She's never out of costume, even if it's not her fighting costume.


Born with powers in New Normslund, the vivacious yet slightly nerdy Titania LeClaire did cheerleading and martial arts (Jeet Kune Do and Krav Maga) in high school, graduated in 2003 and went backpacking around the region. A pursesnatching got her in financial trouble in Karabou and, phoneless and friendless in a foreign country, she joined the underground fight scene to try and make some money. Too skilled for the minor leagues but not enough superpower for the majors, she started wearing the harness as a handicap. During the several months she did this she was blackmailed into some minor henching since the fight club was illegal, during which time she picked up more than she’d ever expected to know about burglary (but not as much as you might think from the guiltily anguished way she recalls this time). One night the fights were raided by Karabou military reserve capes; Titania narrowly avoided being arrested by grabbing a discarded hoodie left on the bleachers and skulking out with the unpowered audience. Terribly shaken up by the experience, she decided to just walk/hitchhike back home with nothing but the clothes (bodysuit/harness/hoodie) on her back.

A week or so later a bedraggled Titania was on a Borderline City sidewalk begging for a ride or a meal, when a nice young woman who had just inherited a restaurant gave her a warm meal, a shower, a change of clothes, and a chance to call her parents for the first time in a couple of months. As they waited for Titania’s parents to call back saying where she can pick up the bus ticket they’re buying her, Susana Linnet told Titania about her plans to turn her grandfather’s struggling coffee shop into a theme restaurant, and admitted that she admired Titania for her ability to wear such an odd costume in public almost more than for not giving up despite all she’d been through. The two stayed in touch when Titania got home, and a few months later Susana called to say the Cosplay Cafe was almost ready to open its doors, and would Titania like to come live with her and be the first waitress? The two have been living together since then.

After moving to BC, Titania broke out her old fighting suit and registered as a hero with the alias Hyperia. She entered the Hero Apprenticeship Program the government designed to get new heroes used to how things are done* and for a while she sidekicked for the Rebelling Boxer. After graduating from that she joined Borderline City’s Umbrageous Protectors but recently left the B-CUPs due to conflicts with the leadership.

After briefly aligning with Sapphire Zephyr and Naninami to thwart the druidic vampires, she joined her on-again and off-again best friend, Lovely Lynx’s global, terrorist fighting hero team, the Avenging Angels.

Precious aliases:
Grey Vixen (pit fighting)
Archpunch (pit fighting)
Mistress Fist (pit fighting)
Pugilass (under the Rebelling Boxer)

*(Even in BC villains don’t officially have a similar program and have to start at the bottom of the totem pole if they don’t have the confidence to jump straight to villain-hood, which is where you get the term “HAP-less minions.”)


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