned. Just before she decides to go back to fight the monster again, her communicator, the one she normally reserves for Pochi gives a beep.

Her father’s image pops up on her communicator.

Taimi answers: Trying… to survive… here…
Dr. Sakurai: Yes, I understand that; however, we have finished creating the device to allow your weapon to fire the dark matter rounds. My assistants are delivering it to you now. Where are you located?

Taimi’s mood brightens at the thought of firing a few rounds of dark matter.

Taimi: Uh… on top of a building… about two blocks from our large ‘guest’.
Dr. Sakurai: I’m going to send an electronic tracking device program to you. Please activate it, so they can track you. It is basically an unsophisticated GPS program.
Taimi: … Alright.

He sends it. Her virus scanner detects nothing. It activates, and her system is now feeding coordinates to a satellite. Taimi makes a mental note to disable it as soon as this fight is over.

Dr. Sakurai: Alright, they are in route to you. Please go down to ground level and meet them at the nearby plaza.
Taimi: Hai.

Feeling much better, Taimi flies down to the plaza and waits a few minutes before a car arrives.

Lizbet, the female assistant, gets out of the car holding a thick metal case. They find Taimi deciding on a way to fix her armor.

Lizbet: Wow, you’re really banged up. Good thing I brought my repair wand. (GM Note: Okay, Hermione…)

Lizbet sets down the case, goes back to the car and pulls out what looks like a defbrillator, but with magnets. She walks up to Taimi, and puts the magnetic wand coming from the device against her armor. It pulls out the dents and returns it to its original shape, sending a strange vibrating sensation up and down Taimi’s body. Taimi sighs in relief as the pressure on her ribs is relieved by the armor’s repair.

Taimi: Hweh?
Lizbet: That should patch your armor up a bit. If you get damaged, please call Dr. Sakurai. He can send a unit to help you out.

She waves and jumps in the car, which peels out and drives away.

Taimi (to the disappearing car): Okay, um… thanks!

The case reveals three newly minted Dark Matter rounds. Taimi’s eyes get all shiny. They fit perfectly into Lancer Mk.III. There also is one other shell that’s different than the other three. It has a note attached: “In case these don’t finish the job, here’s an EMP grenade. It won’t gt through his shield, but hopefully you can disable that before you use this.” – Lizbet

Taimi handles the dark matter stuff carefully, and decides she needs to get ahead of the walking metal behemoth.

???? (comm chatter): Hello? Is this thing on? That last hit made everything go quite for a while. I’m supposed to like… talk to on this channel or something?
Taimi (to self): Hweh?
????#2: Hey, this is the first time anyone’s talked since Major Andrews croaked. Cool.

Dr. Sakurai left the line open. Apparently, he patched Taimi into some kind of communications network.

????: Well, I’ve smashed this thing with like seven waves now. It ain’t doing squat. I’m totally out of ideas.
????#2: Touching that thing sent me flying into a wall. I’m not much help either.
????#3: Sapphire Zephyr seemed to do alright. Made some scorch marks on its arm.
????#2: Who?
????#1: The chick in the power armor. The one that didn’t get communicators like us.
Taimi: Um… this thing on?
????#3: Yes, we can hear you. Can you identify yourself?
Taimi: This is the ‘chick in the power armor’.
Hospice: Ah Sapphire, good to hear you are still with us.

Hospice’s identity appears on screen as Sapphire’s voice recognition software kicks in…

Rock’d Tear: Oh good. Hey, power armor girl.
Hang Ten: ‘Sup. Oh hold on, going for another tidal wave.
Taimi: Well, I think I’ve got something that’ll hurt it. I’m trying to get ahead of it to get a good shot now.
Hang Ten: Oh boy.
Hang Ten: No damage again… it looks all shiny and new.

Taimi begins moving towards it at full speed. It’s gotten quite far away, as it’s almost downtown now. Taimi is closing in on it when it suddenly makes this horrible shrieking noise.

????#4: Oh my God, it’s poisonous gas!

A cloud of gas pours out of the beast. It spreads quick, and looks like it’s going to take up a huge area of the downtown district. It’s just mauling the city, as Sapphire is well out of its range.

Hospice: Sound off! Who is left?!
Hang Ten: That smoke is stinky.
Taimi: I’m still catching up.
Rock’d Tear: I’m kind of hanging back anyway.
????#5: The Disillusioner is down. I’m trying to drag him away, but he’s not breathing.
Hospice: I’m on my way!
????#6: Foxlad and the Terrible Timmy are down as well. They look bad.

