Dr. What?


Dr. What? is a regular super genius with an evil cyborg platypus named Timithia and hoards of robot minions. He’s known to have weapons of all sorts, some mercenary hirelings and a nuclear submarine. In his last episode, he revealed an alien staff full top to bottom with alien power gems. He also seems to have access to future technology with his access to a fully functional time machine. Who knows the true damage he has wreaked upon the timelines.


He is the Assistant Director of the BC Military Research Division, and also a mad scientist. This combination of roles makes him really dangerous and unpredictable, especially now that he was forced to destroy his home and secret hideout after Sapphire Zephyr and Gremliminator rescued the genetic super soldier Naninami from the depths of his laboratory. However, the trio of heroes are now on his radar, and he even knows SZ by name.

Dr. What? specializes in robot and cyborg minions, though he is known to steal data from others, looting and pillaging everyone else for his own master plans. Why the military hasn’t figured this out yet and at least fired him is beyond comprehension (unless you work for the BC Military).

Dr. What?

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