Summon Item

Cost: 2 or 5 or 10 Points/Level
Relevant Stat: Soul
Progression: Fast, starting at 100m distance (100m → 1km → 10km → 100km)

This attribute attunes items to ones character, changeable only when the attuned item is lost or removed from the person’s inventory. Any attuned item can be summoned to the character, and it will be properly equipped in the fashion it was intended. So a suit of armor attuned to the user would be summoned and immediately worn, a sword would immediately appear in the hands of the user, and a radio alarm clock would immediately appear at the nearest table (or in their hand if it is empty). This can be placed on an item, but that item will also only be attuned to another item. Whoever then wears this will be able to summon the attuned item.

For 2 points, the attribute can only be attuned to one item at a time. For 5 points, it can be attuned to up to 5 items. For 10 points per level, it is attuned to all items in the player’s character sheet.

Attuned items cannot be summoned if they are lost, or otherwise stolen. This attribute does not prevent the item attribute from being potent.

Summon Item

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