Taimi loads a Dark Matter round into the gun. The gun glows an odd purple from the barrel and the chamber once the round is inserted.

Taimi: If anyone’s still near the thing, steer clear of him. I’m going to try something new, and I’m not sure exactly what’s going to happen…
Hospice: Roger that, Sapphire. We’re pulling back anyway. No one alive is in its range now.
Hang Ten: What the heck is it doing? It’s mouth is all glowy.

She scans it quickly… sure enough, it’s mouth is opening and generating RIDICULOUS amounts of heat. It seems to be gathering energy into its mouth, pulling it from all nearby areas and from its own core. Sapphire takes aim with Lancer Mk.III, slowing her breathing and aiming that the beast’s shield generator. It’s glowy mouth seems to be pulling in less energy now and is starting to gather in its mouth. It is now aiming it towards the center of downtown.

Taimi: Fire in the hole…

The bullet flies quickly, but seems like slow motion in her eyes. It goes down its flight path perfectly, and the physical matter, the bullet itself, rebounds off the monster. However, the glowy purple center went inside of it, sinking in like no armor was there. Taimi waits for a half second and suddenly a small black sphere appears in the spot that she struck. Then a sound like nothing she has ever heard tears through the air. It is so loud and deafening that she instinctively puts your hands to her ears, even though she’s wearing a suit. The powersuit dampens it, but she’s still going to have a hard time hearing anything for a few minutes. Then the blackness disappears, and there’s a hole in MechZilla’s shoulder where the shield generator was.

The result is fair to say… stunning. MechZilla’s head rears back from the blast, its mouth firing a gigantic blast into the sky that might have consumed the entire city. It’s a beam of pure energy, which dissipates in the clouds. MechZilla’s arms fly up, even in its damaged state, but Taimi can tell its shields are down.

Hang Ten: It’s weak, charge!!!!

A gigantic tidal wave rages at the beast, like nothing Taimi saw from her before.

Taimi: I just took its shield out, but I saw it repairing itself earlier. I don’t know if it’ll last.

She’s charging at it with a Tsunami style wave that doesn’t even seem to act like water as it rips through the city. Right when its about to strike, MechZilla’s hand raises and points directly at Hang Ten. She crashes directly into him, but the wave disappears entirely. She is suddenly falling. A flying hero sweeps in and catches her.

Winged Guy (GM Note: yes that’s his hero name): Damn, girl… what happened?
Hang Ten: He just…blocked it… something completely blocked the attack.
Hospice: From where I stand, he seems to have generated some kind of field in the last second, which completely absorbed the attack. I have a recording of the event. I’m sending it to you, Sapphire. Can you examine the image for what it could have done?
Taimi: Sure.

Taimi receives a video file. It plays on her main screen. She watches from a really good angle as the arm swings up and his hand opens, revealing some kind of circular, glowing window. It gives out a pulse just as the wave consumes it, and then the wave and the entire attack is nullified, as if it never existed. Right afterward, the glowing dissipates, and the window is dark. The window slowly begins glowing again after a bit, until it is back to normal about thirty seconds later. The video clip ends.

Taimi zooms in and notice something on its other hand. An equally lit circular window.

Taimi: It seems to have an emergency force field that’s very short-lived, one in each hand. From my estimation, it’s got a 30 second recharge.

On replay of the event, she realizes that in the span of time it appeared, and the way it reacted, it was not a force field. In fact, it’s some kind of repulsing energy field that otherwise nullified an elemental attack.

Taimi: Hmmm… no, not a force field…
Hang Ten: I’m okay. It didn’t hurt me. It just zapped my mojo. Never had that happen before.

She sees its eyes light up. It fires a beam at someone who is hidden buildings. It then turns towards Taimi and fires a barrage of missiles at her.

Taimi: Hweh!

She jumps off the building just as the missiles fly by. However, they are not destroyed and are still tracking her. The missiles loop around and come back. Taimi rolls out of the way, causing the missiles pass and explode. It then fires its eye beams at Taimi.

Taimi: Hweh!

