A. Mysterious Donor

Eccentric Philanthorpist


After making a tremendous fortune from computer software and related fields, Myron Nurdlanger legally changed his name to A. Mysterious Donor moments before making the first of many one hundred million dollar plus charitable contributions. Through his influential Donor Foundation, A. Mysterious Donor has given away more money to research, philanthropy, and politics than anyone in recorded history, yet he remains one of the richest men in the world.

The motives behind Donor’s philanthropy remain shrouded in secrecy and his approach to giving seems extremely chaotic. Seemingly insignificant causes receive sudden unsolicited massive donations (for example, a quarter billion dollar gift to the Karabou Home for Wayward Kittens) while major problems affecting millions like famine relief receive scant attention.

Nobody knows what the initial “A.” stands for in Donor’s name. His reply to all queries on the matter has been, “What’s it worth to you?” To date, nobody has met his unnamed price.

A. Mysterious Donor

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