She easily dodges the lasers. It seems to be regenerating some of the damage. It seems to have stopped firing homing missiles, but is continuing to fire the eye beams, even though they are clearly out of range. Taking the opportunity to load the round carefully, Taimi watches as its hand is raised toward her again. The monster fires another eye beam at her, but strikes the building she is standing on. It raises its other hand is raised in the direction of Hang Ten, who seems to be gathering another wave.

Dr. Sakurai: I have gathered what remains of the military forces. In two minutes, we will have a tank battalion at your disposal, Sapphire.

It fires wide. Taimi does not even have to dodge, the blast goes so wide. As she takes aim again, preparing another shot at the monster, the rumble of incoming tanks begins to echo across the city. Taimi fires at the right shoulder. The bullet leaves the chamber, firing at full speed towards the mechanical monster. Again you watch it in fascination as it nears its target… only to be blinded by a flash of light. When she recovers, her bullet is gone, and nothing happened. It was a perfect shot…yet the bullet disappeared into thin air. Its hand is not glowing anymore.

Its mouth begins to charge up again…gathering energy into itself.

Hang Ten: Give me a minute, and I can attack again with another wave attack… but it seems useless.
Hospice: I saw that… I’m uploading the video to you, Sapphire.

Taimi receives a video file.

Dr Sakurai: One more minute, and the tank batallion will be in range. I will patch you into their comms if you wish to give them a combined attack order.
Taimi: Do it, we’ll need to do a combined attack to overwhelm its defenses.
Commander Gregory: Tank commander Gregory here at your disposal, ma’am.
Hang Ten: Alright, incoming tidal wave!

You see Hang Ten’s wave incoming.

Taimi: Commander Gregory, unleash everything you’ve got right as Hang Ten’s wave hits!

Taimi loads the last round.

Commander Gregory: Yes, ma’am!

The tank batallion rolls into range. Hang ten is about 30 seconds out now. Taimi finishes loading the gun and aims at the monster again. Its mouth begins to glow brightly again. It seems to be aimed directly at Taimi this time. She readjusts her aim for the mouth.

Commander Gregory: We’re in range and ready to fire waiting for the wave to hit, Ma’am!

The wave is going to hit next round. Last turn before tidal impact. Her breath is held in anticipation for the shot, her aim directly at its open mouth, which is glowing really brightly. It seems to have stopped gathering energy and looks to be preparing its shot now.

The beam begins to gather at its mouth. Just then its right arm swings back around. And absorbs the giant tidal wave behind it! And then a large crashing boom of firing bullets appear. The cannon shots are midair when you pull the trigger.

Directly as the cannon fire is absorbed by its left hand, the bullet goes straight past into its mouth. There’s a split second before the black hole opens up. And then its entire head implodes. With a brilliant white light, an explosion rocks the monster.

When the fire and smoke clears, it appears to be more or less headless. However its arms have recharged… and are raised again.

Commander Gregory: Do we have permission to fire at will, ma’am?

Taimi: Go ahead and fire, Commander.

A barrage of tank shells fire again. Its left hand suddenly grows very busy stopping all of the tank shells.

Hospice: Sapphire, it’s regenerating again. I can see the nanobots repairing the damage… though its vital parts don’t seem to be regenerating. Just the hull.

Watching the right hand readjust to face her, Taimi decides to move in closer and get a close body shot. It seems to not be able to do anything but defend at this time. Taimi moves really close to it. It’s hand moves to block her, but she dodges it and flies in close. It swings its arm down to hit her, but a tank shell catches it on the knee, causing it to swing wide. She flies under it right before discharging the EMP grenade into its side. The blast hits it in the chest, causing an electric ripple effect across its whole body. Its arms suddenly power down and its body droops. The tank shells all start connecting. Tank shells barely misses Taimi due to her proximity.

Taimi: Hweh~!
Hang Ten: I’m incoming with another attack! Tsunami gooooo!

Tank shells are still pummeling it, but it seems that even though it has completely been disabled, it is still trying to regenerate itself.

Taimi shocks it with her Tesla weapon, sending shockwaves rippling across what’s left of it.

Hang Ten: Better move, Sapphire!

A huge tidal wave is incoming! Taimi flies up just out of range of the tsunami which slams into the beast. Metal parts fly everywhere, and what’s left is hardly worth calling wreckage. Taimi flies away, hiding in between buildings and such, and disables the gps tracker program thingy as she goes.

Sapphire Zephyr: +3 CP +1 HP


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